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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When a stray German Shepherd jumps in your car, name her Birdie ❤️🐣 #Strays2Lauren0 #TheUniverseHasSpoken #IFoundMyPurpose

Astrology reveals the will of the gods... @astronewyorkcity

When the free bin gives you deliciousness. You make delicious. #theuniversehasspoken #freebin #cooplifestyle #tenderloinsteak #asperagus #potatoes #pansauce

When you don't believe the cards and say it's probably just a coincidence, then you try the other pack and get the same message 😮😅😶✨
#tarotcards #visionquesttarot #theuniversehasspoken

#TGIF I am really trying to go for a run, but these two are not making it easy... #theuniversehasspoken 👀👶#parenting #mumofboys #exhaustingbutfun

I hear you and I receive that.... Here’s to early morning messages.
#youdonthavetotellmetwice #understood #theuniversehasspoken

In a word, today has been frustrating. Even on a brief hiatus from placement, the midwifery program has a way of turning your world upside down. For anyone who isn’t aware, placements are allotted according to a lottery based system. A list is sent out with the available placements, you submit your top four choices, and wait for the email that tells you where you’ll spend the next few weeks/months/year of your life. But there’s a caveat; until you actually start the placement, it isn’t set in stone. Life happens, people change their minds, things don’t work out. I’ve been particularly anxious about the lottery this year because in senior year, you spend nine months that year at the same midwifery practice. Not the rest of your life, but a long enough time that I wanted to choose wisely. I’ve struggled in past placements because of a lack of social support. This is a tough ride and you need lots of support to get through!! So I was really excited to get my first choice, somewhere I’d lived before, somewhere I had friends and social support, and somewhere I could really see myself being for nine months. And then, the caveat. Our final placement notifications are going out on Wednesday, but today, I got an email saying that things had changed and I wouldn’t be able to go anymore, could I please pick a new location from the list of leftover placements? That was really frustrating. That still *is* really frustrating. I’m trying to go with it, but of course I’m disappointed. Who wouldn’t be? I have to believe that for whatever reason, I wasn’t meant to go where I wanted. I need to go elsewhere in this fourth and final year. So be it. Tomorrow I get to decide where “elsewhere” will be. I am choosing to believe that I’ll end up in the right place at the right time for the right reasons. But I’d be lying if i said that was an easy thing to believe 😣 I puttered around the house today and took about 5000 steps. I’m okay with that. Tomorrow, I’m going to go for that walk I keep putting off. Being outside always calms me down, and being in the woods is even better 🌲🌲🌲

Basic messages as observed in passing. Yes, please. 💗🙏💗 The other day I was talking to a friend who mentioned that people really need guidance and help in this day and age. Hmmm? I tend to resist that notion. Here's why: I prefer to give people the same credit as I give myself--that is to figure out matters on my own accord, in my own time. But you know, I'm not so sure it works that way. Maybe that's not optimal? Maybe humanity requires some serious hand-holding? I'd like you think NOT--but it seems that's where we are as a collective...and if so, then we all need to figure out how to cater to the lowest common denominator. As a collective, we're only as strong as our weakest link--and if you gauge the scene, we've got a lot of weak links out there. (Never been more obvious). Growth mindset is where it's at. Stop resisting, start growing. 🌞🌼🌱💧
#growth #growthmindset #stopresistingstartgrowing #growwithme #consciousness #wakeup #collective #higherself #onwardandupward #messages #theuniversehasspoken #wakeupworld #humanpotential #selfactualization #selfactually #maslowapproved #helpabrotherout
#enlighten #uplift #elevate #educate

When your coming off a sick weekend and your car decides it’s out of commission, what more is there to do... I’m still gonna be teaching tonight:)
7:30 Flow All Levels @yogasphere
#theuniversehasspoken #gowiththeflow #determined

My #hawk now flies with my #eagle Thanks @wallstreetwestern for the #vintagecowboyhat and #beadedhatband just like my #grandpashat It was meant for me #wimberlytexas #theuniversehasspoken

First day in Goa... yoga, sun and massage. My phone flushed in the toilets also #theuniversehasspoken 🧘🏻‍♀️📿 #itstillworksthough #yogabreak #goa #voyageurdumonde #travel

I’m not sure what I’ve done but karma is definitely seems to be on the attack. My hip flexor muscle is badly strained so on TAM for me this week 😢Then to top it off I sliced my finger with sharp knife tonight 🙄. The universe is definitely telling me to stop 🛑 or telling me something?
#karma #theuniversehasspoken #everythinghappensforareason #lessons #tracyanderson #tracyandersonmethod #tarealtime #streaming #tamily #tamilyshares #listentoyourbody #healing

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