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Další jedinečný zážitek.... tady jsem měla pocit,že jsme přistáli na Marsu! Pořád jsem myslela na Matta Damona,jak v Marťanovi sázel ty brambory... 😹👨🏼‍🚀 A taky jsem nebyla daleko od pravdy! Tahle krajina sloužila jako výcvikové místo pro astronauty,kteří se připravovali na přistání na měsíci 🌚 #KalahakuOverlook #SummitBuilding #Maui #Hawai #Haleakala #nationalpark #theview

Ok. One more. 😂😂 #TheView #Trump #LoveStory

So the table of twats who are has been actresses or practically nobodies have daily discussions where they think their opinions are facts and then their audience of uneducated bimbos who are probably sixty years old or older clap for them. After the attack in Manchester this lovely group of ladies decided to b*tch about Trump calling those who commit these evil acts "Losers." Sunny Hostin stated that "thinking back to Pres. Obama who spoke about the victims, and how we need to come together, I was expecting something like that" ....well first of all Sunny, if my memory serves me CORRECT, every time Pres. O addressed the media after a terrorist attack he played up some bullsh*t about how "we must not link them to anything yet!" Or " we will be furthering investigating before we condemn it as terrorism" lol. See, with Trump, what I love about him is he calls it what it is, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it's a f*cking duck. We don't need to find out if the killer was "bullied" or if his mom used to spank him so he retaliated... NO, he did what he did because they're sick f*cks who deserve no other credit than being called a "loser" who offered nothing to life. What makes me laugh also is these ladies b*tch about Trump calling them "losers" and saying it's "not unpresidential like" meanwhile when he called them Radical Islamic Terrorists they complained too. Just goes to prove the point again, no matter what the guy does or says you liberals still complain. How about instead of complaining about what words he uses to describe pieces of sh*t in life, you focus on the problem that lives are consistently being lost because you continuously call for open borders. I think the liberal side needs a serious class in sorting out their priorities.



The hills are alive with the sound of music...(singing)🎶🎶🎶
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