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A little bit more than a week left until "Coming Home" drops everywhere!
Question of the day: if you could play any instrument in a band, what would it be? 🎵
Awesome pic by @macttp

This will most likely be the last picture from my trip to the USA. If you could choose one place to live in (in the US) where would it be? 🤔🇺🇸


♡ [c] @69withbrad
soz for being inactive
lexi and i are on vacation so it's hard to keep up with posting
...not to forget wifi sucks in the bahamas
but now i'm back in miami for a couple of days
expect a post tomorrow :-)

Oh your sex takes me to paradise.

I'm for a new clubcam wbu🤧

You're all so welcome.
I wish peace upon your soul after watching this.Everybody needs to see this atleast once in their life

#thevamps #tristanevans #bradleysimpson #bradleywillsimpson #connorball #jamesmcvey

#Thevamps #Allnight
한명이 없군

My cute as about a yr ago 😘😱💖

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