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"Quanto mais as pessoas acreditam em alguma coisa,quanto mais se dedicam a ela, mais podem influenciar o seu acontecimento."
Encerramos hoje a primeira etapa do Brasileiro sub19 em 5° lugar.
📷 @pauloobotti
#CTCL #theshipyard #abzuwilson

One of the best sunset i ever witnessed out West... #theshipyard#northvancouver #lonsdalequay#hellobc

Old becomes new.... #theshipyard #sanfrancisco #norcal

Back when @cshore and @benbadbag did time in the clink 😂 #theshipyard #cuzyouvegotagoodlife

Nossa comissão técnica em ação hoje nas areias da praia de candeias promovendo a prática do vôlei de praia com crianças de escolas públicas de Jaboatão dos Guararapes, no projeto Estação Esportes.
#ctcl #marcosandrepersonal #theshipyard

Liking Spanish Wells so far. Good food and drink not made by us! #chefsdayoff #theshipyard #spanishwellsbahamas


One of the best sunset i ever witnessed out West... #theshipyard#northvancouver #lonsdalequay#hellobc

Just got some amazing surprise fan mail! Thank you for the amazing books! Love them! 😃😍📚

Celebrity Edge is coming in late 2018. Check out that platform on the side of the ship. It will serve as a restaurant as well as a tender station. Also, notice the shape of the bow is slightly inverted...I wonder if this will be the future bow design for all ships?

What do you guys think of the Norwegian Joy? Fun fact: she is equipped with an air lubrication system (Silverstream® System) which creates a layer of tiny air bubbles along the hull to reduce drag. Cool, right?

The QM2 before painting 🖌🚢
Shot by Philip Plisson

The most beautiful ship on Earth😍

Photo by SG Photography

The Nordland shipwreck located near Kythera Island. Thank you @alr0zu for sharing this shipwreck with me!

Stunning photo!

I do not envy the people on this ship! Has anyone ever encountered a rogue wave during their sailing days?
Photo by John Lund

Spray painting of the QM2's bulbous bow!
Shot by Philip Plisson

Another close-up shot of the rusty hull of the ocean liner SS United States, currently docked at Pier 82 in Philadelphia. I just love all the colors of corrosion...there is a sad beauty to them... Photograph by Stephen Mallon for National Geographic

O chamado kickoff acontece no começo do primeiro e do segundo tempo, assim como após qualquer pontuação. A bola é posicionada na linha de 35 jardas e chutada pelo kicker em direção ao campo do adversário. Um jogador do time adversário, o retornador, recebe a bola chutada e tentar avançar com ela o máximo que puder, até ser derrubado. #GoldenYear #VivaSchin #Estácio #VipFitness #PortoFA #TheShipyard #PenseLeveSaladas #CiaDoNobreak #RenauxService #Nafolgaproducoes

Satellite image of the Chittagong ship-breaking yard on the coast of Bangladesh. The image shows just 1 mile of the 11 mile coast used up by the yard. It is the world's largest yard, employing around 200,000 workers.
Source: Mike Hettwer, National Geographic

What a stunning shot!🚢 Repost from the inspiring @rotterdamportpictures and edited by @m1rphotography

Cross-sectional and longitudinal blueprints of Titanic's boilers👍

De volta a tona! Infelizmente estive distante nesses últimos tempos, mas a paixão pelo esporte e a família @recifepirates sempre esteve comigo! 2018 promete

#QB #8 #AssisFA #Estacio #VipFitness #PortoFA #TheShipyard #VivaSchin #CiaDoNobreak #PenseLeve #Renaux

Just had to repost this serious captain from @korabel_ru Check out their account for more great pics!

Boiler room of the ocean liner SS United States, currently docked at Pier 82 in Philadelphia. She was equipped with 8 boilers operating at 1000 psi and 975°F (524°C). Photograph by Stephen Mallon for National Geographic

Rusty hull of the ocean liner SS United States, currently docked at Pier 82 in Philadelphia. I really wish they would restore her as a museum!
Photograph by Stephen Mallon for National Geographic

The Queen peeking behind the corner 🚢
Another one of my favorites by photographer @philipplisson

Vancouver, how beautiful you are.
늘 아름다워...
#vancouver#northvancouver#theshipyard #nightview

Another stunning shot of the Queen Mary by @stevenjmagner 😍😍

The QM2 at sun set 🚢

A rescue tug vessel trying to hook onto the freighter Shinyo Sawako shortly after it collided with the fishing boat Lurongyu 2177, which sank shortly after the collision.

Shipyard friends forever

Wow! What a cool picture! Anybody know who it is by?

The shipwreck of the RMS Britannic. Sad or beautiful?

Placing of the funnel of the QM2 🚢

Time for a swim! 😃 The ship is the USS Iwo Jima and the picture was taken in the Gulf of Aden.

Titanic in comparison with Oasis of the Seas!

Eerie ship remains 🚢 I wish I knew where this pic was taken so I can visit!

Early morning shot of the QM2's bridge during construction in St. Nazaire. Shot by Philip Plisson.

Launch of the steamer Frank J. Hecker in 1905. Notice there are some people standing on top during the plunge. That must have been exciting!

The QM2 in the Norwegian Fjords. What a beauty!

Did you know that there are around 51, 400 merchant ships operating in the world?! 5, 239 of them are container ships.

What a great shot!
Repost from @sergvasl

"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor."

Abandoned fishing boat by photographer Richie Johns. Love the green colors!

Oasis of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas side by side in port. Which ship do you like better?

The bulbous bow of the QM2 👌

Trabalhar em equipe, nem sempre é acertar o alvo, mas sim se dispor a qualquer momento e ir além de suas expectativas. #GoPirates #GoldenYear #VivaSchin #Estácio #VipFitness #PortoFA #TheShipyard #PenseLeveSaladas #CiaDoNobreak #RenauxService #Nafolgaproducoes

Imagine standing there on the ice and suddenly hearing it crack and seeing a submarine come out!

Good night, ship lovers 🚢

Who has ever been wreck diving? I wish I could, but my ears won't allow it 😒👂👂

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