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Resistance bands are my go-to if I’m traveling or just can’t make it to the gym. Try one band or two.. or three if you’re a superstar. Heck I’ll even wear these around the house and walk sideways like a weirdo. Whatever it takes!

No seriously πŸ˜’ LOL #thewholebooty πŸ˜…

Sometimes in order to get the body you want you have to BUILD the body you want. One funny thing I run into with people who purchase fitness programs (mine included) is they expect to see some cutting edge, new moves that have never been seen before. News flash! Almost every move you see in ANY program is also visible by way of google, YouTube, Instagram, watching other people at the gym, and by being in the world in general. Building muscle is not a new science, or a top secret one, so you're going to see some old school techniques and moves you have seen before. The good news? They work! The REAL deciding factor that proves how good a program is, is how much effort you are willing to put into it. The drive, dedication, and ability to SHOW UP is determined only by you and cannot be given to you by anyone else. For more motivation check out my next to last post on finding your WHY in fitness and health.

When your nails match your water bottle πŸ‘ΈπŸ»
Got my #tiudailymoves, k&k slay, and #thewholebooty workout in today! And my meals have been MUCH better this week. I've been working on eating cleaner and making healthier choices and I'm already feeling better. Now if only the coffee shop I go to every day would stop putting out samples of scones... 🀀 #TIUteam

More #paleo deliciousness? Twist my arm! I love baking first thing in the morning [I know I've said it before, but can that count as my #TIUbootycall? πŸ€”] and this Coffee Cake has been on my must-bake list for awhile now, so I decided to whip it up before work today. It's @jays_bakingmecrazy's Paleo Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake topped with @poetinthepantry's streusel from her #glutenfree Pumpkin Streusel Muffins, and let me tell you OMG πŸ’£ it makes for a very happy Monday #thewholebooty #TIUteam

Sunday brunch πŸ’ I've been tracking my protein intake for the past few days and have been aiming to eat 30g of protein for breakfast. This is how I got it today: omelette made with 1 egg [6g], 3 egg whites [15g], spinach, mushrooms and onion + 2 slices of bacon [6g] + one slice of Ezekiel toast [4g] [not pictured]. I brought the banana and homemade #paleo granola bar to a coffee shop for a mid morning snack 😁 #thewholebooty #TIUteam

I had to take advantage of this bluebird day with a quick ski break midday πŸŽΏπŸ™ŒπŸ» Also completed my second day of #thewholebooty program this evening and could already up my weights! #upstartmoment #TIUteam

Week 3 of consistently working out! The scale says I'm 2.7 pounds less person, but the weights say I'm 10-20 pounds more powerful.
#ShamelessSelfie #liftheavy #thenliftheavier #eatALLtheprotein #fitwife #gymrat #Imaddicted #thewholebooty #ashleyhorner #howbouttheseguns

@wifemamafoodie knows how to do it right! I made her #vegan and #glutenfree Chocolate Chip Muffins last week and they were gone in three days 😳 Guess I'll have to make more for this week! They're perfect with a cup of black coffee as a midmorning snack β˜•οΈ #needamuffinemoji #TIUteam

HIIT πŸ‘ŠπŸ» the gym this evening for @jessiejamesdecker's HIIT workout x2, followed by my first day of @aomi_coelho's #thewholebooty program! So excited for a little change in my routine [which has pretty much been non-existent the past few months...] and to see where this program takes me πŸ‘ #TIUteam

Compared with what we ought to be, we are only half awake. Our fires a damped, our drafts are checked. We are making use of only a small part of our possible mental resources...men the world over possess amounts of resource, which only exceptional individuals push to their extremes of use. | William James
#thewholebooty #fitwife #LiftALLtheweights

Summer bodies truly are made in the winter! How fun to work on yourself through the cold months underneath cozy sweaters and then bust out onto the beach next year with your best body. It takes time, work, and dedication but YOU are your only limit. If you're ready for some serious change check out the link in my bio. Join myself and some seriously badass babes in #thewholebooty πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
@midoribikinis #midoribikinis
πŸ“·: @natalizollinger

Two awesome deals to take advantage of- 50% off all @midoribikinis today only! And to top it off I'm offering 20% off my fitness program #thewholebooty for the next 24 hours! This program is already ridiculously affordable so with the added discount you have absolutely no reason not to get in your best shape NOW! Follow the link in bio and use code "blackfriday" at checkout.
πŸ“·: @natalizollinger

Three ways to target the glutes using resistance bands. You can use one, two, or even three bands to add difficulty. Resistance band workouts like this are sort of my last resort, but are a good option when traveling or if you just want to mix things up. Try doing 15-20 of each move and then repeat the circuit 5 times.

For the best booty gains you've got to get into the gym! Sign up for my 30 day program #thewholebooty πŸ‘ Just follow the link in my bio!

Monday night vibes β† β†  sunsets, bikinis, wine and good convo every time with @pulsojewelry

All I want to do is laze around today! But I dutifully went to the gym and am being somewhat productive now! We can't be "on" every single day and it's totally ok to move at a slower (ok MUCH slower) pace at times. Trust what your body is telling you.
#MIDORIBIKINIS #thewholebooty

I kept meaning to discuss sunscreens when I was on vacation and I never got around to it. I posted a great article on my FB page today about vitamin D levels, how deficient many of us are, and how crucial vitamin D is for disease prevention. It's got some really good info so head on over (link in my profile). As for sunscreen- I will ONLY use zinc based non- chemical sunscreens (@ecotan is my fave). Chemical sunscreens cause DNA damage in the skin and are more harmful than helpful! #thewholebooty

I only brought 2 workout tools with me on this trip: my suspension training straps and this cheap little resistance band I got at Ross for $4. Surprisingly, I've still been able to get great workouts in that work all parts of my body. We set fitness out of our reach sometimes by envisioning obstacles that aren't really there. You don't need a gym, you don't need weights. All you need is determination. #thewholebooty

Happy new year! I hope everyone had a good start with some sweet new resolutions! On the left was me exactly a year ago- underweight and absolutely no fitness plan. On the right is me today, 10 lbs heavier and strong! πŸ’ͺ🏼 It almost feels cliche talking about fitness as a New Years resolution- but it was mine, and look what happened. I love new beginnings, new goals, and new motivation. I always get asked what my workout plan is, and is was the @bonytobombshellblog program that started me on my journey. Click the link in my bio and use code "aomi" for 10% off. You get access to online workout videos, three amazing trainers, and support from a rad group of women all working towards something better. I highly recommend it! #thewholebooty

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