Card of the day: 9 of Wands. This is the second appearance of the 9 of Wands this week. Remember, the 9 of Wands speaks of feeling like you cannot go another step in this direction, for the journey here has left you drained. The message in it is to NOT give up, now is not the time. I like this trio today as they have a somewhat similar vibration in them to me. The 3 of Pentacles in the center speaks of determination and teamwork, sharing the load...I cant help but connect the mountain to the stairs, something about the web in the 8 of Pentacles too, definitely the feeling of climbing. It's natural for your legs to get tired in a climb. Maybe it's time to ask for help. Or take a break, but the Universe wants you to know you are building something beautiful and from your soul (8 of Pentacles.) This takes time, this takes patience, and dedication. The waxing Moon is in Virgo (daily work and routines) today as Mars (physical energy) in Aquarius trines the Sun (soul) in Gemini. Gemini and Virgo energies are Mercury rules the mind and the hands. Perhaps you have some handy-work, such as art or writing. Use this energy to keep building upon your creation. Take care of business. Get things in order. Another way you could interpret these cards today is that it's time for a change...maybe you are burned out in some area of life (9 of Wands.) Perhaps you have a talent that has potential to become something more (8 of Pentacles.) The 3 of Pentacles shows that you are correct in the potential, but work, dedication, and attention to details are required of you, perhaps help from another to expand upon a vision too. Either way the deep message is to keep going. Keep working. Rewards come to those who put in the work.

I hope you have found benefit in this reading today. If you would like a personal reading with me, please contact me via my website: www.stephaniegweiss.com
Namaste ❤

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Well, LOOK AT YOU. Wand AND tongue out, eh!?
Power and ego make poor companions. Life may be going well, but maybe keep the showboating in check...
Others are noticing you, but probably not in the way you'd like.
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Weaving through the doorways of light and shadow. 🗝👁✨

All you need is love, all you need is love
All you need is love, love, love is all you need 🎵🎶❤️🔮 #thewildunknown #thewildunknowntarot #witchesofinstagram #tarotreading #unicorniosmagicos #oracle #tarotreadersofinstagram #wicca #wiccan #witchcraft #witches #cardoftheday

Look what came in the mail today!💜🎉 So excited to start working with the #soultreesoraclecards and beautiful watercolor daily notepad. Taking notes in beautiful planners, journals, and notepads is one of the simplest and yet most enjoyable practices I regularly use for my self care. And ever since connecting with Kelly at @thetruthinstory ‘s gorgeous Story in Color Lenormand deck, I have been more drawn to the intuitive use of color in my readings. Decks with beautiful colors can be so therapeutic just in themselves, whether or not we are reading to get specific information. Sometimes just feasting my eyes on the gradations and vibrancy of her colors makes me feel so uplifted. I’m looking forward to Soul Trees for the same reason 😊🌲🎨✨ Hope you all are finding joy in the little things today, too!💜🙏🏻✨ #colortherapy #color #witchesofinstagram #spiritanimal #witchlife #witch #intention #tarot #dailydraw #lenormand #lenormandreadersofinstagram #storyincolorlenormand #soultrees #tarottribe #tarotcommunity #thewildunknown #animalspiritoracle #tarotreader #oraclereadersofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #guidance #moonchild #spiritjunkie #love #magick

Rooted into the wild unknown. 🌙 Encompassing the moon and the shadow realm - the place where dreams, fears and mysteries are born. Darkness can linger here, and if you aren’t careful, the wild unknown can harbour anxiety and self doubt. Hold tight and seek to understand the darkness, allow the moonlight to illuminate your dreams. You must roam this inner landscape - wander free - this is where imagination and creativity drift freely upon the midnight air. Lift your heart to the sky - bask in the dark and invite the morning light in again - and again. Dancing between the moon, the sun and the sea. Just you and me.

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:: medicine for today :: .
5 of Pentacles
I was writing this essay today (I’ll share link to that soon) about how I am made for these Times. And by that I mean watching everything fall apart, fall away, be in the great descent (Jupiter still in Scorpio, yo), in this time to explore and confront all the complex mysteries - of birth sex life death - and to unearth the truths buried deep and dark down. In this process shit can get really hard and feel heavy and just being with it all - is medicine. This is what this card means to me - to learn to let it down, let it go, as in stop trying to fix shit, and be an exposed, raw, beating vibration of the grief, the sadness, the loss - of not knowing —and still showing up anyway. .
There are two videos here so just slide to see the second one.
.yes. That’s cilantro in my tooth.
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How many other artists can relate??? 👍

💯 truth. The creation of my Heart Alchemy oracle card deck was all of this and more 💜

Tears are sacred.
They are the releaser of all that is bound within our heart and soul.
You have permission to release.
You always have.
Let it flow...

Once I accept that I often create my own suffering, I may then release myself of the same.

the five of pentacles is a card of loss, illness, hard times. we're feeling a lack of resources, are stretched too thin, and it's forcing us to evaluate what we really need. it's a card that encourages us, asks us to find our inner strength. everything feels too hard, but sometimes the best growth can come from challenges. this is a time to care for yourself, make sure you're safe, and work to recover from this setback.
coming back to the real world after the delicious queer bubble of #autostraddlecamp is harder than i expected. i miss my new friends, miss feeling safe and connected, miss being surrounded by love and community. i feel lonely and exhausted and very, very sad. pulling lyrics from she used to be mine from my brand new (handmade!) lyrics oracle deck feels like a kick in the teeth, since this song never fails to break my heart.
but i know that when the camp hangover fades and i find my nyc community of queers and campers, when i remember how to fit into this world again, i'll be so grateful for the time i had in ojai. now i know what it feels like to have connections like this, and maybe i'll be better at finding them in the future. i know that i deserve to have people in my life that care about me, understand me, love me.
the wild unknown tarot (@the_wild_unknown) by @kim_krans

I adore tarot. This is a very new pastime for me. It feels natural to add structure to my thoughts in this way. There is fortune involved, but mostly I feel like I am able to set bullet points on thoughts of mine, especially when my Sagittarian brain begins to overextend itself into a limitless thought void. Tarot does not decide things for me - it simply organized and reflects back to me. Finding a fabulous deck doesn’t hurt either.


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Taking some very obvious signs from the universe and the animals today!!
Check out my most recent stories!!
I talk about my card from yesterday(& ignoring it), pull from today, and consequences of not listening to your inner guidance... ☠
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Did a Celtic cross spread today, learned some interesting things #celticcross #thewildunknown #tarotspreads #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram

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