Not sure the real name so I'll call them Q-Tip flowers.. there was hundreds of these in Washington.

One of the most important things that has to do with Thru-hiking is "foot care" considering that's kind of your main way of travel. One helpful tip I can say is that every morning/evening I would massage my feet and always tried to keep them as clean as possible. Take that 5 mins at a river or stream to soak them(make sure your down stream from trail). Happy feet= happy hiking👌🏼I'm fortunate to have some happy feet that have let me hike over 4,000 miles 🌲⛰ also learned how to tie my shoes from @justinhelmkamp 😉

Really excited to announce @garagegrowngear has teamed up with some of the best companies to do a Thru-hiker Give away! Anyone can enter to win🌲⛰ I can say I own a lot of gear from many of these companies, lived off @goodtogofoods my entire PCT this past year and this has to be one of the coolest giveaways ive seen. Over 3,000$ in prizes!!!!

August 17th 2017.
Skip and I woke up with a beautiful sunrise. Eating our breakfast and packing up camp quickly so we could get a good jump on our 27 mile day. About 4-5 mile into the morning we walked right into some of the thickest clouds I've seen, it was practically raining on us but really the cloud was just so dense with mist. After walking only being able to see about 15ft in front of us the whole time all of a sudden we popped out. I was so happy to be outta the rain and drying off, about a mile after we have been walking in the sun I turned around to see what we just came out of... this! A massive cloud wall that somehow stopped right at the ridge, it was one of the coolest sights in Washington. 🌲⛰

Washington was a pretty neat. This also reminded me of the movie "Holes" when they reach Gods Thumb. ⛰👍🏼

Not sure why I find this so appealing. I guess I really miss the PCT. Camping in an RV in downtown LA is a very different camping experience. #Hiking #Backpacking #pcta #pct #thetrek2017 #thetrek

It's crazy to think you come from Thousand miles away and meet some random people at the beginning of the trail not knowing who they are, not knowing where they've been,not knowing what they've been through. 100 miles later you feel like you've known the people forever. After a couple hundred miles crossing paths and hiking with the same people over and over. you consider them family, you all deal with the same struggles and try to get each other through the tough times. you watch each other's back and push them to take one more step forward. The bond you make is something extraordinary you won't find anywhere else. I've had my highs and lows being off trail and I gotta say I miss my tramily more and more each day. ✌🏼⛰

All this super cold weathers got me daydreaming of crushing style miles. Guess the west coast was pretty neat.. ✌🏼and I had the best tan 📷: @sethanmorgan

Real fact: Post trail depression is a real thing. It might not hit you right away or you might not feel it all day every day but sometimes it hits you at the most bizarre moments. it's hard to open up and talk about it especially with people that haven't experienced something you just went through that don't understand the feeling that are going through your head. What is even harder is admitting you are depressed because telling yourself that your not doesn't mean you aren't. So here I go.. I'm styles and I have post trail Depression. If any other thru hikers feel the same way don't be shy to reach out to other hikertrash and talk. It can only help. ❤️🌲🏕

My trail family also known as "officially high" was one badass group, somehow we would convince each other to always night hike avoiding the desert heat. This night was one to remember.
Rewind 18 hours~~~ We wake up around 7:30-8 basically skip and I had this rule where we don't get up until the sun hits us. Today was a day that had everyone excited, we were going to pass a McDonalds. It was only .1 off trail and if your thru hiking it's a must stop. We had 14 miles in the morning before getting there. We busted them out while talking about every combination of food we were going to get. 4 hours later we were stuffing our faces in Big Macs, ice cream and French fries. After we napped off our food babies underneath the freeway avoiding the 100 degree heat we decided to hike the waterless 26 miles to Wrightwood at night. It was one crazy night hike ending with a beautiful sunrise coming into town at 5 am. Making this our biggest day on the PCT hiking 40 miles total.

White Wash Wednesday!
The best part of the day while hiking the along the JMT in the Sierra mountains was getting to glissade instead of walking.. 🤘🏼❄️⛰

In a MonDaze... here I am looking down into the valley of Lone Pine, Ca while walking at 9,000ft ⛰

There is so much awesome gear on sale!! Great Christmas gifts and some of the best new gear coming to the outdoor community!! 🌎❄️🏆⛰ Check out @garagegrowngear or link in my bio!!

This is still by far one of my favorite pictures from the PCT. After summiting my first 10k mt. We found this really cool rock overlooking the valley. I couldn't help but jump up on it ⛰☀️
📷 @j_helmkamp

I guess you could compare this picture of how I feel about the desert heat to how I feel about Monday's.☀️🖕🏼
📷 @nickwenthiking

Back to those night hiking days watching sunset from the aqueduct☀️⛰🚶🏼🚶🏽‍♀️ @sethanmorgan @sophiabea

Finally getting some free time to go wander in the woods. ⛰

Devils Post Pile, Outside of Mammoth, CA 📍 📷: @egoodsyahknow

Shout out to @zrdavis for the ballin hat, sticker AND handwritten note. I cant wait to rock this on all my future hiking adventures! #thetrek #thetrek2017

Finally branded the quads that carried me 2,190.3 miles. It's been a month since I've been off the trail and even on these cold, rainy days I fantasize about weathering them in my tent again.
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