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🔥 The roar of freedom 🔥

While the New Moons's energy lingers, give yourself room to create an authentic sense of belonging within. You already have everything you need to achieve your full potential. There's no need to keep your fantasy world locked up in your mind. Take a risk, and trust in your ability to transform. ❤️🏹✨ #NewMoonMagic #HappyNewMoon #TeamSagittarius #SagittariusPower #selflove #belonging #newbeginnings

What a day I had today...Happy Monday! My motivation comes from knowing if I don't get it for myself nobody's going to get it for me. Who else worked really hard today...who worked on making this money, worked on your growth, worked on your dreams, worked on your future, your family, your life? Shout out to all the beautiful, strong, independent woman who deal with so much but still manage to make it through with a smile. I know you're tired baby but keep pushing, keep moving...I know it gets hard, take a break if you need to but keep chasing what's yours...you only fail when you quit!


This weeks mantra: "I am grounded. My spirit is grounded deep in the earth. I am calm, strong, centered and peaceful. I am able to let go of fear and trust that I am eternally safe. I am worthy of all things beautiful." Say it, breathe it, live it, believe it. ✨💓💫🕉
📸 @serten01 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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We have the ability to become a conduit of divine energy. When we are calm, relaxed, aware, and unconditioned, that is our energetic expression. Meditation, conscious communication, forgiveness, (self) compassion, and empathy are important tools to help us flow with the best energy that comes into us. By connecting with that energy, we may allow it to fill us with a sense of liberation, completeness and spiritual connection. Vital Energy is the light, the source of love. It always flows throughout life and can only be understood with practical experience, the meaning of which cannot be precisely described with words. When practicing meditation diligently, our body receives vital energy through the chakras. Vital energy helps us develop loving kindness, lead an introspective lifestyle, and enables us to recognize the shortest avenue for spiritual development. - RP @Consciousvibrancy


Throwback to some wise street art in San Fran ✌ #weareone #inspire #theuniverse #travels #sanfrancisco

I promised I'd post at least one freestyle here per month. I'm behind, and so, here's one from July during my San Francisco trip. I drove up to the Bay from LA and listened to this song for the majority of the ride. It allowed me to be in my feels because it's poetic as hell with an ability to express what words alone cannot. In this moment, it's a reminder for me: of my ability to move through moments I want to stay still and to come home to myself. To soften for self-healing and be kinder than the previous day. To invite my inner child to play and make deliberate time for self-expression. To take what I need and leave the rest. To believe there is hope for our beautiful planet and the humans that inhabit it. @jonimaei, thank you for your gift of time, place + space to create. x

#TheUniverse by @gregoryalanisakov
#Freestyle by @michwoman

This bad boy is in the back of my car. Maybe ditching it will create some space in my life for abundance. If last night was an eating competition I would have won for sure! An entree, main, dessert, box of chocolates and 5 bread rolls was an exceptional effort from me. I may not have won anything but I caught up with some great friends I haven't seen for ages so left the night full and high on life! #ateallthethings .
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The past 6 months, I thought things were getting better. I kept telling myself and others I was on the mend, that full recovery was close. I kept fighting the thoughts and setbacks that told me otherwise.

Since day 1 I fought to be better. I didn't want to be perceived as weak or lazy or unmotivated. I just wanted to do everything I could to be that energetic, extroverted me once again. I tried everything to try and get back to that point.
But this week I realised (well my Dr made me realise) that perhaps it is this thinking and active pursuit of recovery that has hindered my getting better and this consequential backward leap. Who would have thought being ambitious could be so detrimental? I guess in part it is because I still perceived myself as 'normal', not entirely accepting my situation.

So I decided that the only way to move forward is to accept that I have CFS/Adrenal Fatigue and stop fighting so damn hard to recover. These efforts have exhausted me so now I choose to just let my body do its own thing without any more interventions from me. I choose to rest when I need to rest, say no when I need to and live my life at a slower more soulful pace.
And with this weight lifted, finally I feel like I can move forward. Finally I feel free!

I wish this could be my view for the rest of the day 🛏

"Seek knowledge and wisdom KINGS and QUEENS. Wise leaders turn ruins into kingdoms"

"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."


Trust in the universe that you are following your path. I used to worry so much about everything but now I just go with it I’m happy and it’s been a real eye opener once you actually follow positive thoughts and feelings ❤️💎 #lawofattraction #lawofattractionquotes #positiveenergy #positivethinking #positivevibes #theuniverse #theuniversehasyourback #notimeforstress #yoga #mindset #mindfulness #mindbodyspirit #meditation #health #healthymind #healthandfitness #fitness


Day 20 of #theseptembertarot - A new beginning to focus on this moon cycle. The Ostara Tarot has presented me with The World tarot card this morning. COMPLETION ✨This is telling me I'm now at the point of completing a life cycle, that I've done well and accomplished a lot, it's all coming to fruition and now it's time to start the next phase. (I may start pulling the fool card in the next couple of weeks, we shall see.) So it's even more important than usual for me to start planning this next phase of life and how I can take things to the next level. Also it will have changed me in some way so I need to reflect on that and acknowledge how far I've come. This can be my New Moon reading this month as I haven't yet done one. ✨🙏🏼✨Hosted by @lionharts #tarot #tarotreading #tarotlove #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotlife #tarotcommunity #theworldtarot #ostaratarot #newmoon #newmoonreading #newmoontarot #spirittribe #spiritjunkie #theuniverse

Places are just places. People are asking me where I am going to live, in my case Australia or The Netherlands. I keep on switching. Everytime I am somewhere I see how amazing it is living there. The thing is; every place has something. I feel we have friends everywhere so we will never be alone. We have to find that place of peace in ourselves first to be in any place and have peace. It doesn't depend on an external place, it depends on an internal place.
For now I am planning some trips and looking around what my next steps can be. Taking steps toward something I want to create in my life. Especially the steps toward this are what has to make me happy, as the creating is never over. We are all purpose seekers. We sometimes get caught up in this and forget to enjoy the ride. We get consumed. The thing we are actually here for is creating. We are creative creatures (coincidence?) Creating a life. Let's focus on the creation. ~ The things I think about

✴Wow..#theuniverse #deepthoughts #latenightthoughts #mythoughts 🔥Check out this writer..👉@Regrann from 👉👉@coolrepublica - Be hungry for the universe within me,
Have a thirst for all that I am
And you will never starve again.©
Marie Jo Schwarz

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10.15 a 8/18/17 Friday ✨

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** 🌹My Beloveds, look towards the skies, to the Heavens for on this AUSPICIOUS day, even the 🌤clouds may have a message for you. *** 🙏Blessings on High my precious Earth Angels. It is with the greatest joy and deepest love that i bring you this blessed and timely information on what you shall ALL begin to receive tomorrow. My cherrished hearts, September 21, 2017 shall bring forth an unprecedented occurrence, one absolutely necessary in order to prepare you for what Mother/ Father God is bringing forth for you and planet Earth VERY SOON. Please understand, there are variables involved, probabilities and Earth timing happens at a different frequency and pace than in the Heavens. Yet, all is perfectly set on course and soon you shall know and see more of what i speak. For now, you are to understand this: It is in Divine Source Decree that: "ALL BEINGS ON PLANET EARTH SHALL RECEIVE ANOTHER FACET OF THE SOUL." This new facet is one that will allow for the NEW EARTH to emerge within you and thus become mirrored in your "outer" world. My Beloveds, look towards the skies, to the Heavens, for on this day even the clouds may have a message for you. You are to know that there are many light beings and Angelics that will be in witness, since this is an occurrence that has NEVER before happened. It is with great pleasure to share that many of YOU are now ready to receive such a gift and even those who are not, WILL receive this even though they may be unaware. For, in this way their FREE WILL has been overridden. The reason being, is that your fate not only affects YOU on this Earth, but many other universes and systems as well, and thus there is an intervening. There will be NO FAVORITES, no certain religions over another, and no chosen human ones: ALL WILL RECEIVE. For those who do not agree with ALL receiving, you are to check in with your true alliance with God. For, if left to your own devices what would have occurred had this not been put into plan would have been…cont below

Dark matter In blue gas distribution in orange. Multiple galaxy network!!! #wow #theuniverse #elevateconsciousness #awake

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