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He is not the light but the darkness. He is nothing and everything at the same time. He is the destroyer of the universe. Only to recreate it. His trishul symbolizes control of mind, intellect and ego, allowing you to work better and never lose control. The ash smeared on his body symbolizes that everything is temporary. Do not confuse commitment with obsession, as that can lead to your downfall. He is the Mighty God of Himalayas. SHIVA. 🕉

Mt. Raldang, Kinnaur Kailash Range (5499m)

The best view comes after the Hardest climb.🗻(📷@neelaneel)

Photograph by @sanket.ag.arwal
Curated by @movingcompass .
. "The Backpackers Gokarna" 18-21 August from Bangalore.
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When you need to meet both the ends in a tough decision

The infamous Auden's Col (18,011 feet) successfully crossed this season.
Recently we have successfully crossed the three high passes in Uttarakhand, which is probably one of the rarest route covering Patangini Dhar, Auden's Col and Mayali Pass (a very few people have crossed all three passes together, a lot of them tried but unfortunately couldn't do it).
Walking on the Khatling Glacier, which was indeed a never ending one and really a tiring experience at that moment as we have walked for almost 13-14 hours and crossed the whole glacier in one day after the heavy duty Auden's Col climb. Luckily we were blessed with a fresh cover of snow on the glacier which made it a little easier to walk swiftly on it, but there was still a fear of huge hidden crevasses because of which it is considered as one of the most dangerous glaciers to cross.
In the shot you can see one of our team mates, the superlady, @neelimav walking across the glacier surrounded by huge snow covered peaks and the clouds building up for an overnight shower.
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We were standing there filling petrol, it was the last bottle the mechanic had. The petrol pump wouldn’t dispense anything until night and we had to reach Dhankar. In Spiti, the only petrol pump is in Kaza and it regularly fails to dispense. The petrol comes in on huge trucks and if they are held up in a road block then Spiti can be without petrol for two or three days.
The mechanic was a buzz of activity. As I turned around and looked at the Himalayan Cafe, it struck me how familiar it had all become to me. The place seemed so different since I had first arrived in the pitch black of night, holding onto the edge of my seat as if I could lose my life at any moment. Everything seemed to be my own: the smiling locals, the friendly tourists, and ever cheerful monks.
For about five seconds, I was completely and utterly immersed in the moment. I detached from all the things happening around me and time seemed to just freeze. It lifted me into this space of complete appreciation; because everything around me was so beautiful. And then it hit me, how much I had changed. Though I am normally quite aloof from the world, I had somehow allowed people into my life without compromising on my personal happiness.
My journey was always changing me in subtle ways. Sometimes I picked up on them, though many times I only realised after a few months that I was going about my life a bit differently. And in that way, travel can teach you balance. Because it makes you fluid and non-static, allowing you to grow yourself into the version that feels most natural. As I snapped back to the voices of my comrades around me, I smiled internally. Because I knew that no matter who I was with and where I was, my experience was still completely my own.

The Namgyal Tsemo Monastery was founded in 1430 by King of Ladakh, Tashi Namgyal 🏯.
The clouds above this monastery always create a suggestive play of light on these ancient structures.
I feel so lucky to have been able to witness these places last year.
Really can't wait for the next adventure! 🗻Visit #warmshadowexperience for more pictures of this Himalayan mission! .
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हिरवाई पांघरली
तरुणाई सरसावली
ट्रेक ट्रेक ट्रेक करत
पहाड़े पत्थर चालली

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In love with the holy ancient structures in India. Stay tuned for updates on my streets of India series ahead. Also I'm about to launch my own preset packs which will be available on my website soon.

The Stalwarts in Monochrome!

Left to right: Nanda Khat and Nanda Devi above it, and Nanda Devi East.

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