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Couldn't be more stoked on our new window art done by the amazing @artbyexelbierd! #gibsonsdonuts #theshowmustgoon #gogrizz #gotigers

Церемония награждения "X Юбилейного Международного Фестиваля Линия Красоты!" ✂️💄💅🏼💎
Международный формат: Франция, КНР, Монголия, Россия!
Удивительная коллекция "Арт Хаус" от креативной команды Арт под руководством @ollageevskaya 🔥
На столь ответственном мероприятии, не смотря на языковые барьеры, нам удалось даже поХаХатать😄
Успели поздравить с Днем Рождения участницу из Франции! Было и неожиданное предложение руки, сердца, прически и макияжа новобрачной Анастасии от Владимира... Эмоции зашкаливали...

Фан-сообщество группы #Queen в VK напомнило мне о знаменательном дне 2014-го года. Незабываемый Meet&Greet #BrianMay и #KerryEllis в Минске. За такую возможность большущая благодарность летит @malahawa. @officialqueenmusic @brianmayforreal @brianmaycom_real #Музыка #ХорошаяМузыка #ГлэмРок #Великобритания #GreatBritain #music #love #peace #TheShowMustGoOn #WeWillRockYou

‪When your poetry is so 🔥 that the fire alarm goes off, and they evacuate the building, so you take the audience outside to complete some of the set. ‬S/o @ExeterGuild! We managed to get inside to finish the show eventually, but it was an experience #NARMTOUR . #theshowmustgoon

...love me a location shoot - check out that bad ass double camera action😈... #DoingtheThing #actorthings #blessed #theshowmustgoon #watchthespace

Planning for a picnic this weekend? .
When it's drizzling but crowd's all ready for a picnic 🐶💦 #theshowmustgoon

Empty spaces - what are we living for?
Abandoned places - I guess we know the score..
On and on!
Does anybody know what we are looking for?
#thenightofQueen #theshowmustgoon #immortal


So this happened yesterday. We open our Youth Wing fundraiser tomorrow. We had to rehearse last night in a gymnasium. The kids handled it like pros. #theshowmustgoon #acp #theaterlife

When you are so down in mood. When you are so bored that the b*tch scream to be out. Only some certain things can make sure the situation won't get worst. #keepcalmandcarryon #tinylittlethings #mylifeinanutshell #fabulouslifeofataurus #seasonalbreakdown #theshowmustgoon

The show must go on: we're proud to do so and see people around the world and in London particularly embracing this attitude of strength, persistence and bravery. It's not always going to be sweet but it's up to us to make it as close as possible to that. ❤🌣🎈

I thought the sleep deprivation was hard the first time round. I had no idea. Toddler bounce on 3hrs of very broken sleep #sendgin #sleepisfortheweak #freedog #toddlerbounce #penelope #2yearsold #theshowmustgoon

Honestly, I've been rather worried about the podcast for a few reasons. The first being the one you probably know most about if you were there to witness it: a bunch of footage didn't get recorded because, I think, my camera overheated every 22 minutes into recording! 😅 Then I'm worried about not having enough time during the work week to work on the podcast as quickly as I'd like. And finally, I don't want to lose your trust or interest because I can't churn things out as fast or regularly as others--which, even as I write that, I know is comparing myself to others and I shouldn't do it! These worries have left me stressed and exhausted, on top of battling a cold since Monday, so I know they're doing me no good. So I think this reminder is as important for me as much as any of you who need to hear it. Worry is a waste of time, it only steals our joy and makes life less fun. I will get the podcast uploaded and we will record the second episode on the same day and time (Saturdays at 11 AM EST)! Thank you all for your time, attention, and thoughtful messages. It always helps to hear that Lens Therapy matters and makes a difference. I hope to be over this cold by tomorrow, being sick sucks! 🤧 And can't wait to see you in the next live session and podcast Episode # 002. Enjoy your day! - Chris 👊😊♥️

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