Hitting everything wide today but changing up my grip to hit the details from all angles. High volume work this week and will be slowly decreasing rep range and increasing the weight through the end of the month to see where I’m at. Hopefully will be hitting sets of 4-6 on all compound movements while still accessorizing with the typical “Gym girl” work.

These over hand rows are really helping with my deadlift form and strength. Developing a more rounded delt and outer details of my lats with a slightly wider grip and a big stretch through the bottom of the movement. 🦔

The thunder is clapping with those thighs 😂🌩 Today I hit an all time PR on my front squats. It is not my goal weight by any means but it is another step closer. Things feel great. It’s been a journey to this point as those who know me would know. There is nothing that drives up self confidence like putting weight on a bar. Honestly there aren’t many down sides to growing your strength or confidence.
Thanks to @isaacdavidson_ for the guidance so far.
When you lay a proper foundation and be patient magic happens.
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Loving this shoulder combo. Close grip overhand front raises with a forward tilt followed by underhand grip a little wider than shoulder width. Keep the traps relaxed and shoulders down. Use the delts like a pulley and feel that burn 🔥💥

Patty cake 👋 those 45s going up easy @ 5x15 #sundayfunday

Been in the beard game the longest. Haters will say it’s photoshopped

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D'une facons ou d'une autre vous allez me hate🤷🏼‍♀️ #thethickness

I’ve had so many questions about when I’m competing. I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally let that part of me go and say “I don’t”. I had defined myself by the fact that I was a “competitor”. I lost the pleasure I felt from just entering the gym and feeling the weight of the iron in my hands. I see so many people lose sight of WHO they are - defining themselves by what they do and not intrinsically who they are. They become egocentric and focused purely on their own goals; losing sight of those around them. I am done trying to focus my energy into something that may or may not happen in my life. Competing was a personal goal of mine, but for now, I am happy just in knowing I can push my physical and mental strength to their limits every time I walk up to the bar with nothing on my mind but crushing my personal best. I am done trying to push myself into a box that I don’t fit - and I’m ready to fully embrace joy in my life and all that comes with it. It’s time to live the unicorn life I’ve created (and build legs strong enough to crush the souls of my enemies). 🦄 Today I did 10 sets of 5 at #315 to start my training session. #walkitlikeitalkit

#WWW WonderWomanWednesday💋💋❤💞 Went to the Dr. this morning thinking I've gained weight ended up 5lbs lighter.....⭐🌟


My baby don't sleep on me. ❤❤💜💜 #thethickness #thick #thatthing #imchuncky

Every once in a while I pull out these photos to remind myself of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come...and when I need a good ole pep talk.
Every once in a while I pull out these photos to remind myself of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.

LETTER TO SELF: Your body is freaking awesome. Not in the way where everything you wear makes the sunshine beam out of your ass (those days are few and far between). But rather in the way where you can move throughout the world and follow every dream and desire you’ve ever had. You can jump, lift, run, walk as slow as you damn well please in the world - and THAT is the awesome part. This is the vessel you’ve been given to hold your thoughts and dreams. With it, you’ve been gifted the opportunity to use action to change the world around you and to create the life that you want.
Sure. You’ve got a bit of fat. You’ve got a weird dimple in your ass (from what I don’t know?). Your forehead is bigger than 73% of the world’s population. Whatever you think is “wrong” with you.
But those things, nitpicky complaints, are so small in comparison to what you can do and experience. Those things are specks of dust in the universe of opportunities to create. So meet those complaints with a neutral tone of voice. Acknowledge that you belong to a pretty weird looking species. Your “looks” are the least interesting thing about you. You have SO much more in store.

Kudos to any facet of the population that has normalized sweatpants/leggings/stretchy business as normal walk-around attire.

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🦍🦄 #thethickness Did some crazy legs this morning. Gotta grow these hams 🍖🍖
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