It’s a year overdue but hey, I’m officially gradwaiting!!! 👩🏻‍🎓❤️💚 To make everything short, I’m thankful, grateful & blessed ✨ Thank you UST-Cfad for five great years of unending grace! 🎓 #ThesisDefended #RoadtoQpav2018 🎓

We did it CTKrew!! ❤️ We made it through the many difficult challenges brought upon us by thesis, and I am proud that we all made it through together 😍 No matter what happens, we are still the best thesis group and we have the best thesis in my heart hehe!! 😜 Im surely gonna miss those sleepless nights, pigging out on everything, our mandatory KFC delivery and our crazy moments together as a group. Thank you for everythinggg!!! ILYSM!!! PS this photo is not enough to show how crazy we are #ThesisDefended #ThesisIt #Swatch #ItsYourTime #WearWhoYouAre #ItsTimeToFlip #TwoTimesTheCharm

I think we just went from D to A.

Most improved indeed. Hehe. Proud of you guys! ❤️ 💪🏼#thesisdefended

From struggling with endless all-nighters, deliveries and bazaars, to unexpectedly becoming the benchmark for LS 127, not to mention all the bickering and gaguhan in between, it’s been a crazy yet wonderful journey with you guys. ☀️ #thesisdefended #thebreakfastscrubph

Radiating Elegance has never been easier with these amazing people! It was my absolute pleasure to have worked with you five! Congratulations to us!! #LunaWallets #ThesisDefended 💖

STRIKE OUT 🎳 #ThesisDefended

Posting on my IG again after 5 months!!
I didn't felt like posting on those months because I had to focus on my project and had no inspiration whatsoever so here I am again~ I made it past the biggest challenge of my college life!

#thesisdefended #thankyoulord
Let me binge play all the games that I missed 😬😬😬 Hello to all my friends you can talk to me again hahaha

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen💪🏻💛
Cheersss to us lovies FINALLY we surpassed this hella semester!😭 It's really been a roller coaster ride for us, friendship , patience and understanding was really tested! Like when everyone is already under pressure + there are so many deadlines to meet and la ng pera holooo away away na😂No more sleepless nights for now😉Let's celebrate🎉 Let's go summer🌴🌻
#ThesisDefended!🎓#youAreWorthIt📗📚💛 #ThesisIT
-Special Thanks to our Research Instructor my Adjumma Rosaly lovelove mamshieeee😘

PS: excuse my eyabags🙄

Home for Generations: An Integrated Orphanage and Home for the Aged
Glory to God!!! 🎉🙌🏼😭❤️
Much thanks to everyone who showed support and for all the advices!!

After numerous revisions, panic attacks, and breakdowns... The long wait is over.
Thank you sa lahat ng profs na tumulong sa consultations. And sa mga blockmates and friends na walang sawang iremind ako na "kaya mo yan" huhuhu
Salamat sa prayers! Dati naaamaze lang ako sa higher batches na dumadaan sa thesis ng arki, but this time naranasan ko na rin yung hirap. But worth it naman lahat ng pagkukulong ko araw-araw sa kwarto para tapusin ko thesis ko.
I am finally #Gradwaiting at pwedeng pwede na rin ako gumala and everything haha

Philippine Red Cross, this one's for you :)
Salamat sa lahat ng experiences at pinili ko ito as my topic.

Title: Philippine Red Cross National Headquarters

The monsoon may come and go, yet the bond, friendship, and trust will stay a little bit longer; forever.
This is all thanks to our dear mentor @jaydan_pein , ZESL family and most especially our thesis adviser Sir Rey! ❤ We couldn't have set this milestone without you!

#ThesisDefended #7Lakes #ZESL #gradwaiting🎓

To God be all the glory! ☝️😍 #ThesisDefended #roadtomba

Thesis Title: Coral Reef condition of Fish Sanctuary in Mauban, Quezon. 💙


Thank you A4, advisers, panel and Lord! #ThesisDefended #RammedEarth

The Calamianes Center for Sustainable Tourism: An Ecotourism Development & Off-shore Marine Research Station, Apo Menor & Mayanpayan Island, Coron, Palawan

#thesisdefended #thesisover #gradw18 #buhayustarki #palawan #travelgram #coron #culion #busuanga #calamianes #lumion #snapseed #architecture #ustarki

Team diet from thesis group to family ♥️. So much love for my thesismates and our adviser. Thank you for all the memories guys i will surely miss our kalokohans in the lab!! 😭😭😭 #thesisdefended #vscoph #vscoteensph

Team Pollen 🍃✨💕 #thesisdefended #vscoteensph #vscoph

I can't, but we can ! 💪
#ThesisDefended #thesisters

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