Lincoln got his stitches out today and is feeling better than ever!
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Link. The floating head.
Cones of shame suck. So Lincoln has an inflatable donut that also acts as a pillow to rest his head on.
Featuring his turtle shell weatherbeeta that keeps him warm ☀️
#thesecretlifeoflincoln #postoprecovery

Lincoln is back home! With a cone of shame, one more tooth removed, a big fatty lump removed from his arm pit, 7 stitches, and 3 other lumps inspected and cleared as lymph nodes and some fibrous tissue.
He was so psyched to see me and now we are home he is pooped! He is currently snoring on the yoga matt.
All the staff said he was a delight to have and is super cute and very well behaved. Im so proud of you Stinky! I love you so much!!! Heal quickly little dude xx

Just dropped this handsome little man off at the vet for his big surgery. I’m nervous, but I know he is in great hands. The vets made sure the place is empty so Lincoln doesn’t get stressed from the sights and sounds of other doggos and gave him so many lovely blankets to park his cute butt on. He has made friends with all of the staff and is expected to wake up later today post surgery, being cuddled by the nurse.
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Guess what! Link is 9 years old today! 🎉
I may have fed him waaaaaaay too much steak this afternoon 😳
Look at that fatso belly! He hasn’t moved in a while... hahaha
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I got to boop his nose 8 times. But he made me pay. #boopmynose #thesecretlifeoflincoln #booplife

I hate you // I love you
I love the little nibbling action he does close to the start of the video. It reminds me of the way Mickey Mouse would eat corn. 😆

Thank you Sally, for being the only one who listens. ❤️
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Pat me plis
No! Pat meeeeeeeeee!
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Both jealous for good morning cuddles
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