In my final block for @eacox24 ‘s assignment of showing the scars after things go horribly wrong, I’ve decided to show a medical symbol. E.A. can make of it what she will, but I think most anyone can relate to that sudden shock of things that won’t ever be the same again. Thank you for this prompt, E.A., and I’ll try to get these to the post office today! #thesolidseven #thethreadfuleight #modquiltbee #sewing #quilting

In our continuing exploration of dealing with loss as interpreted in quilt blocks, I bring you this vine. If you remember, @eacox24 asked her bee mates #thesolidseven #thethreadfuleight to make three quilt blocks of whatever style, then slice them apart and sew them together again to illustrate great loss and healing. This block is meant to be the vine the grew up over Jonah and gave him shade and comfort as he waited for God’s fury to rain down on the Ninevites. God had decided to show his compassion to them, and Jonah thought he shouldn’t, and waited for the big show. When God let the vine die the next day, Jonah was furious, even though the vine wasn’t his idea and he’d made no efforts to care for it. God created the vine and the Ninevites, and he wanted Jonah to have as much compassion for the people as he had for the plant. This block is meant as a reminder that good things should be cherished while we have them, and compassion — for people we don’t understand, for ourselves, for everyone — should always be a part of the plan. #modquiltbee #quiltblock #loriholt #farmgirlvintage #sewing #quilting #konacotton

Stick with me here, because this one really feels wrong — and that’s the point. Our queen bee this month wants us to illustrate in fabric the feeling when life goes horribly, irretrievably wrong. When the worst has happened, how do you go on? Quilters are familiar with this one on several levels. We cut up perfectly good fabric into tiny pieces, only to sew it back into a whole piece again. And we often sew for people who are hurting, because quilts bring comfort, and putting the pieces back together feels like the right thing to do for them. But sometimes, situations are just so bad, we end up scarred even when we’re remade. So @eacox24 asked us to make our blocks in any way we liked, then slice them and sew them together in a way that shows the scars. This is my first, a star to wish on. My poor, beat up star is still good for wishes, and possibly even more compassionate about granting them, if that’s what stars get to do. E.A., thank you for an assignment of such depth. #thesolidseven #thethreadfuleight #modbeeblocks #sewing #quilting #whywequilt #konacotton

Working on my #beeblocks for #thesolidseven #thethreadfuleight . I’ll need a border to bring this to size, then will slice it up. (That’ll be explained later.) #konacotton #sewing #quilting

I just received my Bee blocks from @saphre1964 for my #ravenclawquilt 😍💙😍💙 I love these SO much Nicole! Thanks bunches friend, love ya!💙😘
#thesolidseven #modquiltbee #thethreadfuleight

Here are my blocks for @jessicaquilter’s Harry Potter Ravenclaw quilt. All patterns from @fandominstitches! Jessica, these will be in the mail to you this week! 😍 #thesolidseven #thethreadfuleight #modquiltbee

Working on my last #interleaving #modquiltbee block and thinking this would be a cool technique to use for wedding gifts to blend two states or football teams or colleges or ... #thesolidseven #thethreadfuleight #sewing #quilting #singerfeatherweight

Still busy, but I think I like it better as it grows. #interleaving #thesolidseven #thethreadfuleight #modquiltbee #sewing #quilting #konacotton

Here’s a closer look at the #interleaving block I’m working on. For this one, I’m sewing two blocks of diagonal strips, to be trimmed to about 15” square. (To make it easier on myself, I lay the first strip from one number 15 on my cutting mat diagonally to the other, then make sure each new strip will exceed that 15” line as it’s added.) Trim blocks to 15”, then slice them into 1” strips. Alternate strips to build the design. This one is busier than the triangle design, and I think it loses something. I’ll make sure my third block is simpler. #thesolidseven #thethreadfuleight #modquiltbee #interleaving #sewing #quilting

Tomorrow I’ll try #interleaving these two blocks. My hope is that it’ll make an X, shorthand for a kiss. #thesolidseven #thethreadfuleight #modquiltbee #sewing #quilting

A few months ago I stepped out on a limb and took a risk and asked to join a bee group I’d see. Pop up on IG. After a DM and a group vote, I was in!!! 🤗 @saphre1964 was queen for the first month and her prompt was a peacock with some beautiful colors! Although I wasn’t a member hat month, I wanted to go back and create some blocks. I needed some creative space tonight and made these with no ruler and no rotary cutter, and I think they are a beautiful cacophony of color. I ope Nicole likes them, and I’m working on an idea for a third. #sorrythelightsucks #thethreadfuleight #solidseven #modquiltbee #allthesolids

“Over the Rainbow” blocks are done and mailed for November’s #thesolidseven #thethreadfuleight #modquiltbee ! (*Just* in time, eh?) #sewing #quilting

Just in case you wanted to see the finished block. My idea for the last block isn’t going to pan out. We have our printer to our daughter when she moved out, and I bought a very cheap replacement. SO cheap that it doesn’t enlarge!! 🙄 I didn’t even know that could be a thing. So I can’t use my planned block, and tomorrow morning I’ll work on something else (that doesn’t require the pattern be enlarged to use) and get it in the mail. #thesolidseven #thethreadfuleight #modquiltbee

Hawaiian rainbows themes continue with two thirds of this one stitched. I wanted it to have a bouncy, easygoing vibe, like lazy waves or ukelele music. #thesolidseven #thethreadfuleight #modquiltbee @evildemondevildog

I’m finally working on my #thethreadfuleight #thesolidseven bee blocks with the prompt from @evildemondevildog of Iz’s What A Wonderful World. It still needs borders to get to size, but I’m walking away because today is one of those days where I’m just bad at everything. This should’ve been simple, and Paul has been kind and encouraging to me since I first found IG so I want to do a good job for him. #paperpiecing #sewing

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