Air Jordan 1 “Homage to the Grand Master”; a tribute to Bruce Lee, one of the greatest contemporary martial arts legends, with details inspired from his last and unfinished film <Game of Death>. Primary colors include yellow and black, with the detail of centered strip panels (in matt) connecting from the top of the tongues all the way down to toe caps, in a similar style to his iconic track suit worn in the film.

Water snakeskins with irregular pattern are used for side panels to visually represent the shapeless and free form/movement of water (one of his fundamental martial arts philosophies), with red claw marks cut and patched replacing the shape of the Swoosh on each side.

Back heel and ankle panels are accented with dragon-embroidered jacquard, and complimented with traditional embroidery of the words DEATH and GAME in Mandarin.

In addition to the shoes, a removable chain system is designed to form the basic structure of Nunchaku, Lee’s favorite martial arts weapon, which secures the shoes back-to-back and provides a different way of storage.

Air Jordan 1 “Kamikaze War Boys”, inspired by the car-exploding and fuel-thrusting scenes from the apocalyptic Mad Max movie franchise, with elements drawn from death-racing, speed-outlaws, Nu-metal bondage and desert Gypsies.

Main materials include gray rhino-embossed leather representing the pale/diseased complexion of the War Boys, and black denim distressed to catch the looks of knife cuts, gun shots, and crash wounds.

As the sons of Immortal Joe who follow his lead to Valhalla, the toe boxes are half-painted with motif of his characteristic skull mask. Back of the shoes are decorated with panels of Gypsy carvings, and inner half-lined with shearling fleece.

To complete the biker attire, mohawk spikes are planted down the back heels, and side Swooshes are replaced with metal studs. Heavy-duty nylon zippers are used instead of conventional lacing system, and speed-racing goggles are added for extra flavor.

Air Jordan “Imperial 1s” in Gold Top 3 colorway made for @perfect_nsjr, full re-con custom work with black Panne velvet, silk dragon-embroidered jacquard, gold desert-ball python snakeskin, and Italian sheepskin, accented with metal stone-lion head on shoe tongues, and metallic gold shoe laces.

Air Jordan 1 Off-White “re-interpreted version”; further exploring the idea and possibilities of Virgil Abloh’s Air Jordan 1 model, adding to this his unique emphasis on industrial details; semi-looped construction using the Off-White heavy-duty belt; cut-off nylon strap extended above the heel; asymmetrical metal zip fastening system around side ankle; and reusable leather Swoosh for placement-adjusting.

Air Jordan 1 “Overkill”. Concept based on American classic horror films, where 2 of the most iconic characters: Freddy Krueger and Chucky the doll, were chosen to “team up” and resurrect once again through the Aj1 silhouette.
Left foot is constructed using brown crushed alligator skin, black lizard belly skin, red/black embossed snakeskin, and knitted panels sewn together in stripes of contrasting colors to mimic the sweater worn by Freddy. Hand-distressed twill panels were added on each side of the shoe under the lace-holes as an interesting detail to resemble the slashings of his knife-claw.
Right foot is constructed primarily using beige grained leather, orange acrylic fur, blue denim and multi-color-striped knits. Both the colors and textures were chosen to closely mirror the characteristics of a Chucky doll, and irregular stitching lines were added onto the Swooshes and random parts to mimic his scars and knife cuts.
Both feet are fully lined with red pigskin for a rough, organic finish, and red stitching details were added respectively onto the Jumpman tag on each foot for an extra touch.

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