It sure can be easy to focus on the things that are tough, the struggles, the negative. Often times it is so much easier than looking on the “bright side”.⠀

However, developing a habit of positivity can be life-changing. I previously made a decision to SHIFT my focus in a way that has totally changed the way I see the world...⠀

I focus on the good. ⠀
I embrace that life is happening FOR me, not TO me. ⠀
When up against challenges (people or situations), I look at them with love and acceptance. ⠀
I live every day with gratitude preceding everything. ⠀

Just this simple habit has completely changed my outlook on life. Negativity no more, positivity overflows. ❤️⠀

This weekend I pulled this beautiful card and just had to pair it with my focus-oil-of-choice, InTune. A dab to pulse points and back of neck is my favorite way to wear this focus-enhancing blend. Hone in on the good things, my friends.

What good things are you focusing on this week? ⠀

Shoden is the Japanese word meaning ‘beginning teachings’ and it is the first level of Reiki in the Japanese system. 💆🏻‍♀️
I’m teaching a pop up Reiki class today at my home office to five lucky folks, in between my three month long Shinpiden (master level) class! 💆🏽‍♀️
Shoden and Okuden (level two) classes will resume in the fall! 📆 Get on my email list for dates when they are posted! #linkinbio #divinelotushealing #reiki

We are always universally supported, sometimes we travel along oblivious and other times, it just smacks you in the face. This last few days where smack me in the face days.
A massage for my hips unexpectedly turned energy healing, left me with a message to find some #lapislazuli to wear on my left side, my therapist even wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget.
Dutifully I went the next morning to @cafenurcha to (have breakfast and) peek at what was on offer.
As soon as I began looking a beautiful team member, (with gorgeous purple hair) came up and told me all crystals where 30% off, including the tumble stone I was holding in my hand.
Of course they were, right when my only excuse might have been - new jewellery is not on my budget this week.
Feeling guided I asked her to show me the lapis jewellery, as I had been told by a Healer to start wearing some. Almost immediately she asked me if the healer had mentioned my hips. You know those moments when you feel like your soul is on show, and your heart goes boom boom boom like an internal drum 🥁 roll from the divine, just so you really get the message? It was one of those moments.

A few tears at the moment of synchronicity, a hug, a golden chai and a raw snickers later, these glorious babes have found a home in my heart and in my home.
To me they are a resonating reminder from the Universal Divine, the True Essence of all that is, that says; “hey honey, you’re in the path, keep going, all is lining up, you are supported every where you turn, you are loved, I have your back.” Some days a smack in the face is exactly what we need and can be the most loving of guidance. My heart is still full of gratitude to all the earth angels that stood in their truth and said what they were guided to say, I heard you all, and I am forever grateful!
Love K 💕

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I’m reading Sacred Signs at the moment. I had so many signs / synchronicities when I was with the narcissist to BE with him, despite my intuition being off. It’s taken me three years to accept that my intuition wasn’t wrong - I was perfectly where I needed to be to get where I am today - and be where I’ll be tomorrow. I wanted real love and companionship - but the person I was then could not accept it. And so now I’m learning to accept love because I’ve learnt what love is not. It is not OUT THERE.
The universe has our back. 😊🙏❤️
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Sundays are for being grateful | Sometimes people and things (and animals) come into your life just at the right time - I firmly believe that Teddy the Nova Scotian Duck Tolling Retriever is here to pick up my mood, get me out of the house and give me the occasional nip! 🐕 #justlookatthoseteeth #theuniversehasyourback #teddytakeover

No matter what else happens today before 9am I have already taken value led action.
I've been supportive of dear hubby on his early morning triathlon.
Recognise the evidence for success and celebrate not just the evidence against success.
When you see it say you yourself "I am successful"

Nailed it 👌🏼😎

Uanset om du er klar over det eller ej, så er du på daglig basis påvirket af numerologien. 💎
Numerologiens rødder går helt tilbage til det Sumeriske rige, som blomstrede flere tusinde år (3000) før Kristus. Og værktøjet er ældre og mere præcist end noget andet! Sumeriske astronomer opdagede ting, som først er blevet bekræftet af videnskaben i vores tid. 💎
De opdagede det universelle 12-tals system, der ligger til grund for den bagvedliggende geometri, som alt levende er opbygget af. Geometrien ses i alt fra planter og dyr til mennesker. Og benyttes stadig i vores måde at beregne sekunder, minutter, dage og måneder på.

Selflove is soooo important! If you’re not feeling comfortable in your own body it will lead to so many problems in many different aspects of your life. Selflove is something I’m trying to always keep in mind and actively work on. We are going to spend our whole life with us so we better take care of us, show love to us and feel comfortable with us (mentally and physically). This has a lot to do with accepting the way we were put on this planet and appreciating what incredible things we can actually do. And the only way we will really improve our health is through love. So once we love ourselves we will automatically want to take care of us. Just like we would take care of a child. It’s an unconditional love that won’t change not matter what. As long as we know that, it is totally ok to go through times where we struggle with this and see “destructive” thoughts pop up in our mind. However thoughts are just thoughts. They will pass like waves in the ocean and we don’t have to identify with them at all. We are just so used to doing that. Just like we would cheer someone up who is down, we should show even more love to ourselves when we feel bad. And those phases will pass eventually. Life is filled with ups and downs and that’s ok, too! Selflove doesn’t mean we will be happy all the time. It means accepting and loving who we are and not taking everything and every emotion too serious. Express yourself, listen to yourself and break yourself free from expectations. This is what Love looks like. At least in my opinion 😊🌿❤️

“If you change your reaction by perhaps being more understanding of the other person’s position because you realize their perception of it is different from yours, or feeling less threatened by someone’s actions by developing more self-confidence and greater self-esteem, or simply by listening to his/her explanation rather than instantly “sounding off”, then you’ll get a whole new set of reactions from the people around you.”
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6 years of celebration, growing, and being surround by THOUSANDS of amazing humans. Summit always delivers JUST what I need and seeing our team fills my cup in every way ✨ Even though I was massively missing Joe after 5 years of experiencing this adventure together, this year tops the charts! 🙌🏻 #Indianapolis YOU are a beautiful city! So welcoming, so clean, SO safe & such GOOD food! Thank you! See ya next year!! ⚡️🦋⚡️

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