Remember to expand your awareness to your surroundings, take in every sight, sensation and sound. Relax in this state of openness and radiate LOVE.

cαи уσυ вαяє ιт αℓℓ? 🏹

Graduation is less than a month away and I’m FREAKING OUT!!! 👏🏻✨ I am so excited to be taking photography full time. Never in a million and one years did I ever consider myself ready to take on a business, but luckily others believe in you and your artistic practices more than you do yourself. I always knew cat mom was written in the stars, but never full time travel photographer and mobile tiny home builder lol!! Thank you all for the endless love and support you’ve given me throughout these past four years. I urge you to NEVER STOP DREAMING because you are capable of more than you know.

First Batch Of War. Photo is taken with the very first batch of the Noctilux 1.2. It’s a very simple photo taken on the location of The Battle of Westerplatte, the first battle in the Invasion of Poland and marked the start of the Second World War in Europe. The Polish army ten times smaller than the Germans held out for seven days in the face of a heavy attack that included dive bomber attacks................ #🔴 #leica #summilux #leicacamera #streetphotography #streetscene #streetphotos #leicaphotography #justgoshoot #thepeoplescreatives #humansmagazine #theoutbound #streethype #streetleaks #wearethestreet #streetphotographers #lensculture #streetscape #fm2mag #igpodium #leicasociety #apfmagazine #thevisualvogue #shotaroundmag #grittyside #50mmphotography

Seriously gushing over all these gorgeous senior sessions I’ve been getting to do these days - including this BFF session right here ✨ #seniorstyleguide

vibin' 'chella.

I’ve basically just resigned to the fact that my naked body is all over the Internet and it would take too much effort to try to get it off. If I ever become famous shit might go down. Lol. Happy Tuesday y’all

Here in Eugene 🍃🌲🌿
📸: @nalani_knauss

Can’t wait for more adventures like this 😍

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