-open handed-
really feel like that's how i'm being prompted to live these days. especially this week, man has my to do list and schedule not gone according to plan these last few days. but a lot of other really wonderful surprises and moments have come out of being interrupted, driving the longer way, going somewhere even if i didn't initially feel like it and having a conversation i wouldn't have otherwise had.
it's those unplanned for and in-between moments that end up being the best ones most of the time. -•-•-•-•-
vintage and handmade, you guys know that's my thing. in this little vignette you'll find some favorite pieces of mine... *my duvet cover is dreamy linen that keeps me warm all year round and made by hand by the talented @hellomrdraper *these mirrors were from my friend Mariya and her awesome vintage shop @68_home *this little indigo dyed pillow is something i thrifted in NYC recently and am so in love with namely because it has moons on it...(#moonchildleney) *and my bed was my great grandmothers. ❤️
-•-•-•-•-•- how's your week going friend? how have some of your interruptions turned into something good?


i have so much love for my vintage/secondhand/handmade wardrobe. it has more than a few patches, holes, mismatched buttons, wonky seams, stains, broken zippers and maybe even a few moth holes...
but you know what it has the most of?
and i wouldn't trade any amount of perfection or fixing to the aforementioned for that.

"you never realize how much of your background is sewn into the lining of your clothes." —Tom Wolfe

good morning friends.
it's grey and misty here today. my favorite kind of day. mostly because it brings me into the day with a kind of calmness i somehow can never quite replicate as readily on those sunshiney bright days (though of course i need a good balance of those too). i hope you're enjoying your morning so far. i hope you wear something you love today. a piece that has a good story, or that once belonged to someone you love, or that just makes you feel beautiful when you wear it.

a recent favorite find: this beautiful 1970s brass woven market bag. the intricacy and detail of this beautiful piece cannot be captured in a photo (but still zoom in to try to see it). it's the thrill of finding pieces like this one that continue to draw me into my life long love of vintage and secondhand. you would be hard pressed to find such a piece of art as this in any retail store today. i only wish i knew more of the story and history that this bag holds. if anyone has seen anything like this or has any ideas of its origins let me know!

this peaceful scene that @meaghan_clare_ created with her vintage vase is exactly what i need today. it really is becoming my favorite thing seeing where these pieces end up and where they now call home. i love all of the messages, photos and stories you all have sent me with your new found treasures. please keep them coming.

my favorite light and shadows debut on the earlier end of the morning.
this view is my favorite to wake up to (since i can't be on a sail boat all the time...). in my castle. surrounded by my plants and things i love that hold good stories and remind me of people i love.
i've never had shades or blinds or curtains to block the day from coming in. even growing up i remember waking up to 10ft tall ceilings a-washed in light.
i always feel disoriented and groggy when i sleep at hotels because of how dark they are.
this girl, despite being a moonchild (#moonchildleney), was meant to wake up with the sun.

"I am the creator of my life" — Flax tags, with their unique messages for each garment, are my favorite
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You know you danced right Saturday night when you don't even discover until Monday that your shoe heels broke off at some point and you didn't even notice... #dancingqueen #thethriftingdiaries #RIP24 #thestorythethingsweowntell

there are very few articles of clothing i own that aren't either thrifted, handmade (by me or other artists), vintage, or second hand. and most of the pieces that don't fall under one of those categories are from my high school years (although yes, yes, i totally have some dresses and a skirt i bought at urban outfitters three years ago... i'm not perfect okay?) this is a way i have of embracing my values. the things i believe. how i want to live out my life.
as an artist, i understand and want to support other artists.
as a consumer, i want my choices to be responsible and not harmful to other human beings or the place i call home. i want to shop local, and be an active supporter and contributor to my community and city.

challenge yourself to think more about what you're buying. how you're buying it. why you're buying it.
it took me years to arrive at the place i am now, and i still have things to work on and stuff to get rid of. but living a more intentional, minimal, slow and mindful life is something i believe is worth taking years to work on because the benefits are just too great. and we as a people and a society are suffering and deteriorating because of it.

Used some leather scraps to repair the handles of my favorite market bag (thanks for the suggestion @kb_stitches, restoration queen👑) that used to be my grandmothers.
Always better to try to repair, reuse, restore, recycle or remake than to throw out and buy another. Don't feed into that fast fashion scene kids.
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I got this little sheep friend when I was in Iceland and he sits on my bedside table to remind me... 1. To keep the #sheepdreams alive

2. One day I'll return to Iceland again, a country that stole quite a large portion of my heart

3. The things that I possess and value most are often brought home from my travels. Save money for those things and the travels themselves. Don't waste it on temporary wants.
4. It's okay to be the black sheep of the group sometimes
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I don't know if it's mostly because I'm a photographer, but looking at old photographs and hearing the stories behind them is truly one of my favorite pastimes.
Especially when they're handsome daredevils I'm related to.
#thestorythethingsweowntell | #savefamilyphotos

Wabi Sabi. The Japanese art of appreciating things in their natural state, as they are, flaws and all. Cherishing and taking care of them especially as they age.
I love this idea, this discipline and, in a way, this art form.
I want to implement it in my own life more.
#thestorythethingsweowntell | #wabisabi | #theartofslowliving

This bag was the very first thing I bought myself after quitting my job to pursue my own business.
To take a leap of faith.
To start doing that dream and goal chasing we all talk about so much. It was a lot of money for me at the time and I considered it quite a big splurge, but I wanted to have something tangible to commemorate the new direction I was going with my life. Something that I could carry with me (literally) through this journey I was about to set out on. It's carried many knits in progress, been packed for countless adventures, hauled endless wares to craft shows and pop ups and traveled with me all over the world.
To have the 4 year anniversary of that time, that change of direction, coming up, absolutely blows my mind. I am reminded so frequently how blessed I am to own my own business and have the freedom to chase my dreams with the reckless abandon I've been able to over these last few years. I am so continuously grateful for that privilege. It's one I don't take for granted. It's one I want to encourage and motivate others to do as well.
Because it's been the most rewarding experience in my life thus far.
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This was my great grandmother's knitting bag. It's one of my most treasured possessions and I feel pretty cool getting to use it as my own knitting bag all these years later. I love the stories the things we own tell.
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Thrifted this handknit kids sweater over the weekend. It's a bit moth eaten, the seams are sewed up all wonky and it's not the softest thing in the world, but I just fell head over heels for it. It's got so much character with it's little wooden buttons and well worn folds. I wish I knew it's history. Who knit it, who it was made for, who wore it to pieces... I'm going to wash and mend it and save it for a hopefully-one-day child of mine in hopes that I can prolong its story and add another chapter or two to it.
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I just came across @karentempler's @slowfashionoctober project. I'm only sad I didn't see it at the beginning of the month so I could participate sooner but I'm 110% on board.
I wholeheartedly support the message behind this project and it's something that's been on my mind a lot these last few months. It's also part of why I went a new direction with my knitwear in creating #theclassicscollection and #ooakknitwear. I really and truly want to help raise awareness for the amount of consumerism our society is plagued with. I think it's so terribly important to really pay attention to what it is we're buying and why we're buying it. This can start with clothes but it also goes far beyond that.
Which is why I've been making a change in my lifestyle these last few months. To shop at locally owned and small businesses I love, to invest in well made pieces from makers I want to support, shop second hand more often, and maybe even get back into sewing and reconstructing my own clothes like I used to growing up. So that I know the back story of the things I own. How were they created? Was it ethical/responsible? Was anyone harmed in the process? If they were can I really be okay with that? //
In light of this message this is a cowl from The Classics Collection, a crop top I made from recycled jeans and my Moms killer high waisted Bongos from the 80's.
Photo cred to one of my favorite fellow artists @alwaysabell
#thestorythethingsweowntell | #thetruecost | #slowfashionoctober | #slowfashion | #makersgonnamake

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