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The rough beauty of Iceland will never cease to amaze me 🇮🇸

Let's find some beautiful place to get lost...

The blue mountains of Norway, this country feels unreal. Not sure if it's because of all the laughters with friends, the mesmerizing landscapes, lack of sleep and food or all those things combined. 💙🌙

Today's topic: Instagram.
I'd love know how you’ve been feeling about it, especially those of you who take IG a bit more seriously.
You know, I love all things Instagram. Over the last couple of months I've had many chats with Instagrammers. Some of them get paid for what they do, some don’t, some want to get paid, some don’t. Every person I’ve met has got something interesting to say. I love you all!;)
Things I've been wanting to share with you:
- We’re all tired of the IG algorithm. We all doubt our skills, our editing styles, oh, just everything. We all know what a comparison trap can do to a soul. To sum up: nothing new!😅
- Quite a lot of IGers have lost the joy and fun of creating, often and mainly because of the above. I haven’t come across a single person that is entirely happy with IG… Guys, we can’t give up! Hello!;)
- Money talk is still a BIG tabu.
- IGers who ask brands and companies for remuneration sometimes come across as greedy and demanding. Lol.
- Many IGers still collaborate for free when it’s so evident they should be paid for what they create and do. It’s obviously changing for better, but very very slowly. Please, guys, value your own work.
- I’ve found out that a brand that wasn’t willing to pay IGers for sponsored posts cause of no marketing budget, has actually a budget big enough to cover costs of billboards in London tube stations. I laugh every time I pass by one of them…
- PR/brand managers tend to forget that we, IGers, talk. And, I mean, we talk a lot. If you treat us unprofessionally and try to take advantage of us - let’s say even though we’re paid for the collaboration, well… we still talk about you over a coffee. We all like to be treated with mutual trust, respect and friendliness.
- London IG scene has been growing, but also has become very competitive and cliquey. It’s quite opposite to what I saw in Cambridge, where we all just sticked together. Here I’ve witnessed tears, jealousy, anger, and soooo many gossips. Arguments over photos of a certain places. People block each other and accuse each other of copying. The world’s insane and, call me a naive, but I hope one day I’ll find a way of changing it…

Feeding the beast ..... if the fingers get in the way oh well, just a little extra seasoning ! Less talky more feeding .😻🍤❤️ #catversationswithjustmangobrown #hungry

↟ Sheep family 🐑 & icelandic landscape 🌋 ↟

Another pic from Miami 🚲☀️These days all free time goes to wedding planning. Igor and I have been thinking a lot how we can make our first entrance. First we wanted to fly in with a small airplane and land on the water outside the villa that we are having our reception in. The problem is that we both know (yep, Igor is a pilot too) that the weather and the waves are not to trust so we had to rethink. Now we finally made a decision 😃👏 It will be a bit crazy and a lot of fun 😄 I'll show you everything when it's time! It's crazy how a wedding works, we are basically creating the biggest party of our life's and their are so much fun that we can do with it. 🤗 I can not wait to show you everything ❤️ 📸 By @pete_ohara (👆note; it will not be on this bike 😄)

I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world. (M A Radmacher) 🌝🌝🌝⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Life is not a fantasy, life is what you make it ✨

Fearlessness... that's one of the most powerful orientations you can have 🛠 That's where the 'gold' 🗺is. ⚓️ #happiness #throwbackthursday

tegaskan bahwa aku tak akan mudah menyerah seperti yang sudah" 🍃

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Part of growing up is figuring out who you are supposed to be and what's going to make you the most happiest. If I'm being honest, I enjoy working with children, and they fill my heart very full. That being said, it's a job that I can't say is my dream job. So I've started to work really hard to focus on what my dream job looks like. To get to that dream, you have to put in the effort. Having a camera in my hand gives me the most fulfilling feeling, and I've slowly realized photographing people isn't as bad as it once seemed. I'm growing a HUGE interest in elopement photography, and have started taking online courses, asking to shadow wedding photographers, and continue to practice portraits through engagement shoots. If there are any couples out there that have recently been married, and would love to relive their wedding day through getting epic photos done somewhere in Algonquin Park H I T M E U P. The shoot would be free, and would be a fun day for you, as well as giving me the practise I need. Work hard, play hard - am I right?

☕️Coffee & Daydreams tee. 💭
This one is so lightweight you'll forget you have it on. 🙃
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Les propongo un desafío. A ver cuántas diferencias pueden encontrar 🙃🤓. Recién revisando el teléfono me encontré con esta imagen -o serie de imágenes- que quedaron de uno de los posteos de hace unos días y me pareció que se veía tan lindo que lo tuve que subir.. Y? Cuántas encontraron?
Are you up for a challenge? How many differences can you spot?🤓😜 I took these pictures a while back for one of my posts. Today, scrolling through the camera roll I saw this image, or series of them anyway, and thought it looked so pretty!
Don't you think so? Well then, how many differences?

🇺🇸 Getting some tan in Azedinha, a little beach in Buzios, Brazil! 💙 Have you ever heard about Búzios? Buzios is a brazilian village, near Rio de Janeiro, famous for the great restaurants, intense nightlife and amazing beaches! 🏝 #Brazil #Buzios
🇧🇷 Quem vê a pessoa aí toda arrasanny, com popoZÃO 🍑pro alto nem imagina que eu tava morrendoooo de frio pq PENSE NUMA ÁGUA GELADA! 😂😂 Essa é a Praia da Azedinha, uma belezinha em Búzios, pequeninha e super acessível - dá pra ir andando fácil da Rua das Pedras e Orla Bardot. 😊 A Azedinha tem o mar bem tranquilo, de um azul lindo, lindo! 💙Só faltou ter a água morninha 😂😂 Como eu disse, a água aí é GE-LA-DA (só vi mais gelada na Croácia) ❄ Então é esquentar o corpitcho na areia antes de entrar - e aproveitar pra colocar o bronze em dia neah? 😎 #Búzios #RioDeJaneiro



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Incredible blue hour vibes in San Francisco a while back. I was looking through some of my old shots and came across this one and saw the very boring cloudy blue sky had been lit up in a streaky green fashion? It almost looks like the northern lights! Anyone know what it could be ?😱
@beautifuldestinations @natgeo
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She just wants the treat but i keep telling myself she really means to Hight five me 🙌🏻

Good morning ✌🏻

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