Summer Fridays like these ✨ #brooklyn #theturfclub #views #summer #westlightnyc

Cocktails​. Lobster Rolls. Sunsets. See you at 2pm ⚡️#theturfclub #thewilliamvale #brooklyn #rooftops #cocktails #views | photo: @andyboyle

They’ve still got it! The Blasters. #rockabillymusic #rockabilly #theblasters #theturfclub

Rocking the house with The Blasters tonight! #theturfclub #rockabilly #theblasters

Last night we saw some of our fav Philly rock & rollers @coldfronts and @hockeydadband at the @turfclubmn 💕it was incredible and a perfect start to our twin cities journey! So much dancing and hot damns. More adventures to come! #coldfronts #fantasydujour #phillymusic #minneapolis #stpaul #theturfclub #adventure #hotdaMN

Just wanted to start the Wednesday lesson early here for any #newdancers out there. Here is what you might want to wrap your head around and start practicing:

#1 Clear your mind. Don’t freak out. Quiet your mind from distraction. Just tell your mind, "shhh. Dance" lol. But for real that needs to be done.

#2 Cowboy boots or flat soles. With the two step you slide %100 of the time when learning. Those feet never come off the ground!

#3 quick, quick, slow, slow or step together, walk, walk. The #twostep is a 3 beats. It's very fun and simple and you have endless amount of moves and combos to learn, but all starts with the foundation.
To break it down it starts with the left foot for leads, and the right foot for follows. Your first step, is a one foot length, you can step forward to the toe of your opposite boot for leads, step back to your heel for follows. Then bring your opposite foot to the side of your first step boot. Now your feet are together, that's all beat one.
Beat 2 is a walk step. (It's just as it sounds just walk forward one step). Left foot for lead, right foot for follow.

3rd beat is a right walk step for lead left for a follow.
That's all then start over. Very simple and easy to learn. Crank on your favorite #countryjam and start sliding and practicing. TIP: practice the foot work in place before you start covering ground or traveling. I hope this intro give you the insight you need to succeed while dancing the two step.

Cant wait to see everyone Wednesday night for a 7:30 #twosteplesson and 8 PM dance at #theTurfClub in St. Paul. On the west side of Snelling on University! @turfclubmn

When southern belles bring the south to Brooklyn #TheTurfClub

If you have a gin and tonic and you're *not* on a rooftop, did it even happen??? 🤔
📸: @kyle4d

Doors open at 2pm🌴🍹 #theturfclub #rooftops #summer | photo: @andyboyle

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