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Spent the last few days in Geelong with one of my closest @thestreetsbarber - was awesome to see his new home & workplace. Gave him this trim to restart his hair growth goals, new look for the big man! 💪🏼 I’m back in the shop tomorrow - so make your bookings now Melbourne clientele 👀 go to the link in my bio before it fills up ☝🏼 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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Japanese kanji is 薔薇🌹
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----- M A K E O V E R ----- Today we had the pleasure in not only cutting Simon's hair but having a chat about whats to come after his workplace caught fire and destroyed a huge part of the plant. While Simon's one of a dozen to visit us so far, we are still offering any TFI worker who loses employment a free haircut to get you job ready! We are seeing workers at some of the most vunerable and emotionals times as the realisation sets in. We are here to help and support our community in one of our hardest times the town faces. Know that our community are all here to support you, if it's a cut, coffee or chat we're here to help! #communityspirit #7newsadelaide #hishigataconceptsalons #thestreetsbarber

YES MAYYYNE! The new chapter of the Streets Barber has begun. I will now be working in Geelong at @theresidentbarber. The reason being, the streets barber movement is my first and only love and by working alongside the crew at @theresidentbarber, I have been given the bounty of being able to do more of the service I want to be doing on the streets. If it wasn't for the fact that I need to eat, I wouldn't be in a shop at all but on the streets all day, everyday! But alas, life doesn't work like that, so instead this is the route I've been given and boy am I excited! If you need a cut, come book in with me - and if you don't need a cut, come and say hello!

Lastly, I want to thank all my wolves at @brotherwolf_ and @brotherwolf_stkilda for helping me on my journey to get here. I love you guys all, no matter how bad the music gets. I learnt so much from y'all and will always rep 113 till the day I die. Streets' is out...RAAAAAASTFARIII
#thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart

Firstly, I want to give thanks and praises to the Most High, and also to all of you out there for your continuous love and encouragement. You have been so vital to this movement reaching far corners of this earth and this movement wouldn't be anything without you guys!
If I haven't replied to anyone's message on any of my platforms, please forgive me and don't think that I think I'm too good for y'all or don't care to respond. I do my best to answer back to anyone who has taken their time to reach out. No matter how busy life gets, I'll continue to do my best. So much love goes to each one of you all and thank you for everything
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2017 was very good to me, and I’m very grateful for the array of amazing clients who allow me to work with them.
As the holidays give me a chance to stop and compose myself for 2018, I thought I would share some of my picks from 2017 from my motion work.
Across my work as a Director, DOP and Editor I am lucky to work across an array of projects and this one stands out for a number of reasons.

This first piece was shot as part of a collaboration between Grazia and Ecco, sharing stories of people who offer their lives to benefit others. Nasir aka @thestreetsbarber uses his skills and passion for grooming to offer a barber service to those on the street.
This story telling piece of content was a self-shot, Directed/Edited piece and drills down into the emotion and intimacy of Nasir and his work as he helps those less fortunate to rebuild; offering them respect, time, and a clean cut to offer them a fresh feel and a fresh start, and countless have benefitted from his work.

It was a real honour to meet Nasir, hear his story and work on this project.

View the complete film here; https://vimeo.com/215955789

Client: @grazia_au and @ecco

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Those who know me personally know that I had become a bit attached to my long hair. However, during the Christmas period, I had a chance to reflect on this sense of attachment. I realised that in light of my ongoing efforts to find greater detachment in life, to free myself from the pressures and desires of the material world, cutting my hair would be a symbolic measure of this detachment. It may sound a bit extreme to some, but doing this was my own way of "letting go”, of feeling free. I really want to thank my bro @benwardscissorhands for blessing me with his touch and giving me my first proper haircut in years.
#thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart #detachment

Setting up this rad board for mah homeboyyyy 🙌🏼✖️💯 @thestreetsbarber #onlythebest #thestreetsbarber #thankyoulegend

Such an honour, thanks Nas. We love you!! #thestreetsbarber @iammarkharris @thestreetsbarber

Such a bloody good egg ✌🏻 #Repost @thestreetsbarber
Weeeeeeeest Side
#thestreetsbarber #highpoint

Raising money for cancer research along side my family at @melburnmadeink this weekend was a blast. Special thanks to the unbelievable talent and workers from Melbourne Made - @angelicaroze
And even a more special thanks to @lennyb_tattoos for the lovely new piece. I can't thank @andre2421 and @zaynestoner for always making me feel like I'm part of the family when we do collabs together. It's an honor to be the Melbourne Made Barber. Also, big ups to Zayne for this awesome initiative. We raised over 6000$. I'm proud of you bro
#thestreetsbarber #melbournemade
Photo cred : @trentwoken

The man ✂️

We’ve got a new @thestreetsbarber Stories episode out just this minute! Go check it out; Link. Bio . Go! Big thank you to Lee for sharing his story with us, and his challenges with isolation and struggles as part of the deaf community. And also , appreciate Servants Community Housing for opening their doors to us. Big ups to @offshoot_ for being legends and supporting this project with gear too! —————————————
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I am yours. Do with me as you please
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Meet Nasir, AKA @thestreetsbarber ✂️Find out how this Melbourne barber is making a difference - and why - on the #podcast this week 🎧🎤 A powerful story of addiction & redemption (with extra tattoos)

A great privilege to listen to Nasir Sobhani, aka The Streets Barber, and meet him after. A great reminder to think about what else we can do to give back. @thestreetsbarber #thestreetsbarber #nasirsobhani #traditionalbarber

Tomorrow's podcast guest is the extraordinary @thestreetsbarber 🎧✂️I did this interview a while ago in Melbourne & have been waiting for the right time to share it. As Christmas approaches, that time of indulgence & holiday & family, let's take the time to notice & show some love for our fellow humans who live on the streets. #giveback #homelessnessaustralia #thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart

Spending time with this man is such a blessing. His insights and reflections on life are beautiful.
When I asked him if he'd be my guru, his response was "my brother, I can't be your guru - because I also have my own demons. We are walking to the path of inner peace together. I will do everything I can to help you reach this goal - but only as equals. This is why I can't be your guru.
My response was "that is exactly what my guru would say."
#thestreetsbarber #guru
@_aspace @najigram_

Came to this city with nothing but a dream -and now when I go to sleep and dream I'm in the middle of the city.
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@nimasobhani loooooove you broskie woahskie

"If I said anything I woulda been in the garden patch there. So I knew the repercussions for that... I would of been pushing up daisies mate" Phil was freaking amazing , what a HUGE life. Check out the latest episode, links in bio!
#thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart #wenotme
Video created by @round.3
Gear donated by @offshoot_

Also shout of the the staff and residents at Servants Community Housing in Kew.

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