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It was a big night last night but we're open from 11 til 6 and then to @newtownsocialclub this arvo. We'll post set times soon. #TheStevens

HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO MY GORGEOUS WIFE ERICA STEVENS! You & I have been through alot but because we keep GOD FIRST, we always make it work! We try to always think of ways to make our marriage successful. You are an EXCELLENT MOM, WIFE, & all the other titles you hold. You work hard to make sure your family is happy! We are best friends & for almost 10 years, our love only GROWS! You are a blessing to me & thank you for marrying me! Thank you to all of our supporters who know us & please continue to support us throughout our journey! We want to provide HOPE for others to prove happiness is possible! I LOVE YOU! #TEAMREAOL #TheSTEVENS #BLACKLOVEEXISTS #REAOLLOVE #2YRANNIVERSARY

Chilling with the little legend @mikestevensct for his 30th. #theStevens #boys #birthday #winter

Had a nice breakfast with my husband this morning! Home made waffles with fruit! We had our coffee/hot cocoa in our awesome hand crafted mugs that Grandma got us! Love spending time together on weekends since we don't see each other during the week! #thestevens #breakfastofchampions

I love my #littlefamily sooooo much! 😍😘❤ #TheStevens #vivienneleigh

When these 2 lead worship...so much glory. #thestevens #18inchjourney2015 @justinastevens @thejakestevens

Just like that our babies First Christmas is here! Looking forward to a family day today (first of three!). Daisy is going to get so many lovely presents this year from our great friends and family. So glad we've all got time off together and feeling thankful! #merrychristmas #thestevens #christmas2016 #christmas #christmas🎄


We had a lovely start to the day thinking Daisy was finally on the mend. She wasn't..! The staff of Boots were very helpful when she vomited everywhere. Been to out of hours tonight and Daisy apparently has a virus. She had meds to try and reduce the sickness and rehydration sachets to try and make her better. Also, before anyone says it... I know she is often ill, it's just our life atm. I don't need someone to suggest I clean my house more, that she needs fresh air or some other stupid comment. 😀

Today has been a LONG day - after waking up at 5:30am. Daisy and I have had a lovely day together but I’m ready for a relaxing evening now. My lovely husband is on day shifts this weekend so tonight we are relaxing with this delicious & refreshing alcoholic ginger beer from @crabbiesuk #ad

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