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🐉 Just a boy and his dragon 🐉

When he found my old camera, he decided it gonna be his own and kept taking pictures of me all day 🙈 I would even post few here, unless I was wearing my pajamas all day 😅
Вот что значит мама любит фотографировать 🙈 Он нашел мою старую камеру и фотографировал меня весь день 😁 Я бы даже показала вам его творчество, но я боюсь вы не оцените мою пижаму и взлохмоченые волосы 😅😅😅
카메라 관심 생겼어요📸

And now we just pretend like that plant has been here all along and see how long it takes husband to realise.
I should not go be allowed in to Bunnings without adult supervision 🙈

Because it’s feeling a little chilly here in Cali...Brrrr! ❄️🌥😬 Model @wallace.gray Makeup @beautybyshira

Our feet take us everywhere... That means wherever we go in our journey we will carry this amazing news... this promise of love... of peace... These feet, they will carry that message which will touch many lives.
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current favorite thing he does is when i lay down next to him to put him to sleep, he puts his arms around my neck + kisses me all over my face 😍 it’s probably because he’s trying to distract me from putting him to sleep, but i don’t care • it’s the best feeling ever 😍🙌🏼

time to cut a few strings... I am continuing on with my self portrait series in 2018 #sorrynotsorry #p52radness

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