I have been so slack on taking photos of my own little princess lately, so in the middle of her cheekiness I snapped her cheesy grin! #lisanardellaphotography

That time I didn't miss focus 👌.
Focus, or mindfulness as the kids are calling it these days, is apparently something I need to practice.
This morning I left for work not much earlier than the rest of the family. We travel the same road to get to 'town'.
This afternoon the kids tell me that on their drive to school they saw a cow that escaped it's fencing, and was happily chewing grass on the footpath.
The thing is, I didn't notice the cow when I made my journey along the same road. I didn't notice a COW chewing grass on a suburban/country footpath.
Because I was rush, rush, rush/thinking of all.the.things/blah blah, the usual. I mean, really. 🐮 #mymacdoesnthavetheeyerollemoji #orthefacepalmemoji #sojustpretenditshere 👈

Having a nicu baby in a incubator, I wasn't fortunate enough to breastfeed. All the while craving that closeness and bond that comes along with feeding your child. On the 2nd day earthside our son had a major op on his stomach removing half of it and because of this op he could only take breast milk. I pumped every 2nd hour night and day and tried my best to produce as much as I could for him but when my milk stopped coming and our son still needed breast milk we had to get donor milk for him. One day that donar milk was in short supply and we had none left for his nightly feeds. A very dear friend was so kind and expressed 45ml for him as he was still not up to taking formula. I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate just how amazing women are because they are incredible beings. Selfless, determined, giving and supportive who try to give their children the best start to life. So to all the breast feeding mummas out there and to the mummas trying their best or ready to give up, YOU are doing an incredible job because breastfeeding is a tough gig! .

~. I found myself in the att store Monday when my phone was not charging. The rep took one look at my phone and asked If the screen or the screen protector was cracked. I felt sure the screen was cracked but when he removed the screen protector, my phone much to my amazement, looked brand new. I had walked around for months with a phone that on the surface appeared broken, that I believed to be broken, but underneath the surface, it was perfectly fine. That is what I have discovered living with and loving a child with special needs. When you move past outward appearances, behaviors and challenges, there is a soul that is perfect ...no pretense, no hidden agenda... just pure love! ❤️ @tracycalamas @chrissysch8 #serveday18 #churchofthehighlands ———————————————————————-
✨✨✨Fearfully and wonderfully made.✨✨✨
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Esta vez ellos escogieron playa.... Y tú dónde te harías tu sesión de fotos? En el bosque🌳 o en la playa 🏖️?

It's been a 4 coffee and a sneaky nap kind of day. Matt woke the kids at 8am-ish because he thought it was cute that they were all still asleep 😏. They proceeded to be emotional wrecks for half the day and I'm on the verge of losing my voice.
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Poem I wrote as tribute and homage regarding the overwhelming responsibility entrusted to me by a higher power to become the mother of suns/sons. And the honor that comes with that trust DAILY.


I had an image in my mind that I wanted to capture and I knew I would need to try and shoot it before baby B became too wiggly. I think I left it a tad too late 😂 #selfportraitsofmotherhood

If you've seen my stories (I hope you have or we can't be friends😜) it's the hubsters birthday today the big 33!
This man is by far the MOST amazing husband out, he is everything I am not and despite my flaws he loves me without hesitation. He may not like me sometimes (feelings mutual mate) but he loves the crap out of me and I am so grateful for his love and support. This is a pic from just before we had dinner tonight 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ alright kids!
How awesome are our better halves?? 🙌🏾

I loved capturing this image with Brenden and Dean on their awesome forest couples session! Canberra has so many incredible nooks and crannies (does anyone else say that?!) hidden away, and the Namadgi is my favourite place to explore for these magical moments!
Nature is just FULL of amazing textures like these rocks, and it's even better when spending it with awesome people like Brenden and Dean.

morning view ✨

This sweet pea is turning two today! You are loved, Olivia!

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