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From homework to detention,
From advice to inspiration,
Everything dis school has given has pumped us up wid motivation ! #TheseMemories #14Years #finally_12th_is_over_alhamdulillah❤❤

Beautiful places and the sweetened winds .. ☄🌦Holidays freshen your soul!! ✨💫🏝 #thesememories #holiday #positivevibesalways

ALMETA LATTIMORE. 💔 THESE MEMORIES 💔. #almetalattimore #thesememories #hayleyrecords #limitedissue. JUST HOW AWESOME IS THIS.????. 💔💙💔💙💔💙💔💙💔💙💔💙😭😭😭😭😭😭

We keep #thislove in a photograph. ❤
We made #thesememories for ourselves. 🖤

You'll be missed #depoisde10km #thesememories

If the days wont allow us to see each other, Memories will... And if my eyes cant see you, Dont worry my heart wont ever forget you guys... ❤️💜💖💞💕

#thesememories 👌🏼


Not the best angle...... but I absolutely love this picture! My grandma playing games with Ty that she use to with me along with his belly laughs could not fill my heart with more joy. #itsthelittlethings #ty #gg #thesememories ❤️

Today, In memory of my childhood friend Pookie who passed away on this day way too soon.
What many of you don't know is that I admired her, wanted to be like her, in so many ways. She was an excellent artist, athletic, and very talented and gifted all-around!
She passed away when we were in junior high. She was my best friend. We spent nearly every waking moment together when possible for 12 years of our lives.
She was living with cystic fibrosis. She hated the breathing treatments, she hated the pills, she hated the nightly feeding tube & machines, she hated the numerous hospital stays. Honestly, at the time, I thought everyone had a best friend with CF.
Because of her, I learned compassion. I learned I could fly. I learned that physical limitations did not determine destiny. ❤️#foreverinmyheart

💖 ISI 💖

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