At first they ignore you, then they mock you, and finally they want to be like you
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Shot a new “burn” style workout today and excited to announce @thechainsmokers will be the featured artists!!! Look for this one on Monday and be sure to comment and let us know what you think! And if you’re a DJ or a hip hop artist DM us because we want to promote your music! Happy Thursday JRD nation :) Hope you had a wonderful day and #didthething !! #jumpropedudes #jumprope #santamonica #dothething #losangeles #theworldisyourgym

Regrann from @erikalisthenics - When all the barbells at the gym are taken... 🤔
💡😃 Handstand girl = perfect replacement!!
🤸🏽‍♀️🏋🏾‍♂️💪🏽😂🤣 🚨💥🚨Tag #AFWOD or #AbnormalFitness 🏋🏿‍♂️On your workout with little to no equipment to be featured🏋️‍♀️ 🚨💥🚨. 🌍 #TheWorldIsYourGym 🌍. 🔝⬆️Free Workout + Nutrition + Travel Guide In The Bio ⬆️🔝.

Regrann from @scott_mathison_ - Mud training. @performixdriven #performixdriven - 🚨💥🚨Tag #AFWOD or #AbnormalFitness 🏋🏿‍♂️On your workout with little to no equipment to be featured🏋️‍♀️ 🚨💥🚨. 🌍 #TheWorldIsYourGym 🌍. 🔝⬆️Free Workout + Nutrition + Travel Guide In The Bio ⬆️🔝.

Regrann from @ninaeliseh - When your forearm practice has been non-existent and your dog just wants his butt scratched 😂🤷🏼‍♀️🐶 - 🚨💥🚨Tag #AFWOD or #AbnormalFitness 🏋🏿‍♂️On your workout with little to no equipment to be featured🏋️‍♀️ 🚨💥🚨. 🌍 #TheWorldIsYourGym 🌍. 🔝⬆️Free Workout + Nutrition + Travel Guide In The Bio ⬆️🔝.

Playground Back Attack!
Look at all the ways you can train your back at the playground. This video starts with hard as hell to easier back exercises.
And that’s exactly how I like to train my back. Do the hardest thing first. As your form deteriorates, regress to an easier level.
Having a strong back keeps your shoulders healthy and support proper posture. Good posture is sexy as hell!
What’s your favorite way to train your back?
#movewithmya #backattack #backexercises #pullups #girlswhodopullups #playgroundworkout #strengthtraining

Oh hey summer, it's been a while.
I had 45 minutes between my last meeting and yoga so I went for a quick walk and some vitamin D. The sunshine, views and fresh air were exactly what I needed. Sometimes nature is the best healer of all!

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Porque para un espartano el mundo🌍 es su gimnasio 🏋️‍♀️ por eso cada momento es una buena oportunidad para trabajar en tu #fitness como Maquina Espartana Arkidamus @coachsiancas rompiendola con un L-Sit en la Fortaleza de Ollantaytambo 💪💪💪 unete a la Tribu de Espartano 360™️ y eleva tu Vida al siguiente nivel 🔥🔥🔥 #espartano360 #spartanteam #teamwolfpack #gymnastics #arkidamus #cusco #theworldisyourgym #aruuu

Way toooo beautiful out to be inside 🌞

Even with super cramps and feeling bloated, I knew that the one way to turn my feelings and attitude around was to GET OUTSIDE and play 🏃🏼‍♀️🌳🤸🏼‍♀️☀️🧘‍♀️! •

Working on my breathing and of course the curvature in my spine 😖
Having dealt with back and neck problems since a kid because of my slightly C curved spine, yoga and mobility work has really helped me control my lower abs to build support (also why handstands are difficult for me). Although it takes time and patience I always feel 110% refreshed after just playing around regardless of whether or not I was having a “good day”. It takes me to my happy place.
No music, no gram, no interruptions, no expectations, no pressure, no worries. •

Just me and the sun actin like 🐒 •

Swinging for Gains!
This is for all the baby mamas and dadas taking their kids to the playground. You’re the real MVP 🏆. Grab a swing and let’s go!
I saw so many parents just sitting around today. Why not get a workout in at the same time? Anyone can do these exercises!
Swipe to see each exercise. Do each for 10-20 reps based on your fitness level. 3-5 rounds.
When was the last time you sat on a swing? They’re so fun. Weeeeeee!
#movewithmya #swingworkout #playgroundworkout #outdoorworkout #theworldisyourgym #workoutanywhere

Today's treadmill running the scenic route to work at Dirty Birds Liberty Station. Running is a vacation!
#running #vacation #workcommute #dowhatyoulove #theworldisyourgym #missionbay #sandiego #pacificbeachfitclub #useitorloseit

EPISODE 19: with Guest @michele_fit_official .
Michele Ramler works to empower women of all ages to embrace their body (flaw and all). As a competitive #cheerleader for about 10 years Michele's body image was strong thanks to her mother who never let her have negative self talk. Fast Forward to college when Michele made the University of Oklahoma #cheerleading team she started have feelings of self doubt and struggled to fit in with this group. Michele shares her story of how she stepped into the gym and where her journey began to where she is today.

Now, a Physical Education, personal trainer and group fitness instructor and coach, Michele embraces what she calls, the 'wonder woman mentality.' Originally from Oklahoma, Michele started as an international physical education teacher to see the world and better understand different cultures. She taught in the UK, Bangkok, Thailand, and is currently teaching PE and coaching Cheerleading in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Michele inspires so many to take on a healthy lifestyle, bringing her knowledge from all over the world and her personal experience into the lives of those she works with.

In addition, Michele runs various "body image" seminars to educate young girls about the dangers of Photoshop and highly edited photos on social media. She also teaches them what a healthy and nutritious eating lifestyle and workout program looks like. Michele feels very strongly that if "women have a positive body image at an early age and have the tools to live a healthy lifestyle, they will eliminate so many insecurities when they are adults."

Michele also has an online coaching business, Youtube Channel, and other social media platforms. ✨
Connect Today:
Instagram: Michele_fit_official
Facebook: MicheleFitnessPage
Whatsapp: +591 78014373

🔥JRD TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY🔥Big ole JRD shoutout to @bigme2fitme for this EPIC 103 LB TRANSFORMATION! Not much else to say here... Ayush got results because he is CONSISTENT. He didn’t crash diet and all the sudden get shredded, it was months and months of #doingthething and eating the appropriate amount of calories and macros. That simple. Congrats brother, proud to have you in our community. Dudes and dudettes... Go give this dude some love @bigme2fitme ! 💪🏻🔥🚀🤘🏻#jumpropetransformation #transformationtuesday #jumpropedudes #jumprope #dothething #jumpropeworkout #jumpropegang #theworldisyourgym

You got a bench? A @trxtraining band? Then you got a core stabilization piece you can do. We got bench pull & drags!
When you were doing any type of Pools like these, you have to be conscious of a few things:
1️⃣lock out your arms
2️⃣draw your shoulders down and squeeze your shoulder blades slightly
3️⃣push full footed into the ground
4️⃣focus on your breathing...trust me, it seems simple but it's a strategy used to pace yourself. Especially as the loads get heavier.
Give these bad boys a try and see how well you do! @jessicalindsey8 did 20 yard pulls and was good to go afterwards!
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