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february 24:✨✨hello hello everyone! today we will have the #moon wrapping up her phase in gemini!🌙♊️ we have had extremely active minds and imaginations the past couple of days!🧠💡 this energy has been great for communicating our needs and our feelings!♓️ with a #geminimoon we were also more open to listening for the messages gently whispered to us by spirit!🗣👂🏽✨ with #mercury in pisces and several other planets, everything is on the vibration of the mystical and spiritual! may it be synchronicities or insightful dreams…we are all flowing in the subconscious realms of reality!🌊✨ balance will be a key aspect of the day as well! not solely balancing the energies of the masculine and the feminine but with mars squaring venus today, we will be challenged to analyze and reform the masculine ways we are feminine and the feminine ways we are masculine!😱✨ the deeper and underlying energy within our polarity!☯️ in your feminine receptivity, how are you decisive and strong?🤔 while asserting yourself, how open are you to the feelings of others?🧐 this polarity is seen in today’s collective pull!🤘🏽✨ the statuesque women of the #nineofpentacles does embellish in the feminine…but beneath that stands determination and a rock solid will!💄💪🏽 the only way she can truly embrace her divine feminine is through the mastery of her masculinity!✨and the #kingofpentacles sturdy, reliable & meticulous, can only stand tall in his glory because he knew what he wanted! he followed the feminine guidance of his heart and listened to what felt right to him!👂🏽💟✨ pisces season represents mutability and changeability! androgyny and mixing!🔄 take today to expand on your gratitude for the development of your own polarity!🤔☯️✨ in what ways are you learning to let go & let flow?🌊 how is that strengthening you and making you more determined? in what ways are you learning to structure and build?💪🏽 and how in tuned with your heart do you need to be to truly manifest your desires?👁✨ that’s it for today! namas☕️ #thewaterbearer

Aquarius ♒ March Reading 2018
"create your plan"
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february 23: ✨✨hello hello everyone! today may be a bit WONKY!🤪🤯 the #moon shifted into #gemini yesterday evening and has had our minds racing!🌙♊️ this mix with all of the pisces energy can cause a bit of a challenge! the moon will be squaring all of this energy today!🤭 there may be challenges with communication or an old way of thinking!😳😤 solutions will come through SURRENDER & FLOW!🌊🧘🏽‍♂️ resistance to what is will bring further conflict and irritability! my natal moon is in gemini and when the energy isn’t flowing right…it causes RESTLESSNESS!🧠😖 make sure to have an outlet for your mind today! things to process and figure out, people to communicate with!✨ this combo between gemini and pisces does bring great daydreaming ability!🤔💡 gemini and pisces both LOVE discussing and feeling into the abstract! abstract ideas and concepts! these are all amazing things to uplift us and will allow us to gain a greater (and more expansive) vision of our futures!👁✨ COMPASSION is needed and seeked today! we want our cups filled with joy and happiness! all of this #aceofcups energy LITERALLY is PISCES!!🌊♓️ make sure not to step on toes, as we all are sensitive and in our feelings currently!😢 our hearts are on our sleeves and we are more vulnerable! this energy is helping to align our emotions with our desires and dreams! we are following feelings and our heart now!😻 using the logic of the mind will cloud clarity now! it is a time when we must allow our mind to be the servant to our intuition! and not the opposite.🤘🏽✨ our society loves to focus solely on logic and planning but, especially in pisces season, this will not work! things are flowing in through the subtle essence of the divine!🌊✨ synchronistic guidance and magical connections! stay in the flow! and surrender into the watery depths of pisces! i promised myself that i would not resist this pisces season and i have been magically surprised with how beautiful things have flowed together!😱🤘🏽✨ trust the divine and trust your journey! that’s it for now! namas☕️ #thewaterbearer

MOON IN GEMINI: 🌜2.22-2.24🌛we currently have the 🌝 in Gemini ♊️ if you've been feeling mad talkative or a bit restless…it's because the moon is in gemini! ♊️ when the moon's here our brains are on 10! gemini is an air sign, which deals with communication and analysis of abstract thought! with gemini being a mutable air sign, our emotions fluctuate just like the winds during this time! we may be feeling it and then two seconds later…not! we feel better when we are mentally stimulated as well!💻📱📺 you’ll see us stuck in our technological devices more than ever during this moon sign transit! there needs to be constant mental action or restlessness sets in.😩 that’s it for now guys! enjoy the rest of this airy moon! namas☕️ #thewaterbearer
*original artwork unknown*

With an #Aquarius there is no in-between. They either care...or they don't give a fuck.

NEW VIDEO!🎥✨hello everyone! on February 15th we finished our Eclipse Season!🤘🏽✨ We now have planted new seeds for our new visions and are ready to walk down our new paths! These new seeds are still young sprouts and need our nourishment and attention!💦🌱 we are still figuring out just how things will piece together and are shaping our future vision! Here is a GUIDED MESSAGE for YOUR EMERGENCE {for each #zodiac sign}! Just what you need to hear to get you started down your new path!! 😋🤘🏽✨CHECK OUT FOR YOUR SUN SIGN, MOON SIGN & RISING SIGN!! FULL VIDEO ON MY #YOUTUBECHANNEL! {coreyrandle93 or search #thewaterbearer} namas☕️

february 22:✨✨hello hello everyone! and welcome to another PORTAL DAY!😱 but today is not an eclipse portal…it is a gateway for the vibration of 2! today is 2.22.18!🤘🏽 and the year 2+0+1+8 is combined to represent an 11 year. (an 11 year is further reduced to be known as a 2 YEAR!!) so today we’ve got ALL 2’S!😱☺️✨ 2-22-2!! AND even check the significance of the alignment of the two’s in today’s sequence!🧐😏 all of this 2 energy represents guidance and trust!! we are all in the correct place and have been putting in hard work! we are being asked by spirit to trust in the process of how things unfold! i really feel like today will show THE PROCESS!✨ major synchronicities and magical moments to show just how aligned we are! doubts and fears will be shed away from the immense guidance from spirit today! you will hear THE RIGHT thing from THE RIGHT person at THE RIGHT time today!!🤗☀️✨ ‘Hold My Hand’ by Jess Glynne is currently playing as im writing this post and i agree completely! i feel like Spirit will be holding our hands today!👼🏼🧚🏻‍♀️ surrender and follow where you’re led!!✨ the #moon is wrapping up her time in taurus and has been building our sense of worth since the 20th!🌙♉️ we are focused on how to make ourselves comfortable and productive! tonight @7pm EST the moon will slip into #GEMINI!♊️✨ our minds will then be active to communicate and figure out just what guidance we have received all day!✨ for today’s collective energy we are in a place of cutting through the density in our lives!✂️ the sob stories we once told ourselves are not holding ground anymore! we’ve got a vision to manifest and we are only looking for solutions to our problems and questions!🤘🏽 in conversation with others we aren’t trying to fall into the usual debates of what we’re doing! we are cutting through all of the bull💩 and getting down to the grit of everything!! the things that we are passionate about we are seeking out now!😻💪🏽 and communicating!🗣 no longer hiding behind fears and doubt! this pisces season is bringing out our feelings about things and we’re no longer able to hold back! aquarius season brought us extreme objectivity and👇🏾👇🏾

there definitely has been a shift!! we have dropped into the luminous waters of PISCES 🌊🧜🏼‍♂️ as we shift into new energy...the old way of doing things won’t work out. each zodiac season brings lessons and a certain flow. pisces is ALL about flow. literally. i’m currently soaking in my tub to adhere to this vibe! we were put to work during aquarius season! re-shaping our minds and our connections with others. so much action and attention required. i’ve tried to maintain this energy but have been met with resistance because that’s not this season’s “flow” 🌊✨ pisces is a zodiac sign of the divine feminine! it harps on passivity and receptivity! nurturing and listening! ALLOWING AND BEING!!☮️🕉 we’ve got the next 3-weeks to CHILL OUT! 🛀🏽🤤✨wrap things up and delve deep into all of the mystical, ethereal & emotional! this needed time will bring greater clarity from our “feeling body”! bringing closure to old burns and wounds & ushering in fresh new emotions of joy and bliss! enjoy the chill y’all!! i’m having to tone it down and settle into THE FLOW! 🌊♓️ until later! namas☕️ #thewaterbearer *i wish i knew the artist...#unknown*

february 21: hello hello everyone!✨✨ who else has been enjoying this energy today!!🤷🏽‍♂️😁 this post is so late in the day because of that exact reason!!🤘🏽 the #moon has been in #taurus all day!🌙♉️ the moon loves being in taurus!😋 we are able to enjoy the many pleasures of life! good food…good music…good vibes! we are more inclined to go outside and be out in nature!☀️🌳 we want to feel comfortable and secure! this beautiful energy has been paired with #venus joining #neptune in the sky!!💟 venus already loves being in pisces where she can dream and romanticize everything!!😻 her fuzing with neptune today brought us an extreme boost of compassion and love in the air!! i saw so many people playing together in the park today! so many different groups of people joining together for volleyball, a quick chat, or whatever was on the table! i was SO connected to music today aswell! i brought my speaker and improvised to music for like two hours straight!!🎶🤘🏽 we all wanted to get a bit of the #feelgood vibe today! we are wanting this vibe more IN GENERAL! we are no longer stuck on the pains in our lives…the traumas that hindered us in the past! we want to keep things light and bright! using optimism instead of fear to move forward!✨ we received #thefool tarot today for our collective pull which alludes to this perfectly!🤘🏽 we are feeling completely brand new and don’t have any heavy burdens attached to us! the rough situations that once had us pinned down are fading and we can feel our energy lightening up! we just want to smile because it feels good & experience amazing times with amazing people!😁✨ continue to soak up this energy! that’s it for now! namas☕️ #thewaterbearer

MOON IN TAURUS: 🌜2.20-2.22🌛id you’ve noticed a change in mood since about 2pm EST...it may just be because the #moon moves into TAURUS! 🐂♉️ is the 2nd sign of the zodiac and represents our values, self worth, financial abundance and our five senses! all of these things are highlighted now! earthly manifestation is focused around taurus…so when the moon is in this sign, we are better able to figure out how to manifest our deepest desires, in a practical way! we take on the characteristics of the bull ;slow moving or not moving 😅) we are also focused on my favorite aspect of #taurus...FOOOOOOOD!!! 👅 we are more likely to be in nature during taurus moon transits as well! it is the time to treat your senses and treat your body! lastly watch out for procrastination! that’s it for now! namas☕️ #thewaterbearer *original artwork unknown*

NEW VIDEO!! 🎥✨Here’s the T☕️: 🗣WEEKLY ENERGY READING -FEB.18-FEB.24! ✨welcome to the new week guys!!🤘🏽 and HAPPY PISCES SEASON!!🤘🏽✨ we have just initiated the beginning of a major new cycle for us all! this cycle will carry us, 6 months, into the next eclipse season!😱⚡️✨ Lady Venus will be meeting Neptune in the sky this week…bringing waves of compassion & understanding!! for all the ☕️ about these energies & much more...check out the FULL video on my #YOUTUBECHANNEL! {coreyrandle93 or search #thewaterbearer} enjoy! namas☕️ #thewaterbearer

february 20:✨✨ hello hello everyone!! enjoy the last bits of this #ariesmoon to get things done and initiate what needs to get started!🌙♈️ the #moon will shift into taurus today @2pm EST!♉️ we then will be focused on grounding everything and finding stability! wanting more chill time and moving at a WAY slower pace than how we’re currently feeling!🐂✨ #piscesseason is BLAZING forward…bringing out our emotional connections to everything!🌊🌊 I’ve been enjoying this energy in the air, but have noticed that it has thrown some off guard!😩😭😢 any emotions that were left unchecked or unresolved before this time, are coming out now!! i’m constantly crying and feeling into my emotions so this period is nothing new for me! the watery oceans of pisces are also extremely compassionate and healing!☺️😍 we have begun to heal inner wounds and emotional traumas! certain things that didn’t “sit with us” well are now being softened out emotionally! completely re-doing how we FEEL about everything this pisces season!🤘🏽♓️ i sense that by mid-march, we will kick off the new zodiac year with completely new emotional attitudes!!💝 we have shifted so many aspects of our thinking patterns, relationships, & visions with the recent eclipses! and now it is time to re-adjust our emotions to all of these changes! bringing more feelings of joy & bliss into our repertoire!💟🤘🏽✨ #venus will be joining #neptune in the sky tomorrow…bringing a major wave of this piscean love energy!! we have been feeling this dreamy energy all week! many will be swept off their feet in emotion these next few days!😻💐 expect several displays of affection and expression!✨ today’s collective energy shows that we are concluding our search for stability in our reality! we have been putting so much focus into building our new lives! filling missing pieces and strategizing how to boost ourselves into new realities! i feel that we are feeling more whole in ourselves and our lives now!😎 we have had our analysis and now have plans forward and new adjustments to tend too! aquarius season allowed us the ability to truly see ourselves and our lives!👁✍🏼 we were busy molding ourselves and innovating where we 👇🏾👇🏾

february 19:✨✨hello hello everyone! welcome to MONDAY & the start of an amazing week!!😋 the #moon is in #aries giving us a fiery start this morning!🔥♈️ i’ve only been up a couple hours and have re-arranged my room, cleaned the kitchen, watered plants & just finished breakfast!🏃🏾‍♂️🌪 this #ariesmoon is also an indicator into what the new zodiac year will bring in March!!😏 we have just entered #piscesseason to conclude and finalize our year! and then we will FULLY begin anew in aries!🌱 has anybody else been LOVING the #piscesvibes ??😍🌊 i died laughing yesterday because the sun had only been in pisces 4 hours and I was in the bathtub, sipping tea, in another world with my music!!😅🛀🏽🤤🎶 my natal venus is in pisces so i LOVE the energy!!🤘🏽🤗 i finally don’t feel like the only person over-indulging in my emotions and feelings, having my heart on my sleeve!😭✊🏾 it’s in the air now! people are being more romantic and dreamy! i’ve seen so many more random acts of kindness!! (which are INSTANT tear-jerkers for my #piscesvenus😿) we really will begin to feel this pisces energy as the sun moves to 1 degree later today!✨ use the GO-GETTER energy of this #ariesmoon to get active and get pro-active! we can get a head start today! really initiate the changes that the eclipse has brought!☺️✨ i have made so many new changes these past few days that i’m excited to implement! #mercury is still super close to the sun and has our minds POPPIN!🧐🧠 use this mental energy! process and put together! communicate and share as well!🗣✨ our collective energy for today shows this! we have PARTNERSHIPS on the mind today!👯‍♂️ whether it is romantic….family….friend….or businesss, we will be so involved today! feeling more connected to everyone!💟 more open to help and chat! i feel that there will be magical moments between people today!☺️🤘🏽✨ pisces season brings us the miracles of spirt!💫 a time when we can tune into the brilliance of the divine! but it is subtle! and on the ethereal wavelength of the subconscious! we’ve got to feel into!🌊 enjoy yourself today!😍 and extend a hand to others! share your ideas….tell that compliment…speak your mind! we all are thinking 👇🏾

So yesterday I was reading this book and realized I needed a #bookmark. Better to make my own than buy one #illustration #myart #aquarius #thewaterbearer #traditionalart

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