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For the first time in my life, I’m feeling pretty big.

See the BTS on my Stories 👍🏻😉

When you show up on your first date with freshly picked flowers and noble intentions but your date never shows and you sit there wondering why bad things happen to such a good boy. by @puffinandbennie 🌏 #folkgreen
Climate Tip: Drive carefully and do not waste fuel. You can reduce CO2 emissions by readjusting your driving style. Choose proper gears, do not abuse the gas pedal, use the engine brake instead of the pedal brake when possible and turn off your engine when your vehicle is motionless for more than one minute. By readjusting your driving style you can save money on both fuel and car mantainance. 💚 globalwarming-facts.info
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20.10.17 | Fairytale
This is Hansel house in Carmel. When I heard the story about Hansel & Gretel as a kid, I shuddered with fear. Do you like fairytales? 
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Autumn reminds us how beautiful it can be to let things go.
It's not a strength of mine, tbh. I'm tenacious, I like to exhaust every possibility, need to know I did all I could. I resist change in life like a toddler at bedtime.
But these last few weeks have been a timely reminder to me that letting things go - dreams, beliefs, stories, people - is necessary & magical in its own quiet way. & on a similar note, this will be probably the last indoor vine pic this year 😆. The leaves are dropping and my husband keeps asking to close the bedroom window because he's freezing at night! 🙈🍂🍁

Good times on the coast~


"Un raggio di sole è sufficiente per spazzare via molte ombre.."☀️

Os pequenos segredos de São Martinho... .
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Good morning everyone! Have you already been halloween shopping/ pumpkin picking? 📸 by @littlemissnottinghill 🎃👻 #halloween #thecreakyshed #prettylittlelondon

What’s going on with our hair? 👶🏻🐶 #babymanbun

Dolan sebentar hari ini :
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📍Air Terjun Tanggedu - Sumba Timur
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I have prepared for you some small sightseeing tours with ampelmann. I hope you enjoy it! Today we present the Alexanderplatz - Tour1

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