Low quality pic, high quality people.
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Post shower oblique check

My summer course has finally come to an end and fall courses begin Monday. 🤯 Feeling good that I get to cram in some hours at work the rest of this week though. The wallet has been looking a bit dry lately. #groceriesalwaysgetme

Actually very fearful for the stress that I am going to endure with my course load this fall. I always manage to make it through somehow, so I know I will be fine. Just have to keep telling myself that I am a survivor. 😂

Here goes to bikini prep, nursing school, and a part time job. Basically sounds like isolation, good thing my social life is dry af. I have my fam bam and housemate though. #theycool
Now I must give all my worries to God and rest like a peaceful lil burrito. Nighty night virtual world.😴

When the dorky photographer tries to hang with the cool kids. 😁😎

This was their first day of daycare @gracecommunityschool now they are in first grade! #twins #twinboys #theycool

The most wonderful peeps in the world. Oh and bye Kathrine, I guess. #CharlotteCrew #TheyCool @emart_2 @osharroyo @audrey_kimberly @themaryzzz @ssimpsonwife @katherine.nowak

I need more short friends #imagiant #longtimefriends #theycool

Today’s adventures included a 2.8 mile walk in this MO heat. We would walk really fast 🏃🏽‍♀️in the sunny areas & rest in the shady ones 😎 At one point I caught up to them & Kylie was saying to Eins, “I know this feels like the apocalypse bud, but we’ll make it” 🤣 As much as I’ll miss Summer days with these two, it’ll be nice to have a routine again once school starts. #summerinthesun #adventureswithmyloves #theycool #eins4months #animalscentsforthepaws

these are our two friends we met when we snuck out the cabin at 3 in the morning. DAVID AND EDWARD,, if ur out there,, WE MISS YALL #theycool #mystery

Was hanging with the chickens out at Plato island this long weekend. #theycool#chickens#platoisland ❤️ #camplife 🙌🏻🍻

If you don’t think me and my sisters are the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, then I can’t fuck with you. #sorrynotsorry #damnwelookgood #nationalsisterday #theycool

About 5 years ago I met @neta_jeanne and @jeannie_yogini day drinking at a bar in Lincoln Park. It was a “I like you... Do you wanna go do karate in the garage?” moment and I wouldn’t trade meeting them for anything! This weekend I got to see one of these lovely ladies get married and I’m so excited for her next chapter! Congrats Jeannie and Chris😘 #cheerstonewchapters #theygothitched #thatdresstho #friendsforalifetime #theycool

Why not take a ski shot with your parents when in PCB? #skishot #parentalunits #theycool #zakkysspecial @matteoyo

My wife is bad to the bone!! She’s got the whole house cleaned, AND kept Ella sleeping the entire time! @samcrusenberry #iloveher #bothofhers #theycool

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