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Deeper Cadence will be joining other small groups tonight as we focus in on our Outpouring in worship and God’s Outpouring in our lives. It starts at 7pm tonight at The Lounge in the Mainstream Building. Come and get that one on one time with God, as we dive deeper into His presences. #thevoiceorlando #mainstreamorlando #welcometothevoice #combinecadence #thewaycadence #deepercadence

New series starts tonight for The Way Cadence! We will be meeting, 7pm, in room A113, at The Mainstream Building. This new series is to empower you about the words you speak. We take for granted our speech and the right we have to say positive in the midst of negative. Come out tonight and be able to fellowship, as we dive in deeper for all that God has in store for us. #thevoiceorlando #mainstreamorlando #thewaycadence #menandwomensbiblestudy

Final session of "Let Go, Let God", is happening tonight at #thewaycadence . Ladies and Gentlemen, you don't want to miss out on hearing God's perspective of having a great, free filled life. It's so simple, that we miss it all the time. We will be meeting 7pm, in room A113, at the Mainstream building. It will be a quick teaching then some time for an open Q&A on how we can apply these teaching to the way we live. If any questions, just let me know! Hope to see you all there! #menandwomensbiblestudy #thevoiceorlando #thevoicecadences #welcometothevoice

#thewaycadence has the second session of "Let Go, Let God" happening tomorrow night, 7pm, in room A113 in the Mainstream building. This series is a great opportunity to walk fully in the freedom of being a Believer. We put so much on our shoulders, and tomorrow we will be talking about the burden of Family and Friends that we want to lead to Christ. Join us Men and Women, as we discuss what God desires for us to do in these situations. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! #menandwomensbiblestudy #thevoicecadences #thevoiceorlando

#thewaycadence has a new series starting this Thursday night, called "LET GO, LET GOD". The first installment will be financial freedom. This is for all that feel like you are living paycheck to paycheck. That the job you have is never enough, or that you dread working at your job and wish you could be somewhere else that's better. If you feel like you are stuck in anyway, God has a plan for you to be set free from this. Make sure to set time aside Thursday night, and come and fellowship as we journey together to let go of ourselves and let God take over! #thevoicecadences #menandwomensbiblestudy #thevoicecadences #thevoiceorlando

Excited for cadences to start this week! We have so many to choose from. I am honored to be able to lead once again The Way Cadence, which is a co-ed bible study. If you want to personally continue to grow, to see different perspectives from men and women, and to compare what you believe to what the Bible states then this is the group for you. We will be starting a new series, and it drops tomorrow! I don't know about you, but I'm excited to grow spiritually some this semester! Hit me up with any questions. #thewaycadence #thevoicecadences #thevoiceorlando #menandwomensbiblestudy

The second installment of #cruisectrl is tonight only at @thevoiceorlando so you don't want to miss out, as we continue on the much needed relaxed cruise, that is filled with drama, dance and song. 😅 also Cadences start next week, so make sure to check out all the interest based hangouts through the week. And FINALLY, the men's and women's bible study, THE WAY is coming back this week starting Thursday 9/7, at 7pm in the Mainstream Building at The Venue area. Don't want to miss out on the opportunity to grow together. Excited week is ahead starting tonight! #thevoicecadences #thewaycadence #fellowshipnight #thevoiceorlando

FINAL WEEK of the series! It's been awesome this season to serve and to teach on principles of who we are in Christ. Finishing up this season of cadences with this series has been a true blessing and opportunity to see ourselves for how valuable we truly are. #thewaycadence will be meeting inside the mainstream building, upstairs at the venue. Make sure to come through the blue mug doors, and we will start a little after 7. I hope you all can make it out as we end the series "The Masterpiece" #ministry #welcometothevoice #mainstreamorlando #menandwomensbiblestudy

#thewaycadence is back at it again for week two of The Masterpiece! We will be meeting in room A-114, at the mainstream building tonight at 7pm. We will continue on exploring our true value that we are born with as we focus on our past pains create for us a rarity in value. So make sure to come out and be encouraged and up lifted. We all have those moments when we are our worst critics, so tonight is a great opportunity to see the full picture. Hope to see you all there!!!! #ministry #welcometothevoice #mainstreamorlando #menandwomensbiblestudy

So hype for the new series starting tomorrow for #thewaycadence ! Remember this is open to men and women, and it is a bible study based on growing YOU personally. I'm excited for this new series while it is based on the Value of who you are and are you giving that power to the right person. Make sure to come and invite some friends to join you. It's going to be a wonderful night! Any questions, hit me up! #thevoicecadences #mainstreamorlando #welcometothevoice #ministry #menandwomensbiblestudy

#thewaycadence is having their fellowship night tonight, starting at 7pm in The Beach Room located upstairs within the Mainstream Building. Their will be pizza and drinks provided, so all you have to do is come, bring a friend, and enjoy! We just finished the series, Running out of Time, so I though best to present a movie night where Time is the new currency. "In Time" will start promptly at 7:15. If you like to bring something else to share please do, but come with excitement as we relax and enjoy each other's company. Men and women are invited, also kids (if you have any). It will be a fun night! Any questions, just let me know! #menandwomensbiblestudy #ministry #welcometothevoice #thevoicecadences #mainstreamorlando

Less then an hour away, before The Way Cadence meets to finish up the series on time management. It's been a pure blessing to have been able to go through trials to learn this way lesson, and I'm honored to have been able to share this with others. You have nothing to do tonight? You want to do something, that will invest into your life? Come make it out to #thewaycadence , we are meeting at 7pm, at the mainstream building, upstairs at The Venue. Have any questions, just ask. Hope to see you all there. #mainstreamorlando #thevoicecadences #welcometothevoice #ministry #menandwomensbiblestudy

#thewaycadence is meeting tonight at the mainstream building, upstairs at The Venue, 7pm. We are continuing our lessons on time management, and the value time gives to our lives! Last week we discussed that time isn't against us, and this week we are diving into the statement, "I have all the time in the world". Don't miss out Men and Women on this opportunity to see what the Bible says about our time management. Be encouraged, and hope to see you there! #ministry #welcometothevoice #thevoicecadences #mainstreamorlando #menandwomensbiblestudy

Tonight starts a brand new series for #thewaycadence . I'm excited to talk about time management, something that we all struggle with and feel like we don't have enough time in the day for. Don't want to miss out on this! We are meeting, 7pm at The Venue located within the Mainstream Building. Come and fellowship, grow, and gain peace about a concept we seem to not be able to master! #ministry #welcometothevoice #thevoicecadences #mainstreamorlando #menandwomensbiblestudy

This is the final installment of Tree of Life series for #thewaycadence . Gentlemen, Ladies, you won't want to miss out as we bring together all that we have learned these past few weeks, and realized how blessed we are to be apart of God's family tree. Come and be encouraged, come and get excited to see how God has been moving in your life for this moment. We will discuss, and seek out what truly it means to be apart of the vine. Starts at 7! Only at the Venue, inside the Mainstream building. #thevoicecadences #welcometothevoice #ministry #mainstreamorlando #menandwomensbiblestudy

Week Three of #thewaycadence ,and we are finishing up the fruits of the Spirit. Two weeks ago we had such a great time, reading and understanding the first four fruits of the Spirit. We discussed, shared stories, and in the end found ourselves deeper in the understanding of what live in as Believers. We had Tidal Wave last week, and this week we are back at it. We start 7pm, at The Venue, located in the Mainstream Building. The Blue Mug doors will be open to the public, so enter through there. I'm excited to see what God has in store tonight, as we continue to understand what truly we grow in as Believers. Who's going?! #ministry #welcometothevoice #thevoicecadences #mainstreamorlando #menandwomensbiblestudy

#thewaycadence is going down tonight, 7pm, at The Venue! We will be discussing in detail the Fruits of the Spirit, and how we can apply them to our lives! Open to Men and Women, so come ready to learn and be encouraged! #ministry #menandwomensbiblestudy #welcometothevoice #thevoicecadences

First series of the new cadence! It begins this Thursday, 7pm, at Faith Assembly. We will be meeting in the mainstream building, at The Venue (located upstairs). This new series focus is on who we are in God's Kingdom, what's expected of us, and what authority do we truly have within it. This is open to Men and Women, make sure to bring your Bible tomorrow as well as a notebook, you won't want to miss a second of it! #thewaycadence starts tomorrow! Hope to see you all there! #thevoicecadences #welcometothevoice #menandwomensbiblestudy #ministry

Got approved and #thewaycadence starts next Thursday, 7pm, at The Venue in the mainstream building. Gentlemen and Ladies, this is a great opportunity to grow and seek out who you are in Christ's family. You will be surrounded by other believers seeking out the same thing that you are, and that kind of accountability you can't buy. This is a cadence open to discussion and growth, a safe haven to seek God earnestly and become the Man and Woman God has created you to be. Who is excited for January 12th?! #thevoicecadences #ministry #welcometothevoice #menandwomensbiblestudy

Starting in January of next year, #TheWaycadence will be starting up strong! It is a Men's and Women's Bible Study focused on walking the path God has for us. I'm really excited to lead this wth the pastoral team and excited to see what God shows through it. It will be a new year with new growth, I hope you all stay tune to hear more! #thevoiceorlando #thevoicecadences #welcometothevoice #ministry #nooneleftbehind

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