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🍃🌹 Sunday drive.

"The universe tends to unfold as it should" repost @moonrockgallary thank you for this inspiring picture. # nirvana #glassart #glasspendant #theuniversetendstounfoldasitshould #berzerkersdarkmatter #isgeometryrealysacred?

When life gets me down, I just remember the wise words of this man. #TheUniverseTendsToUnfoldAsItShould 🍆

We hung out at the same hostel when I escaped Thailand. Just so happens a month or 2 later we crossed paths again in India. Searching for the perfect restaurant I am now convinced there is a white castle up north. Think its called the taj mahal😆 #theuniversetendstounfoldasitshould #haroldandkumar #sanjoseanddubaiconnection

#summer2017 is gonna be my year ❗ #theuniversetendstounfoldasitshould

#Random note that keeps finding me. #TRUST #theuniversetendstounfoldasitshould

The Universe...man I tell ya. I take the wife and the dogs out for a quick ride on the water to get the day started and my vessel started acting weird, again smh. So we head in early and are not far from the house and dogs love barking at the boat while we pass by.
So Omar, the black dog who I can tell is a little older, fell in the water. While our neighbor's dog Louie swims like a champ through the channel, Omar definitely isn't as strong and could not get out and Erica and I could tell if he didn't get help, he was gonna drown. The other dog Kima (yes their named after The Wire lol) kept barking and we couldn't tell if it was from fright or aggression so we were apprehensive of just going up to the dog. We honked the horn and screamed for almost 10mins with no one showing up. So I decided I was gonna drop Erica off with the dogs and I would come back and help him out while she ran to house to see if someone was home.

Luckily on the way we met another Matt (of course) who had a canoe and paddled down while I was returning. He pulled out Omar and Erica got their owner and the dog is now safe thank c GOD.
Say what you want, but I'm sure if my boat didn't "act up", we wouldn't have gotten back in time to save Omar. #TheUniverseTendsToUnfoldAsItShould #LoveIsTheOnlyWay #PetLovers #DogLovers #NewFriends #OmarAndKima

There is no controlling life. 
Dam a stream and it will
create a new channel.
Resist, and the tide will
sweep you off your feet. 
Allow, and grace will carry 
you to higher ground.
The only safety lies in letting
it all in: the wild and the
weak; fears, fantasies,
failures and successes. 
When loss rips off the doors of 
the heart, or sadness veils your 
vision with despair, practice 
becomes simply bearing the truth. 
In the choice to let go of your 
known way of being, the whole 
world is revealed to your new eyes.
#rainydaypoetry #theuniversetendstounfoldasitshould


🍃🌹 Sunday drive.

Being patient isn't always the easiest, but I'm determined to see this through and keep my head held high.
#perseverance #famILY #theuniversetendstounfoldasitshould

#summer2017 is gonna be my year ❗ #theuniversetendstounfoldasitshould

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