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It's jean and sneaker day at work but #hoeislife #theseoldthings #🍎bottoms #af1low 💋 #onlyhaveasstooffer

It's never a bother when my wife asks me to straighten up the garage. It gives me a chance to see some old friends. Don't tell my wife I spent more time organizing my clubs then I did cleaning. #sorrynotsorry #clubsiwishiwasgoodenoughtoplay #TAIII254 #theseoldthings #golfporn

Kid's lets get a photo 😂... okyeaa #lunaparksydney #girls #nixonstayedstrong

✖️ STAND UP AND SALUTE ✖️Missing my fierce Chica so much and our fun times in the studio! @tashymarconi #theseoldthings #salute #astitandahalf #cantfeelmyfeet #igoonetwo 👊🏽👊🏽

Totally casual hike in Spokane. #theseoldthings #beardedmen #instagay

Một góc nhỏ của Oasis vào hôm trời mưa tầm tã
#theseoldthings #memorialday

You are safe from any evil humans who would choose to paint over your beauty. #1930 #antique #theseoldthings


Thanks so much to my friend @hanneketvg for this lovely pic of your milk glass finds from Saturday's sale. 💕
Check out my stories for a peek at what's coming up for sale later this week!

Check out my stories today and tomorrow morn for a more complete picture of what to expect at the last Shop the Basement Sale (and last big sale!) for awhile before baby comes! So much good stuff!!
Sale is tomorrow (Saturday) from 9:30-1 at 41 Old Ferry Rd in #downtowndartmouth !

You are safe from any evil humans who would choose to paint over your beauty. #1930 #antique #theseoldthings

I haven't been up this late in like a year but there's just so much to do prepping for Saturday!
Check out the new photos of the space through the link in my profile!
I'm also doing a $20 giveaway for the sale on my FB page so you'll want to check that too my friends!
Off to dream of this antique typewriter 😴

Made some awesome progress organizing all my new finds for Saturday's sale thanks to my sis in law @jaunemilway ! Can't wait to share photos in the next few days! In the meantime, how about this gorgeous antique pump?!

Spending every second in the basement cleaning and sorting and organizing for Saturday. Are you guys getting excited???
More info through the link in my profile!

Ready to get your swag on? I've got all new sweet little glass sets ready for next Saturday's sale! Swipe through and tell me your favourite below!
Sale details through the link in my profile 👆🏼👆🏼

Getting so many fun retro summer finds together for next Saturday's sale!! These plastic dishes are mint and ready to hold a drink and some food out on the patio or for camping!

Seeing many of my mirrors worked into the gorgeous renovations at my favourite Halifax restaurant @chivescanadianbistro was almost too exciting tonight!
Just as exciting- eating there tonight to celebrate my sister @mennamennadoodoodoodoodoo 's birthday!! The new menu was insane and I will be full for a week!
Huge thank you to @chefcraigflinn and @staged_for_upsell for the amazing opportunity!

📸: @chivescanadianbistro

Whimsical finds, colours and nostalgia - all things you will find when you Shop the Basement July 22nd!
Am I going to see you there? Click the link in my profile for more info and photos!

I've got so much new stuff for my next Shop the Basement Sale you probably won't even be able to find this perfect pink teacup set! But I promise it'll be there 💕
July 22. Mark your calendar and RSVP through the link in my profile for a look at what's in store!

I spent 6 hours buying today and have SO MUCH NEW STUFF to show you! Definitely regretting passing up this gem... but I got everything else I wanted 😍

This fan may not work, but it still makes me cool as hell 😎
I've decided to let it go in the Shop the Basement Sale July 22- info through the link!

It's not a vignette, it's a tignette!
Unconventional vintage storage for DAYS coming up when you Shop the Basement July 22! Get more info through the link in my profile 👆🏼👆🏼

When people say "wait your lashes are real?" #theseoldthings? #lashboost #bundleandsave #growon #rodanandfields

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