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Experience the world of your baby! COMING SOON...! #thewonderweeks #onlineguide

Quality time! 💝 REPOST // @ewa_piotrowicz In to lecture mummy 😁 all make sense 👍 #leapperiod #wonderweeks #thewonderweeks #leap #book #bestseller

Just scheming how to terrorise mummy next 🤔
Didn’t believe in “leaps” or follow any apps about behaviour until recently.
Well that’s what I’m putting this little ones behaviour down to of late. Don’t let the cuteness fool you 😅🤕

✨ B A L A N C E ✨
For when you’re wondering why your baby is cranky, clingy and not exactly taking day naps and so you look at your @thewonderweeks app and realise you’re in the middle of a stormy period ⛈ (aka developmental leap) on your baby’s calendar. While stormy periods are exciting because it means my baby is learning something new it’s definitely not easy for her or for me.
No wonder I’m finding myself going to my bottle of Balance a lot over the last few days. This is dōTERRA’s grounding blend and is helping to calm nervous and frustrated energy that we are both feeling.
I’ve been diluting this and rubbing it on the bottom of her feet, I’ve had it going in the diffuser.. and I’ve been wearing it like a perfume by applying it to all my pulse points #ificouldswiminitiwould 💦
These oils are some of the best tools I have in my toolbox. I feel like they take the edge off (and more) of everything! If you’re interested in learning more for yourself then get in touch! ✌🏼❤️ Emma x
#mamastoolbox #developmentalleap #thewonderweeks #wonderweeks #naturalmama #mumlife #essentialoils #dōTERRA #doterranz #doterrawhangarei

My girl and I chillin in Copenhagen last weekend. Definitely grateful to have a child that (most of the time) WANTS to wear hats (and sunglasses)! 😎 It’s so cute when she goes and fetches her hat, her shoes (and my shoes!) clearly hinting to me: “Let’s go outside now mamma!”

Tavi's first time feeling the grass 🌱
He wasn't so sure haha
(Mind my terribly sleep deprived face...zzzz)
#love #firsttime #baby #grass #myboy #nature #family #11weeks #sleepdeprived #newmum #leap3 #smoothtransitions #thewonderweeks

Goodmorning! 😍😂 #thewonderweeks #baby #photography

♡3 months old today + where has the time gone @christianmarc ? He’s growing so fast...thank you for being the sweetest bébé Kenzo Matisse. You make life 29483757394x better. I wish I could slow down time. I cherish every single moment with him. I still stare at him every day in amazement & complete awwweee...it’s so incredible to watch the changes he goes through daily. Every day something new...he’s going through his 12 week leap currently and it’s like I can see his brain working. Truly remarkable. Personally, motherhood is hands down the most amazing thing ever. Every day I wake up happy with the two people I love most right next to me & Kenzo always greets me with an ornery smile. My heart explodes every day over and over♡

@thewonderweeks is quite honestly the best app I have ever bought (it was only like two pounds) it has been a massive help to understand Evie's development and why she might be a bit fussy. I can't honestly recommend this enough!
I downloaded it when Evie was about eight weeks old and was in her second leap. Before I downloaded the app, I couldn't understand why Evie was fussing so much, she wouldn't settle unless she was in my arms and then I downloaded the app and it explained what she and her little brain was learning and that she may need more physical contact amongst other things to soothe her and help her in this leap. So interesting!
We are entering her third leap and I can't wait to see what this new development brings.

#thewonderweeks #app #baby #babygirl #twelveweeksold #daughter #braindevelopment #instagood #babyblog #honestparenting #motherhood

Beautiful first time parents Sarah and Ben showed off their ‘not so little boy’ Hudson ~ 3wks new. •
Happy and healthy taking the trial and error of navigating this transition in their stride. Congratulations the team @hatchmaternity enjoyed sharing in your journey. .
#postnatalvisit #newborndays #parenthood #newmum #newbub #newdad #hatchfamily #thewonderweeks #hatchmidwives #hatchobstetrics #hatchprivatematernity

After a rough few days of leap 4, she finally fell asleep for more than 10 minutes... only downside is it makes meal planning difficult and my leg falls asleep. 😵

#rosemaryjoyce #15weeksold #3monthsold #wonderweeks #thewonderweeks #leap4

6️⃣ (or so) days left: So we missed yesterday’s update due to a slight “fire drill” that put us into full-on panic mode 🚨😳. Don’t know if it was being on my feet too much, dehydration, or something else, but I was having very frequent Braxton Hicks contractions and the sensation that I had to 💩 (for my MD/DO friends, +FM, no bloody show, no LOF). Thankfully all symptoms resolved after drinking a ton of water and changing positions. False labor is crazy confusing, even for a medical professional like me! 😫 So here’s to more water and rest today...and definitely finishing packing my hospital bag (I know I know.... 🤦🏻‍♀️) Also a huge thanks to @docstephzia for #thewonderweeks book! Really helpful book for anticipating those infant “leaps” and making sense of their behavior

Aannnddd we have belly time success 😉❤
It only took 10 weeks and lasted about 3 minutes haha but WOOO he enjoyed it 😍
#love #babyboy #bellytime #babyactivities #thewonderweeks #10weeksold #leap2 #babies

All of the @thewonderweeks mommas out there will understand: we are approaching the end of Leap 4 and Millie is feeling it. This sweet little girl is learning so much, changing so much, and growing so much...and it’s all hard work and stressful for her! She’s out cold now - and I think I’ve earned an early bedtime too! Was Leap 4 hard on your babies? #thewonderweeks #wonderweeks #leap4 #motherhood #sahm #momlife #momblog #4monthsold #mildredfern🌿 #lblogger #lbloggers #casualcontrast

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