Today’s joy is all blue, with some grey suede thrown in for good measure. After two weeks of rain and temperatures just above freezing, it’s mid-60s today (and light rain, which beats the deluge we’ve been having). I couldn’t wait to wear a skirt in celebration of warmer days. This combo is both comfortable and versatile — and who doesn’t love polka dots? Oh, and can we talk about the fun to be found in wearing a scarf as a bracelet? 😍😍😍 #wearyourjoy #alldressedupinjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #fashionbyjoan #style #fashion #clothes

My joy today is the ease and comfort of jeans and a soft, flowy blouse and a sarong-come-scarf. @lankydoug and I are headed out for a mini-vacay to nearby Arkansas and the lure of Crystal Bridges Museum. It’s Spring Break and, even though it’s cold and raining (actually, flooding), we are determined to get away. The sarong provides extra warmth if need be but is also stylish. #thewearyourjoyproject #alldressedupinjoy #wearyourjoy #fashionbyjoan #style #clothes #fashion

Too pink?!? (It looked more purple in the store!!) #thewearyourjoyproject

New project! Size 10!
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#tieks #toscani #toscanitieks

Saturday joy is simple and comfortable with a black peasant blouse, rolled jeans and my favorite suede loafers. #alldressedupinjoy #wearyourjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #fashionbyjoan #fashion #style #clothes

Is there any more joy to be found than in a red silk blouse? I feel like royalty. I’m going to a birthday party tonight and I won’t have to change between work and party. Also can we talk about my gold lariat necklace? I scored it from #offfifth (the Saks Fifth Ave discount store). It is 14K and was on clearance (read: actually affordable) and it’s my new favorite. PS: I’m not sure how much I love my new iPhone 8’s portrait mode, but I’m working on it. I actually think my old-lady skin looked better on the iPhone 6 😂 #alldressedupinjoy #wearyourjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #fashionbyjoan #fashion #style #clothes

My joy today is the welcome change-up of a silk skirt and blouse. It’s been so cold but today was 60 and sunny, perfect for this #anntaylor ensemble paired with suede pumps. Anybody else ready for spring? #alldressedupinjoy #wearyourjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #fashionbyjoan #fashion #style #clothes

I travel quite a bit for my job and I’m convinced I get sick every time I fly. This time, it was me who was Typhoid Mary, as I woke up sick in Florida and coughed non-stop through a three-hour flight and a two-hour drive home from the airport. (To my seat-mates on the Southwest flight from Ft. Myers to St. Louis, I’m so sorry!) That was Tuesday and today is my first day out of bed and showered. So today’s joy is the simple pleasure of being upright and without a fever. This flu ain’t no joke, folks! I’m also overjoyed to have found what I thought was lost jewelry. Apparently I was so sick I forgot that I stuffed a bag of jewelry in a shoe, something I never do. The choker necklace is practically brand new and the heart necklace was given to me by @lankydoug for my birthday in 1988. I would have been heartbroken to lose it. Note to self: stop taking valuables on business trips. Bonus, though, is that I turned my closet upside down and in the process found another bag of jewelry from two trip ago that I forgot about. #alldressedupinjoy #wearyourjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #fashionbyjoan #fashion #clothes #style

My joy today is the subtlety of soft grey and pink with crop jeans from #Talbots and a silk blouse from #anntaylor. I’m also wearing my favorite flats of all time, a buttery soft grey suede by #halogen from #nordstrom. I’m headed to a big city on the other end of state from yesterday’s trip, for a doctor’s appointment and errands. It’s going to be 70 and sunny so what’s not to be happy about? #alldressedupinjoy #wearyourjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #fashionbyjoan #clothes #style #fashion

I’m in the big city today for an all-day board summit. It’s going to push 60 degrees before another cold snap so even though I’ll be in a hotel conference room all day, I’m wearing my joy in bright spring colors. I have always enjoyed matching saturated solids from across the color wheel and this #anntaylor blouse and skirt are perfect examples of how two bright colors can work together. Isn’t the pom-pon trim on the skirt adorable with nude fishnet stockings and blue suede shoes? Happy Valentine’s Day loves! #alldressedupinjoy #wearyourjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #fashionbyjoan #fashion #style #clothes

Today’s joy is black boots paired with blush silk and leather tops. Normally I wear this blouse and jacket with a skirt and heels but it was too darn cold today! So I pulled out black skinny trousers and riding boots and I’m good to go. Blush is my favorite color to wear so I enjoyed pairing it with gold and rose gold jewelry. #alldressedupinjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #wearyourjoy #fashionbyjoan #fashion #clothes #style

One little rule I have for myself is I dress up in an outfit that makes me feel pretty on my birthday. This is this year’s ensemble :) #ootd #thewearyourjoyproject #hbdtome🎂

Busy day! Just now had a chance to post my joy for the day. Soft black trousers, cream tunic, infinity scarf, and zebra flats. I’m headed to Texas next week for a business trip and this ensemble will pack beautifully and be perfect for warmer temps. #alldressedupinjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #wearyourjoy #fashionbyjoan #clothes #style #fashion

#thewearyourjoyproject Time for a new hairdo! And channeled my inner Minnie Mouse this week.

It’s 15 degrees with 16-20 mph wind so my joy today is the warmth of a fuzzy sweater, a leopard scarf and black Uggs. Got two layers on the bottom (cuddle duds and jeggings) because my office is chilly and our campus large. My Friday joy vibe is enhanced by a trio of bracelets, all gifts (including one with a Buddha from @thepnezzy). Stay warm, peeps! #wearyourjoy #alldressedupinjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #fashionbyjoan #fashion #style #clothes

Today’s joy is pink. Love this long wool jacket and tweed skirt from #Talbots. And I’m especially fond of the #michaelkors necklace and bracelet. It’s going to 40 degrees today after a long stretch of single digit temps. I just had to bring out the pink in celebration. #alldressedupinjoy #wearyourjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #fashionbyjoan #style #fashion

My joy today is steeped in sorrow. I'm dressed for the funeral of a friend's father. He died the day after Christmas and I'm always sorry for those who lose loved ones over the Christmas holiday because all future celebrations will be bittersweet at the memory of loss. I hope all of you are doing something restful or fun on this holiday eve. We're going dancing later tonight, a contrast that seems at odds with the solemnity of my friend's day. As @glennondoyle says, life is brutiful. May you be healthy and at peace as you ring in 2018. #alldressedupinjoy #wearyourjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #fashionbyjoan #fashion #style #clothes

What's my joy when it's 3 degrees out, I'm off work all week, and I have errands to run? Fleece lined leggings, Uggs and a warm sweater. The gorgeous smoky blue color is the cherry on top. And I might just wear the bracelets I got for Christmas every day of my life because I like them so much. (Silver and gold = @lankydoug; rose gold = @k8nez.) #wearyourjoy #alldressedupinjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #fashionbyjoan #fashion #clothes #style

My joy today is the color of Christmas with a festive new blouse (love the tiered sleeves!) from #loft, a lace skirt from #Talbots, nude fishnet hose (a staple for me), and two-tone pumps. Add a few faux jewels and I'm all set for a commencement luncheon. Happy Graduation to the thousands of families celebrating a milestone of academic achievement today! #alldressedupinjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #wearyourjoy #fashionbyjoan #fashion #style #clothes #holidaydressing

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