4th time seeing him on the 29th after Panoramas disappointment, I'm so excited 😭

A dark nude mani for the weekend! 💅🏼 #Gelmani #gel #614nails #theweeknd #wnailbar #shortnorth

Just a quick reminder that Jhenè Aiko has so much potential to be bigger than what she she. She has THE LOOK, she's obviously beautiful. Her voice isn't for everyone, but it's nothing less than angelic. Her voice is unique and have the ability to capture millions. The only factor that is holding her back is her artistry itself. She takes 0 risks with her image nor her sound. Each piece of material she releases is no different from the last and her image itself is basic. If she quit forcing herself inside this plain box, she will accomplish greater things🌟. She is only holding herself back, the more she does the same ole shit the more will stay at the same ole position. If she learns to step outside her comfort zone, she will be THAT GIRL. Idc what anyone says, she has star potential 🤗.

In honour of the 2-year anniversary of when Abel cut his hair, I'm working on a post & I'm so excited! I hope to have it done for Friday/Saturday so hold on to your privates, it's coming soon ⚠️
#theweeknd #abeltesfaye #abelshair #theweeknderas

why wouldn’t I want to

Upcoming New York artist @lvm.walt releases “The Worst” 🔊👀 What do you think? (Link in his bio)

Wow I love him so much and that caption though 😂😂 #theweeknd

crazy girl.

i'm unstanning

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