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"Don't give up on you, I won't give up on you either" ♡ #thetragicthrills#fever#guitarcover#cover#tragicthrills

I heard this song and instantly was like "oh crap thas good. I gotta learn it." #thetragicthrills #fever

THREE fantastic bands tonight! Still a few tickets available. Vids and music at jamminjava.com. @vacationmanor @thetragicthrills @goldveinmusic #vacationmanor #thetragicthrills #goldvein #jamminjava

These talented boys🙌💫
17 Days to go! #OnFlorenceStreet
Can't wait anymore🌠🙏

I know @betweenthenotes already shared this, but I had to elaborate a bit. I have known both @cameronquiseng & @zachdavidporter for almost a decade now. We were still in high school. Allstar Weekend didn't even exist under that name. It's crazy to think how much has happened since that night at the Jumping Turtle. I'm honestly so proud of these two for how much they've accomplished and grown over the years. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for them! I also wanted to thank the @thetragicthrills for bringing Shirley into my life. We met at their last San Diego show a year and a half ago. Nobody wanted to stand by the stage when The Tragic Thrills were playing and we both just sort of looked at each other and decided, if you go I'll go. I am so blessed to have this girl in my life and I have the band to thank for that! Hoping for many more music filled evenings with these guys. Miss you already! 💕💕 #thetragicthrills #staygolden

Ain't scared of nothing, maybe I should be. I think we should kill sometime up at Bible Creek. You ain't scared of nothing, let's wait and see.
#thetragicthrills #music #currentmood #currentplaylist

I'll make a case for heaven soon
'Cause you rip the hell right out of me
#selfie #selfiesfordays #tttsoftandsweet #thetragicthrills

She's as sweet as Tupelo honey...#vanmorrison #thetragicthrills

This part kills me every time #thetragicthrills


Sending all of my love to @zachdavidporter as he ventures on to a new school in a new city. So proud of you and how far you've come over the years. I saw you on stage for the first time a decade ago. I watched as your band grew and toured all over playing for thousands upon thousands of people. I freaked out the first time I saw an Allstar Weekend video on Disney (also the first time I realized the band's name change). I cried the first time I heard The Tragic Thrills album. I knew how much that band and the music meant to you. That album spoke to me in ways I can't even explain. I'm grateful for TTT bringing us together. I remember our first heart to heart about social anxiety and being introverted. How we'd rather just hang out in our rooms than be awkward around people. 🙈 It's those little moments I will always cherish. You reminding me that my painting is still hanging in your room (or was? Haha). Always making me feel so appreciated for supporting you. I wouldn't miss a show of yours for the world. So blessed to have you in my life however small that may be. Wishing you all of the luck in this new adventure up north. I'm so excited to see what the future has in store for you. So many big things ahead! Go get 'em Tiger! (I've always wanted to say that 😂)

We got scars reminding us
That we got hearts that bleed
Next time we're dealt dirty cards
We've got tears so we can weep #thetragicthrills

Don't forget, TOMORROW 7/14, @luxxeband will be performing BRAND NEW songs at Valley Bar with @thesecretdestroyersofficial, @kennyholland in Ash & Ember, and Zach Porter of @thetragicthrills! Ticket link can be found in the @valleybarphx bio!

#thetuneonloop today is Maine by The Tragic Thrills. I wish you could capture the magic of the meter changes in a tiny snippet. .
#yycmusician #instamusic #maine #thetragicthrills #nofilter #stuckinmyhead #spotifydiscoverweekly #summer

"Don't give up on you, I won't give up on you either" ♡ #thetragicthrills#fever#guitarcover#cover#tragicthrills

First time I've liked something I sang in a while! #thetragicthrills #ttt #north

Thoughts, @zachdavidporter @chr1smorr1son @ansgibson?

The Tragic Thrills - The Sign on the Door Blues // listen to it now on astr0mag.com! (link in bio) -
#astr0mag #astr0blaster #music #musicblog #blog #wordpress #listen #listening #alternative #indie #pop #rock #album #song #spotify #mix #discover #new #newmusic #playlist #thetragicthrills

My Favorite song!

I was drenched to the bone/I was praying for warmth/And we were headed North

So far my favorite album of 2017. An absolute spine tingling rollercoaster of an album by @thetragicthrills and @zachdavidporter
Do yourselves a favor and take a listen.
#thetragicthrills #onflorencestreet #zachporter

The next Song is Maine ✨😌

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