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Steven Spielberg believes that the time for a female Indiana Jones is now! Well, soon at least.

The legendary filmmaker is making the rounds talking about “Ready Player One,” but what’s on a lot of peoples’ minds is his next film, “Indiana Jones 5.” There’s not much known about the film, other than it will most likely be Harrison Ford’s last performance as the classic character. It’s also assumed that Shia LaBeouf will not be making an appearance, as he did in the last film in the series. However, Spielberg did drop some news about the future of the franchise. And that future might very well be female. “This will be Harrison Ford’s last Indiana Jones movie, I am pretty sure, but it will certainly continue after that,” Spielberg continued. It’s what happens after ‘Indy 5’ that has people interested. While it has been rumored that Lucasfilm was thinking about rebooting the series, it doesn’t look like there’s anything written in stone. Perhaps, a female lead is the way to go.

Spielberg talked more about the important role women have played in his life, saying, “My mom was strong. She had a voice, she had a very strong opinion. I have been very lucky to be influenced by women, several of whom I have just loved madly — my mom and my wife.” And his respect for women carries over to his filmmaking. In the interview, he goes on to explain that the female leads and male leads always get paid the same, specifically when he was asked about Olivia Cooke and Tye Sheridan in “Ready Player One.” “Everyone was equally paid. And on ‘The Post,’ Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep got the same paycheck exactly, right down to the perks,” Spielberg said.

While the idea of a female Indiana Jones might freak some fans out, it looks like the mastermind behind the series, Spielberg, is completely open to the idea. Now, we can add Indiana Jones to the list of characters that will begin to have a push to be cast with a female.
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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
Dir: Steven Spielberg
Rating: 4/6

After crash landing in India, Indiana Jones must help a local village find a legendary Sankara stone that was stolen from them, and along with it their children. Spielberg's follow up to Raiders of the Lost Ark is unfortunately underwhelming by comparison. Temple of Doom's script is far weaker than it's predecessor and the first two acts are rather uninspired, not to mention the blatant racism and sexism throughout. However, the stunning third act is filled with excellent cinematography due to dominant lighting, well measured frame selection and exhilarating camera movement. This action packed act takes up nearly half the runtime of the film and it does not let up for a second, making up for some of the poor decisions made in the hour leading up to it. Although this second entry into the franchise could not live up to the original it is still an entertaining watch, more so than many of the action movies that have followed it.
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