Can’t wait to try it! @target has been showing it locally for weeks when it wasn’t there. They shipped it for free when the store pickup didn’t work #skincare #pixi

#Learning to #love not only #theskinyourein but also the soundtrack of #your #life - is #magic ! I #started doing this when I #discovered #greatskincare and #semipermanentmakeup #Life is #amazing

A contrast of textures. Silky, and cool / crisp linen / cozy cotton / bare skin / breeze ... #moments #present #thesenses #meditation 📷 @pinamarlene 🌙

Clio monkeying around in Venice. 🐒 #venicestreetart

Have you treated yourself to skincare yet? Girl get on that. Free Shipping + Tax-Free over $100 💙

"I can't ever forget about my skin, particularly because my routine - morning and night - takes up a significant amount of time. I am constantly obsessed by my skin. It is all I see when I look in the mirror. I really wish I could forget about it. I sometimes wonder what I would do with all that energy if it ever ceased to be a problem." - Rosa, Ash Issue 1, for 'The Skin You're In' by Naomi Southwell.⠀

With ever-growing numbers of 'IT' skincare brands flowing onto the market, 'good' skin is an aspirational goal for millenials, as it always has been for women the world over. But what happens if, despite hefty amounts of primping and preening, your skin still doesn't measure up? ⠀

A collection of women talked to us about their experience of living with 'bad' skin, and about gradually learning to live with it - whatever that may look and feel like. ⠀

Laurelle, Frankie and Ellie were kind enough (and bold enough), to allow us to photograph them as part of a shoot to accompany the article, on a baking hot day in the middle of summer. Check out these beautiful babes in the wood... perfect just as they are. Photographed by Phoebe Montague @100womeniknow for Ash Magazine. ⠀

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After many years of hiding his skin, @psoriasis_warrior90 is finally embracing his spots and is on the path of self-acceptance and healing. He has come far and seeing his progress and determination makes me proud. Check out his page and show him some love!! 😉 #psoriasis #skincare #getyourskinout #theskinyourein

Chunky or thin I salute all you woman out there with imperfections but in my eyes these imperfections tell an amazing story! We have carried and grown the most perfect little miracles that some couples would do anything for! Counting my blessings every day ! #mumoftwo #farfromperfect #mum #mumtum #strechmarks #whatisnormal #whatisperfect #theskinyourein #csectionrecovery #surgery #breastreduction #babymama

It’s officially Fall and although the weather hasn’t changed yet, I’m prepping!
One of my favorite products for cooler, changing weather is Beautycounter’s cleansing face balm. Its the company’s #2 hero product (resurfacing peel is #1!) and that’s because it’s divine. So hydrating. Nourishing. Valuable. Smells and feels so good. .

Who has the cleansing balm and loves it?! Share below! Who wants a sample so you can treat yourself, I’m happy to share?!

It can be used to:
1. Cleanse your face and melt away all makeup
2. Moisturize
3. Treat your skin as a mask left on for 10 mins or overnight a few times/month.

This large tub lasts me 12+ months... a pea size amount is all you need! It comes out as a solid but after massaging into your skin becomes an oil cleanser❤️. This is also my travel buddy because it’s one product that can go in a carry on and does it all for easy skincare!

when you've lost shit loads of weight and your confidence is peaking 👌 with the help of new lingerie by lovehoney Elixir Luxury 😍
don't hate us coz you anus🖕😂 #lovehoney #curvygirl #curvy #confidenceissexy #confidenceisgrowing #selfconfidence #improudofmyself #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #feelinggood #theskinyourein

It's taken me 31 years to internalize this. To really, really know it in my bones. It's why I got my nose pierced and and why I have an appointment to get rainbow hair. Let's learn to tune in and do what makes our souls happy. ❤ From here on out, I vow to let my Goddess shine, to be unapologetically me. ➡️Here's your reminder to do the same!⬅️
#saturdayvibes #goddesvibes #goddessrising #theskinyourein #youarebeautiful #youareenough #letyourlightshine #unapologeticallyme

Some days are good, some days are bad. • Some days I’m bored and some days I’m sad. • But not today. Today is Friday.
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Breakfast! This is a purple sweet potato and lavender smoothie bowl with bee pollen and chia, yum.
Our skin is a reflection of our internal health. We can have the best products and routines out there but if we only eat junk it will show in our faces. Eat well, be well!

That's right! I am adding Sundays to the schedule and just in time for football season! I know that I am not the only one who does not want to watch the game so this is our ticket out of it.
Talegate snacks and mimosas will be provided! Must call to schedule. Space is limited.

This little jar is one of my best beauty finds ever. Call Your Shrink pore refining face cream is 🎶 all I ever needed, yeahhhh 🎶 link in bio .
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We love our cozy little corners at Shed!

My southern boy! I’m such a Northerner sometimes I can’t believe that he’s being raised in the south. My hope is that as he matures and becomes a young man and then to a man that he’s able to touch people much more than skin deep. That he’s able to teach people not just thru his words but thru his actions that we are all one in the same. Whether it’s religious beliefs, race relations, politics, cultural differences. When people come together there is so much more to celebrate instead of looking at all the differences. People are ALL beautiful and unique no matter where or whom they are raised by. #mysouthernboy #theskinyourein #futureleaders #bethechange #nike #colinkaepernick #bethevoice #standup #bekind #weareallinthistogether

You know what, you guys? I’m really loving my results so far from Defenage Skin Care. This morning I decided to be brave and post a #nofilter picture of myself with absolutely nothing on. I haven’t even washed my face this morning. Yet, I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin before. After having suffered with painful acne through my entire teens, I would never have dreamed to wake up every morning and smile at the face I see. It has been work, time, effort and more but who can put a price on fulfilling self confidence in ones own skin? #loveyourself #lovemyjob #theskinyourein #31yearsyoung #defenageskincare #trilogymedicalcenter

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