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Про многоходовочку. Позавчера Арина сообразила, что если стучать ладошками по воде, то появляются пузырики, которые можно весело ловить пальчиком. И только сегодня до меня дошло, что это последовательность аж трёх разных событий! А для Ариши это, на секундочку, поворот покруче, чем сюжет Ночного Администратора! #скачкиразвития #thewonderweeks

Nabiha has started her first leap in her mental development. Her perception of the world is starting to change dramatically and she is going to need a lot more hugs and cuddles as she figures things out. #thewonderweeks #leapone #mumlifeisthebestlife

Appen: "Nu kan bebisen börja äta själv för att använda alla sina små kreativa bebissinnen. Ge bebisen en egen sked och låt hen utvecklas och känna och smaka på den färggranna näringsrika maten". Verkligheten: Ge aldrig någonsin en egen sked till en bebis. Aldrig. Någonsin. Mata hen tills hen fyller 15. Ge en sked till en bebis och du kommer att RELEASE THE MAYHEM.

Life saving app!!! @thewonderweeks I truly believe The Wonder Weeks book and app come as close as you're going to get to an instruction manual of what's going on. Written by two Dutch Paediatricians, Hetty van de Rijt and Frans Plooij, The Wonder Weeks is pure solid gold. It makes stressful parenting weeks much more bearable. “For 35 years, we have been studying interactions between mothers and babies. We have documented — in objective observations, from personal records, and on videotape — the times at which mothers report their babies to be ‘difficult.’ These difficult periods are usually accompanied by the three C's: clinginess, crankiness, and crying. We now know that they are the tell-tale signs of a period in which the child makes a major leap forward in his mental development,” say the book's authors.
The first time I read this book I was completely blown away at how accurate it is – the timeline of when the fussy phases occur, the behaviours babies display, and the skills they are mastering. So many people I know have similar sentiments about The Wonder Weeks. There are a plethora of reviews and testimonials from professionals around the world, including this one below: “Anyone who deals with infants and young children will want to read ‘The Wonder Weeks.' This book will open parents' eyes to aspects of their children's growth, development, changing behaviour, and emotional responsiveness that they might otherwise not notice or find puzzling and distressing.” — Catherine Snow, Ph.D., Shattuck Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education Australian breastfeeding counsellor of over 20 years, Yvette O'Dowd, says she was skeptical of the wonder weeks when she first heard of it. But upon reflection, she noticed that many of the calls she took through a breastfeeding helpline would tend to be around the specific Wonder Weeks. The Wonder Weeks Chart alerts parents to which weeks are ‘stormy', ‘sunny', and when your baby is more likely to be fussy. The chapters go into detail about each week, explaining why each Leap happens and what you can do to help your baby. Knowing that your baby was going through a Wonder Week is enough to take a load off

A bit of a splish splash 🐳 inbetween snoozes for a grizzly bambino (going through the big ol' meanie that is leap 5!) #Sensory #thewonderweeks #22weeksold #5monthsold

🔘🔲 It's so amazing to see his mental development grow. Nate loves to stare at patterns on the walls and toys & also now looks as his hands and arms with fascination 🔲🔘 #nate170217 #2monthsold #babyspam #leap2 #thewonderweeks

Resmen kendinden once ruzgari geliyor, gelisiminin en uzun ve en onemli atak haftasina girmis bulunuyoruz, bugun ogle saatlerinde baslayan huzursuzluk son surat devam ediyor, huni taktiran en uzun atak surecinden bildirecegim :( psikolojik olarak hazirim haydi gelsin ve gecsin haftalar 💪 bu haftalara hazirlanmak ve takip etmek icin #thewonderweeks programini kullaniyorum tavsiyedir bire bir gun veriyor!

Not even Curious George could keep this night owl awake any longer this morning! All hail the 2 hour nap and allowing me a breather🙌🏼 #bubalugshezzy #babyhezzy #thewonderweeks #leap6


The past two days in Oscars 'leap' have been hell.

Now before anyone jumps to a solution or tells me, 'it will all be worth it in the end' or that we will survive; I'm likely to do PURPLE face. I know we will. I'm one of the most determined people I know, if there is a sport being played you want me on your side. I may not be the best but I never give up. Just like when a dr told me I should be on medication for my cholesterol levels back in Jan. I said no, changed my diet and brought it down. I know @tooshi5 and I are a great team. She is amazing and without her I don't know how I'd get through an hour never mind a day.
We are enjoying those glimpses of cuteness, those moments where he's so adorable you forget the screaming and the mood swings that have no reason we can yet determine. As each day passes he gets bigger, you want to hold on to the cuteness for as long as possible but you also want these nightmare days to be over. I feel guilty for saying that but I'm sure I'm not the first or won't be the last. I know that as he gets older these days will pass but other days will come that will be just as hard.
It's getting dark and I'm walking around the neighbourhood pushing Oscar in his pram, who is now sleeping btw, and what I have to remember is how lucky we are, how fortunate we are to have conceived a perfect little human. How amazing it is to be able walk and look at nature and take deep breaths and smell the fresh air.
To all parents and want to be parents out there. I salute you. -
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• B E S T F R I E N D S• These two have become more and more close as each of the past 15 months have passed but it's amazing how they've become such good little pals over the past 10 days since Luca has been walking. At first it was obviously just a few short steps, falling onto his bottom, but he's taken to it quickly and I'd say today for the first time he walked more than crawled. It's such a privilege and honour to get to watch your baby's milestones but it's even more wonderful to witness their older sibling encouraging and willing them on with their milestones. LO has helped and encouraged his brother with each and every step, clapped and cheered him on his way and sat with arms wide open to catch him in case he falls. It makes me teary just thinking about how sweet he's been with him over the past two weeks. I feel one incredibly proud mama to call these two sweethearts mine 💕

Not even Curious George could keep this night owl awake any longer this morning! All hail the 2 hour nap and allowing me a breather🙌🏼 #bubalugshezzy #babyhezzy #thewonderweeks #leap6

The Wonder Weeks is the truth! Every "leap" she's had that I've read about has been completely accurate. It definitely makes it easier to know why she's doing what she's doing and what lies ahead...even if it is the second time around.

Seriously this babe LOVES his sleep!! 11 hours last night, always sleeps like this during a leap #luckymummy

Our first solo trip was AMAZING!!
The four flights were surprisingly easy, I was terrified but she slept through almost all of them!!
Our stay there was filled with so many first times (our favorite was dipping in the ocean), lots of laughs, TONS of love from so many family members who were dying to meet Abril, and the most beautiful memories ❤️
Unfortunately, It also fell right in the middle of that crappy gray stormy @thewonderweeks zone before leap six (and boy is the description accurate!) 😏
There were lots of moments like this one, moments where she just wanted her mommy! she would get so fussy, crying hysterically after one minute (if so) of being held by someone else or if I walked away for a second. She had the most unexpected mood swings and would cry herself to sleep almost every night
I think she was also overwhelmed. Waking up in different rooms, different weather, meeting SO many new people every day... it was a lot for her to take in
She had a great time, don't get me wrong!! She laughed, smiled (with that beautiful smile of hers ❤️) played and giggled with every one!! But at times she would cry and would go crazy for the boobies, sticking her face in my chest, crying, kicking and trying to open my shirt. I would stroke her head, take her some place quiet and as soon as she was on my chest she would calm down and stay there, eyes wide open, barely sucking. I get it, it's cozy and safe, but I swear I think sometimes she just wanted the boobie to block everyone and everything
It was hard seeing her cry so much when I know she is usually such a happy baby. I felt sad so many times when she cried with people that love and were waiting to meet her for so long
But I know next time, when she is a little older, it will be much easier!! I cant wait for the three of us to go back, I miss my family and my friends so much and I cant wait to keep collecting memories in our beautiful half island 🇩🇴 #abrilpimunoz

Ooooops forgot to post this yesterday! Fox is now seven weeks (and 1 day). Ryan went back to work this week and Fox is going through his second developmental leap so it's been a pretty intense week. Highlight has to be a foaming unstoppable poop 💩 now that was fun! #babydelgregory #thedelgregorys #foxcub #thewonderweeks #sevenweeksold #babysmiles #neverendingpoop

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