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In #NYC? You can meet @b_doman of @StrangersProj now! Stop by our #BookLab at @southstreetseaport and share your story with Brandon. And at 6pm, he’ll be doing a live Q&A.
Here’s a glimpse of Brandon and our pop-up!


Our #stories are what make us human and connect us with each other. Brandon Doman (@b_doman) has collected over 15,000 anonymous stories during the past six years as part of #TheStrangersProject and the compilation is nothing short of amazing. #NYC #WashingtonSquarePark 🎥 by Fusion's @robertogrossman 👍🏽 See more stories @strangersproj

Participated tonight in #TheStrangersProject, the ongoing collection of 20,000+ anonymous stories exploring what it means for human connection. It makes us question- what's your story, and how are you going to tell it? ✒️📃❤️ #WashingtonSquarePark #Storytelling #fatemeetsthefearless

What's up Chicago!! #thestrangersproject #storytour 📷: @vin_guez 👍

"do you ever allow yourself to be fully vulnerable? Always ]: #TheStrangersProject "I'm a very honest person, with a very selective honesty. And I'm so full of ideals but all I think about is how much I want someone to share them with."


"Do you feel loveable?" "I do. I am loveable. Not necessary because I have been loved, but because I love. I love. I love. ... I walk in love." 💞 #quotes #muchneededinspiration #love #thestrangersproject

it's a beautiful thing when you can feel other people's emotions #thestrangersproject #washingtonsquarepark

Such a pleasure to meet the wonderful Brandon Doman in New York. Brandon is the creator of The Stranger's Project.

how do you imagine feeling someone else's feeling #thestrangersproject #stories #love

Came across this display at the Bedford Ave Block Party in NY this weekend - The Strangers Project. It's an ongoing collection of anonymous stories collected from complete strangers. I had the chance to read a few and they were so interesting. Such an amazing idea!

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