I seem to continue to battle the thoughts of “never enough ____”
Battles come, emotions come, circumstances, it keeps coming. #thestruggleisreal
#daringgreatly #brenebrown

learning again to be #Adventurouslyexpect

😂😂😂 Clean eating start up this week! Birthday fun over. Whomp whomp whomp! Time to get serious again lol 😝 #thestruggleisreal #birthdaycakeover

Back in my hometown for heritage weekend... Pros: spending time with family and eating the best biltong in SA.
Con: Trying to find good art - well, any art for that matter - in Vereeniging is like trying to spot a unicorn on the wild!
Disclaimer: This Unicorn street art illustration I found in Woodstock, Cape Town.
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This is not the worst. This is not the end.
I’m having an RA flare. It crept up on me and I’ve tried everything to stop it but sometimes you do all the right things and life just isn’t fair. It’s easy to feel sorry for myself and wanna throw a tantrum. But you know what? LIFE isn’t fair. And it’s not fair for the richest or the poorest or the luckiest or unluckiest or him or her or me or them or that size or this size or that diet or this diet or that lifestyle or this one. That’s just the way it goes sometimes, right?
I don’t FEEL like smiling right now, but I really fight for this joy. This joy from the amazing support I have in my spouse(that CLEAN kitchen, Babe!🙌😘). From the incredibly caring and funny and giving people I serve with at our incredible church home. My independent kiddos who are willing(😂😂)to play video games and read for hours when I can’t manage to be out of bed to entertain. My unbelievably(seriously, not bragging!) strong body that helps these low points to be so rare and short-lived. The gift of super nutritional support. Being able to MOVE. The people I’ve connected with on social media who are such an encouragement to me. My wonderful(huge) family who cheer me on and encourage and challenge me to rise above. And a lot of other things that I’m forgetting.
Flares are different for everyone. Some ways I try to describe it are: my energy just gets sucked outta me. It feels like the flu in my joints. A great deal of pain. Sometimes I don’t feel able to stand. I don’t know how to describe the “fatigue.” It’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. And I look “normal.”
Don’t feel sorry for me! I’m making it through. It’s just a hurdle. And if you’re struggling, know you’re not alone!

😅😂😅 #thestruggleisreal

Sometimes, you just want to express yourself. And honestly - there is nothing wrong with it. #kpop #kdrama 🛍👉Check it out at kbeautynow.com

Real talk though... Why is Mr. Sunshine's finale episodes not out this weekend on Netflix?? #thestruggleisreal #bts #got7 #runningman #smtm777 #ilivealone #seoul #kbeauty #apink #hyolyn

Searching for that last bit of motivation for rehab week 3/∞ #thestruggleisreal

Trying out xdrip instead of glimp and I think it is a bit better.... it is telling me it predicts a low in an amount of minutes... how cool is that.... better get treating before I go hypo....#type1diabetic #t1dlookslikeme #type1life #T1D #type1awareness #typeonediabetes #type1daily #insulin #thestruggleisreal #chronicillness #hypothyroidism

When you don't listen to the saying "shake it, don't break it". Sorry hun! After you clean it can you make me a shake??? Lol @g_ramirez9609 #mandown #thestruggleisreal #happySunday ?

What a beautiful Sunday in church as we kicked off: The Struggle is REAL!.
4 keys to deal with a struggle:
1. Validate the struggle
2. Receive the Gospel
3. Find Grace
4. Walk in wisdom.
Make sure to join us next week as we continue to unpack the struggles we face! .

"look down, suck in your tummy, stick out your ass... Ok but I really don't know what we can do about that awkward arm"
#thestruggleisreal 🤷🏼‍♀️

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