Dear real estate agents/brokers,
Your Instagrams suck. And before you type “go to hell, Masha” in the comments, listen why I said it.
First of all, I’m talking about Instagram page that you create to promote yourself as the agent. Not Instagram page you use to show your ex you are doing great without him/her. Not the one you use as your weight loss diary. I’m talking about the page that is supposed to help you in your business.
I didn’t manage to find ANY single page of the real estate agent that I would find cool (as a social media professional), or that I would love to connect with regarding my future apartments (as a customer). (If I’m wrong and you are that diamond in a pile of crap, please let me know in the comments)
Let’s talk about your Instagram strategy.
Real Estate is not B2B/B2C business. It’s P2P (person to person) business and you know it perfectly. The networking, connections, the word of mouth and people’s trust are your main assets. Your Instagram must help you to build the trust and the loyalty of your followers:
✅ Your Instagram MUST BE personalized. If you are not developing the account of a real estate company, use your personal photo as a profile picture (Not the photo of that amazing house you hope to sell one day in the future, so you don’t need to work the rest of the days). Again: YOUR PERSONAL PHOTO. Period. Don’t use “Me wearing black suit in a dark room at night” photo. Don’t use “Me hugging Donut, my puppy” photo. Get a professional photo taken.
✅ Write your real name in BIO and words “real estate” or “real estate agent/broker” in the NAME (the one in first line, in bold letters).
✅ Write your main advantages (why people should choose you) in the bio. Like “The most handsome real estate agent in Nebraska”, “Over 1000 houses sold” - or whatever you have in your portfolio.
✅ Mention the state/city you operate in either in the Name, or in the Bio, or in the Address.
✅ Choose the ways how people can reach you: phone number, email, website.
Now let’s talk about the most important part: your Content.
To build the trust you need to include into your content 2 types of posts:
(Read further IN COMMENTS) ⬇️⬇️⬇️

What’s the most trending topic now? Of course,it’s the 2018 Winter Olympics. How can you use it to your advantage?
Here is how:
💡You are an Instagram blogger.
Using the trending topics is one of the best ways to make your content go viral. So learn how to capitalize on trending topics!Create funny & interesting content related to the Olympics and join the trend by posting your content with the following hashtags: #olympicgames #olympics #olympics2018
#pyeongchang2018 + hashtags related to the specific sport.
💡You have an Instagram shop.If you sell fitness equipment, sport apparel, sport food, etc, it’s time for you to GET ACTIVE! It’s all about sports now and you shouldn’t miss your chance to sell 2 protein bars/2 pairs of football socks instead of 1!
If your business has no connection with sport, build it f̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶t̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶m̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶. Check out Instagram pages of the Olympic Games partners that are not directly related to sports (Toyota, Omega, etc.),see what they post and get inspired. If even McDonald’s manages to create the content about sport and healthy life, when McDonalds and healthy life are antonyms, then you will definitely manage to promote your handmade toilet brushes with the accent on sport. Example? Okay! Do you know how I would promote your high-quality professional CURLING wands/irons??Or you need a hint ?🥌 💡You are an artist or you make handmade whatever. So go and draw, knit, bake, photoshop, sew, paint, etc. Create something you could post under the hashtags I mentioned above (check them out to see what people post). 🥇See the Olympics as your chance to get more followers/customers, but don’t spam the Olympics hash/geo tags with your selfies, breakfasts, Gucci bags and makeup tutorials.(You don’t need to be a jerk to become popular ☝️)
Before you stop being boring and start being creative, tell me...what’s your favorite winter sport?
My favorites are figure skating (Almost every Russian loves to ice skate⛸), and also curling (It completely hypnotizes me. Maybe I could have built an amazing career as a professional house cleaner if I didn’t become a social media strategist...🤷‍♀️)
So what winter sports are you into?

I often hear people complaining that it’s very easy to grow Instagram if you are a fashion/fitness/travel blogger or Beyonce, but when you are a Forex trader or a real estate agent, it’s impossible to gain many followers. B̶u̶l̶l̶s̶h̶i̶t̶!̶ (censored for more professional version) It’s possible, guys!
Do you remember the formula of Instagram success that I gave you?For those ones who’s brain memory storage is less than 250Mb, I repeat it:
🌀Success on Instagram🌀
=Your Interest 1 + Your Interest 2
"Interest" means something that you really love ❤️and that you are really good at.
Interest 1 determines the main theme of your blog/shop (fashion, travel, cooking, bitcoin mining, motorcycling, etc.)
Interest 2 determines your niche - something that make you different from other fashion bloggers and bitcoin miners.
Read here: #instaconcept_mashasm

Now let’s talk about some not-easy-to-promote fields with real cases.
Imagine an Instagram of a dentist. What do you think of? Besides your dentophobia and rotten wisdom tooth… You imagine the photos of ugly teeth, the cavities and pricey veneers, right?
Check out this dentist: @dentistsinging
No one can be scared of the dentist who can do amazing eyebrow dance and sing his versions of popular songs! I love his versions of Jackson’s Triller, Rihanna’s Wild Thoughts and, of course, Deeeeespacito. Don’t be lazy, find these videos on his page!
His formula of success: 🌀Success🌀 = Interest 1: dentistry + Interest 2: singing

Another example from a medical filed: plastic surgery. How do you see an Instagram page of a plastic surgeon? Photos Before and After, boobs, noses, face lifting and boobs again?
Check out my beloved Instagram
and source of inspiration: @dr.subbio
His videos are hilarious and can easily make even “I-am-all-natural” person follow him. My personal “Top of Subbio’s”: fur coat one, “please help Dr. Subbio”, “I’m a plastic surgeon”, “Game of Thrones”.
Besides funny ones, he posts many educational videos that are also far-far-FAR away from being boring.
His formula of success:
🌀Success🌀 = Interest 1: plastic surgery + Interest 2: art+creativity+humor
So guys…(read further in the first comment ⬇️⬇️⬇️)

If you have been following me for quite a while, you might have noticed my weekly column TheyDoItBetter (the posts in red color, with the hashtag #theydoitbetter_mashasm).
For these posts I choose a category (types of businesses or blogs) and show successful cases with my suggestions and ideas on how to improve this type of blog.
If you want to talk about YOUR Insta blog, let me know! Write in comments what it is about. For example: a hand made jewelry shop, a food blogger, a fidget spinners store, an Instagram coach that wants to know how to upload a post, a fitness-fashion-cooking-coaching-bitcoin mining “mom of three and happy wife”, etc.
I want to know what YOU want to read about. Though it won’t work with the pages with “inspirational” quotes. Somehow they are so uninspiring that can’t inspire me for post writing 🤷‍♀️
Have a good start of the week, guys, keep call and blog on 😘

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That sad moment when even a cat has more followers than you…Yes, you guessed right - today we will talk about animal influencers and why people create accounts for their pets. 🐶 🐱 🐭 🐹 🐰
✅ What makes people follow Insta-famous pets?
People love any cute and adorable stuff, especially photos of pets that can generate warm feelings and make people genuinely happy. Another very important reason - people don’t feel jealous of animals’ success. Which photo has more chances to get a like from you: a photo of a fashion blogger wearing Saint Laurent boots, the ones that made you apply for a personal loan (it hasn’t been approved ) or a photo of a tiny fluffy puppy sitting in the tea cup and not having those damned boots? Exactly!
✅ What makes people create accounts for their pets? There are 3 reasons for that. These accounts are:
1️⃣ Deeply adorable;
2️⃣ Quite easy to grow -pets can trigger a highly emotional response which is the first step for the post to go viral;
3️⃣ Highly profitable.
These adorable fluff balls make more money than you will possibly ever make. Big accounts of animal influencers can bring their owners up to $5,000 per sponsorship deal (sometimes more!). $5000 per a post with a cat!
Now check out some Insta-famous pets:
Don’t forget to swipe the image left for cuteness overdose!
Adorable, huh?
Feel like you found a way to become famous? Well…don’t rush to build a multimillion-follower empire for your guppy🐠. Remember: the lifespan of your precious is 2 years on average. You don’t want to make all those 1M followers cry and get depressed. So give this useless and unprofitable guppy back to the pet store and buy an African elephant - 60 years of wealthy and successful life are guaranteed! 🐘😎
Photo credit: photos belong to Instagram accounts tagged in the posts
More case studies: #theydoitbetter_mashasm

Nothing works better for your Instagram growth than being featured by a page with thousands of followers. If you are a travel blogger/photographer or you managed to take a perfect travel shot during your vacations or you are as greedy as a pig and paying to influencers isn't an option for you, try your luck and tag pages that can feature you FOR FREE.
These pages definitely know how to promote travel bloggers and travel photographers!
✅Over 1m followers
@bestvacations Tag BestVacations
@discoverearth Tag Discoverearth
@natgeotravel Tag Natgeotravel
@earthfocus Tag earthfocus
@discoverglobe Tag discoverglobe
@instagood Tag watchthisinstagood
@passionpassport Tag passionpassport
@folkmagazine Tag lifefolk
@modernoutdoors Tag modernoutdoors
@thevisualscollective Tag exploretocreate
@livefolk Tag lifeofadventure
@createcommune Tag CreateCommune
@travelandlife Tag travelandlife
@worldplaces Tag worldplaces
Those are the most pages you can tag. The better option is to find a page dedicated to a certain country/city/place and tag it. You can search for Igers pages.There are tens of them dedicated to different cities/countries, just type “igers” in a search bar. Examples: @igersitalia, @igersparis, @igersdublin, etc.
Things to keep in mind while you are searching for free featuring:
💡Tag pages you chose both on the photo and in the hashtags;
💡Don’t be too fancy/ambitious and don’t always go for big pages. Tag small pages as well. It’s better to be featured by a page with 5K followers than by no one.
Don't need to follow all pages above. Just use magic Instagram "Save" button to save this post for future reference 😘
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Hi guys! Today I will make happy all my followers with confectionery/pastry businesses🍰🍪🍭
Do you make beautiful and edible desserts? (When I say beautiful, I mean that my eyes won’t begin bleeding every time I see your cakes. When I say edible, I mean your desserts can be eaten without a risk to get diarrhea.) If the answer is yes, let’s discuss what you should do to make your Instagram work for you.
Here are the accounts I suggest you checking out:
What I want you to see there:
🍩 How they keep the feed visually themed: colors, filters, types of content, focuses.
🍩Personal presence - not 1000 lines of photos with desserts, but photos of people as well: you, your family, your team. Read here #personalpresence_msm
🍩How they successfully use ALL types of content: video, photo, carousels.
🍩Yummy photos that make you feel hungry. Swipe left the carousel to see what you should post and what you shouldn’t.
🍩 How they use flatlays.
So here is what you should do:
1️⃣ Learn how to TELL THE STORY. Your followers will get tired if you keep posting only your desserts, only similar photos from the same angles, over and over:
✅ Tell about yourself and your family;
✅ Show behind the scenes;
✅ Upload the video recipes and video how-tos;
✅ Show products you use for cooking;
✅ Share cooking tips;
✅ Show your happy customers;
✅ Show the interior of your store (if you have it) or your kitchen (if you cook at home);
✅ Show the package (boxes, business cards, ribbons - of course, if you don’t deliver your cakes in cartoon boxes from Staples)
All photos that could break the visual theme of your newsfeed, but you still want to show - all this should go to Insta Stories.
2️⃣ Learn how to shoot flatlays - the best way to showcase your desserts. There are a lot of flatlays courses. You also can buy the Flatlay boxes - the boxes with different cute stuff for flatlays. Do a bit of styling and pay attention to your lighting. Actually, no matter what business you have - use flatlays (once I did the flatlays for the plastic surgeon: instruments and implants)
Read further in comments⬇️⬇️⬇️

It’s time to discover a new cool Instagram page in my weekly #TheyDoItBetter column! (Okay, okay, it was supposed to be weekly, but I’m a l̶a̶z̶y̶ ̶a̶s̶s̶, m̶a̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶c̶r̶a̶s̶t̶i̶n̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ busy girl, so it turned out to be b̶i̶w̶e̶e̶k̶l̶y̶ wheneverMashawants column)
I know that there are many artists among my followers. And what do the artists need? I mean, besides attention, admiration, love, money and Tesla Model 3...Of course, they need inspiration!
And you, my dear artists, can find it here: @the.pinklemonade
It’s my favorite account with inspirational photos (no quotes!! If you have been reading me for a while, you might know I’m not a fan of the pages with inspirational quotes 🤢😬).
This page is creative, stylish, sassy, funny, provocative, etc. Trust me: you will LOVE seeing their posts in your newsfeed.
If you are an artist:
🍋 Pay attention how @the.pinklemonade manages to keep its feed visually themed/consistent. It’s not easy job to do when you post the pics from different artists, but they do it successfully.
🍋 Check out their tags to discover more art. They always tag the authors of the photos they post - that’s how I discovered many favorite pages of mine.
🍋 Don’t forget to go to www.thepinklmnd.com and submit your piece of art for a chance to be featured on @the.pinklemonade. Don’t miss this opportunity!
P.S. No, I don’t have amnesia. I do remember that I promised to describe you 3 other ways of running Instagram giveaways. And I will do it in my next posts. Stay TUNED!😘 (and don’t forget to double tap this post- otherwise I don’t deny the possibility of my sudden amnesia for giveaway tutorials 😋).
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In today’s #TheyDoItBetter I want to show you my favorite Instagram profiles with the best possible visual themes.
The hardest but really cool way to visualize your profile is to break the grid rule (one photo - one grid). These designers and artists know how to do it in the best way possible:
💙Dual world of Yandex (Russian Google) designer @teaborbear;
💙Art and a bit of travel by @caseymcperry;
💙One loooooong photo story by @danyelorlov
💙Different art styles combined in one story by @micahnotfound
So what makes them special?
✅ They create perfectly consistent feed: “Nothing gets out of line, everything stays connected.”
✅ They not only create one giant collage of smaller collages, connecting their images vertically and horizontally, but also make every image looking completed on its own in their followers’ feeds.
✅ They use all types of Instagram posts (photo posts, video posts, photo collages) and know how to embed them in their Instagram feeds without ruining the visual style.
How do you like it? Let me know 🙂
#socialmediatips #smm #socialmediaguru #marketingtips

It’s time for my weekly column #TheyDoItBetter!
Today I want to introduce you to 2 my favorite Instagram illustrators: @guunii and @subwaydoodle
The concepts of their art are pretty the same (they draw cartoon characters on real photos), with slight differences:
Ben Rubin (@subwaydoodle) snaps the photos of daily life himself, while Gunel (@guunii) mostly uses third-party photos.
Ben uses his iPad to add badass monsters and grotesque creatures to the subway scenes and beyond (mostly in NYC). Gunel adds Disney characters onto romantic photos of couples. Ben’s page is already monetized and really popular, Gunel’s one is on its way to success.
I love both pages: Subwaydoodle is creative, fun, it’s about my city, so I can recognize almost all places. Guunii touches the romantic side of my cynical soul (yes, there is a romantic side, it occupies about 0.005% of my soul)
And as we finished discussing these pages from “Masha loves” point of view, let’s talk about them from social media point of view:
🔹He uses geotags to tag the places where he snaps the photos. It adds the feeling of reality to his monster world.
🔹He keeps intrigue and doesn’t show his face (he covers it with the face of one of his monsters), which adds additional fun to his concept (Gorillaz style!)
🔹As all photos are made by himself, there is no possible violence of copyrights (Instagram so loves to ban for it)
🔹He has a good sense of humor (it’is very important for success on social media)
🔸 Love the visual theme of her page: she uses same filters and same colors. It makes her feed look cohesive.
🔸 She doesn’t post her art only, but also develops a personal presence on her blog by sharing personal photos and telling the stories. It actually allows her to keep the Comment Rate higher than Subwaydoodle’s one.
🔸She tags Disney and Disney associated pages to make her art get noticed.
🔸 She knows how to create art that resonates with her Instagram audience (“Oh so romantic” and “Aww so cute” girls)
Double tap if you want me to keep telling you about cool Instagram pages and the tricks they use.
#smm #socialmediatip #marketingtips #socialstrategy #socialmediamarketing

Okay,guys,let's start my new weekly column #TheyDoItBetter_mashasm. In this column I will show you my favorite Insta pages and explain why they actually "do it better".
🔥Page of the day today is @ikea_rus
You might be thinking now: “Masha,you promised this column would be about cool pages!And you are telling us about the page of Russian IKEA!! LAME!🤢"
Well,wait.Let me explain you first why I so love this page and then, if you don’t get satisfied,you can keep blaming me (I will pretend to care).
I like @ikea_rus ,because they found the way how to use product tags on the photos before Instagram officially launched this feature.
⚙️Brief digression:In November 2016 Instagram presented shoppable photo tags for retailers.Retailers tag products on their photos.After clicking on the photos,users can see product names,the prices and a “Shop Now” button to buy it on the web (Swipe left to see the examples).So far the usage of this feature is limited.To get it,you must represent apparel,jewelry or beauty brand in the US and upload your product catalog to Facebook.
💡What did @ikea_rus do?
First of all,these genius guys created separate Instagram pages for PRODUCT PRICES. Then they divided products by prices and uploaded the photos to the corresponding pages.So now,to show a product price on the photo,they just need to tag the corresponding price page.As simple as tagging people on the photo.Every time a customer taps on the photo,he can see the prices of every product from the photo!
If my English wasn’t good enough to explain how it works, just swipe left the post.If you want to see real examples,scroll down their newsfeed and find the photos with red labels.
Currently they stop price tagging (last post with price tags was on April 12).Maybe,they are not only creative people,but lazy too (it’s not easy to create so many pages).Maybe they hope to get this feature from Instagram.I don’t know.What I know for sure is that it was really unusual way to use tagging.
Btw,I checked out @ikeausa. Just to feed my Russian ego.No price tagging! @ikea_rus is a way more creative than American one. My Russian ego is completely satisfied and dancing to the sound of balalaika.💃

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