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Beauty & The Bay 💫 je me suis fait un petit cadeau ! Fan de la poudre Hoola je n’ai pas pu résister à ce coffret Benefit qui comprend 3 full size et 1 travel size. 39,90€ pour 4 produits sachant que le Hoola seul coûte 36,50€. Je n’ai pas hésité une seule seconde ! Je vais pouvoir tester d’autres produits Benefit et je suis ravie! J’ai adore les coffrets « globe » de chez Benefit cette année. Vous les avez vus ? Vous aimez ? Moi je kiffe !!! 😍 @benefitbelgium #benefit #benefitcosmetics #benefitbelgium #beautyandthebay #sanfrancisco #goldengatebridge #belgianblogger #makeupaddict #picoftheday #gift #hoola #theyrereal #mascara #bronzer #highlighter #highbeam #love #collectionner #neverenough #highbrow #top #inno #galeriainno

Mascara is the only kind of drama you need in your life! Leave a 💕 below if you're a #rollerlash ride-or-die kinda gal or a 🖤 if #theyrereal is your holy grail #mascara

Favoritos da semana, talvez até do mês! O perfume foi aliás o favorito do ano inteiro 😂😂😂#chancechanel #chanel #perfume #zagbijoux #acessories #candle #velasaromaticas #benefitcosmetics #theyrereal #highbrowpencil

At The Bodies Exhibition with my fellow Body Design University students *Heavy Breathing Intensifies* #bodydesignuniversity #bdu #fieldtrip #humanbodies #anatomy #theyrereal #ermagerd #educating #student #training

Gains will be coming atchya. Stay persistent. Your life is on the line. Once that sinks in, even on days you're not feeling it, go even harder in the gym. Keep your chin up. Life is about you and your ability to connect w others, you may not have the same goals or starting points, but in the end we all just want to be the best of ourselves. To show others that greatness is within us. Yes, this is a physique post, but the work put in is what shows. The effort you give in your job, your relationships w your family, friends, strangers, all builds you to the person you want to be and that you want to see in others. You are literally a walking billboard. If you want others to be more kind, more generous; be more kind, more generous. If you think people suck, honestly it's bc you may suck and choose not to see the good in those around you. Everyone has insecurities and self doubt. Be personable, put yourself in their shoes knowing that you may be doing the same if you were in their predicament. Strive to make those around you great and you will be great. Strive to make those around you see in themselves the potential you see in them.

100% of humans are humans.

Thanks for reading.

#fitness #love #appreciationpost #affirmation #power #giving #gains #theyrereal lmaooooo

Ps I don't really have flexing down, but that will get better too lol

Da ein paar Leute das wollten dachte ich ich zeige euch mal die Produkte, die in meinem Adventskalender waren.
Es handelt sich bei allen Dingen um Probegrössen !!
1. The pore fessional (34€) ist wirklich super und die Haut ist danach total ebenmäßig, jedoch finde ich das günstigere genau so gut sind wie zum Beispiel von NYX!
2. It’s potent Augencreme (34€)
3. Stay don’t stray primer (28€): auch wirklich ein super Produkt !
4. Watts up highlighter (33€): Benutze ich auch jeden Tag !
5. 3D BROWtones- Gel (27€) : auch super Produkt wow !
6. Hola bronzer (34€) 7. High beam highlighter (27€): fav. Produkt !
8. Benetint Lippen & wangenfarbe (33€): riecht echt schön nach Rose
9. Maskara: Roller lash und they’re real (28€) 10. Augenmake-up entferner (20€) 11. Mascara Primer (28€) Für mich hat sich der Kalender Mega gelohnt jedoch gibt es den nur in GB und ist daher etwas schwerer zu erreichen
#benefit #theyrereal #highbeam #rollerlash #liptint #hoolabronzer #porefessionalprimer

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