What a gorgeous looking and delicious meal @lavaashbysaby. Would definitely be going back for more.

Must haves- Iranian Lamb Kombideh, Tenderloin Steak, Milk Chocolate Walnut & Cherry Cheesecake
#thetravellingfoodie #foodporn

Dreaming of a full breakfast spread while weighing morning airport dining options... #sarabeths #lemonricottapancakes #avocadoklefritata #maplechickensausage #bacon #nyceats #brunch #thetravellingfoodie

The amazing spread @fiorestaurants 🐽 #thetravellingfoodie #fio

Highly recommended the rock 'n' roll (shrimp) sushi at Yum Yum Cha. Also, loved the flavours of dynamite (salmon & prawns) and Alaska(crab) but finished them before I could click them 🐽🐷 #piggingout #thetravellingfoodie #japanesecuisine #sushiroll

Suddenly discovering how good this place is after spending almost 4 years just a few floors above it! Must try L'Angoor #thetravellingfoodie #Gtown

In Jakarta: Super cute cafe at the airport before I head off! It’s all about balance?? Healthy juice with a side of toasted nutella croissant

In Jakarta: can’t leave Jakarta without a giant nasi Padang spread for 1! That rendang and chicken curry were incredible! Not to forget the sambal!!! So good I got myself 2 portions 🤤

In Jakarta: I literally hit jackpot with the little stall at the basement of Kuningan City Mall! They have so many options and they are all so great! My favourites were the matcha, black sesame AND Nutella with a little hazelnut inside! I finished the entire box by myself 🙈

In Jakarta: superbly colourful but also take note of my favourite noodle soup x2 on day 3! If you’re ever in Jakarta be sure you hit up this noodle station!

In Jakarta: such a regal breakfast area with great food and an even greater view 😍

In Jakarta: an insane breakfast spread but that noodle station stole my heart! Had it EVERY. Day and sometimes even 2 bowls! So great 🤤

In Jakarta: if you thought we’re done, you’re wrong! This was the finishing touch to the meal that’s off the menu and a surprise treat from the Chef an assortments pastry bites - my favourites were the Pandan and the jackfruit one (both in the center)
I got the 6 course tasting menu and you can see it’s not REALLY 6 courses, there’s an 8 course option and I would love to try that the next time because I will definitely come back here and you should too! Thank you Nusa and Chef Ragil for the beautiful experience 👌🏽♥️

In Jakarta: I’ll just leave this one here
It’s a mixed cocoa butter, cahew nut, peanut, white & black sesame seed. Served with cheese crackers, sorghum Flores sponge and butter from Jogjakarta
Central Java

In Jakarta: before I dig into the desert they came with this lovely palette cleanser which on its one was beautiful- I could have this as a desert. Light basil mint sorbet that’s creamy placed over a bed of lemon soufflé that is fluffy and balanced.

In Jakarta: another shot of this lovely restaurant looking toward the back garden. You really feel like you’re sitting and dining at someone’s house because the people and the space make you feel so welcome! I highly recommend this meal if you’re a looking to try food from all over Indonesia - it’s great for dates and great for friends!

In Jakarta: the last stretch and I was struggling! The tongue was tender and the crunch from the cassava chips paired together really well!
It’s a grilled beef tounge served with balado cassava chips and saos sate padang
West Sumatra

In Jakarta: the warmth you get from being in this restaurant is beyond me. The staff were incredibly hospitable and run you through each course explaining it’s origin, ingredients and intent. A meal with a beautiful purpose that truly resonates with Indonesian hospitality

In Jakarta: this dish was a real treat and a dream! Puts all coconut savoury dishes to shame which is why we love it
It’s a sous-vide grilled chicken with coconut milk and spice for 6 hours. Served with fern and coconut shave
Wonogiri, East Java

In Jakarta: I absolutely loved this dish! Not only is it an explosion of flavours but it’s fun!!! The soy gelatin blanket over the fish is torched into this beautiful soup
It.s a typical soup with main ingredient is kecap manis or sweet soya sauce that gives the soup a distinct flavor. Served with home smoked gindara fish from Kendari
Tangerang, West Java

In Jakarta: this was probably my least favourite item on the tasting menu (Delicious but a little too salty for my liking)
It’s a vegetable stew with common ingredients like jack fruit, long bean, melinjo bean and leaves. Served with Kulat Pelawan mushrooms, fermented black soya bean (tempe) and coconut milk
Central Java

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