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Do you ever look into the eyes of your children and see yourself? .

When I look at Florence I see myself looking back which kind of freaks me out. She looks so much like me when I was a child but there are things that I’ve been through and experiences I’ve had to navigate that I never want her to endure and this huge protective instinct comes over me, like I want to stay under our big fluffy blanket and enjoy morning snuggles forever and ever and forget the world outside but then I’m torn because her future is bright & packed full of exciting possibilities. What do you think, shall I let her grow up?

Juice? Check. Toy? Check. Paw Patrol DVD on? Check. One happy little lad!
#happylittleboy #lazymorning #toocoldtogooutside

A day with this little lunatic today ❤️hoping the rain holds out #thursdayfunday

When I look around, I see the formation of a new movement, flawed in so many ways, like everything human; yet so promising. A movement of vulnerability, love and most of all the courage to display and share anything we were taught is private - which, when I thought about it further, really means shameful. Perhaps, we can slowly redefine privacy. Untangle the knots of shame, guilt and humiliation that are firmly tied to female issues. They have not been private issues for so long because keeping them for ourselves protects us (the great misunderstanding we all once believed) but holds us down, keeps us in a dark place and feeds our insecurities. The most empowering experience in a woman's life is perhaps this: that when we are brave enough to share our stories, we don't become a helpless, unprotected bundle of shame - but gain freedom, strength, community and unlimited support instead. {actually, @lilithwrusch , you inspired these thoughts ❤}

Layla has recently decided she no longer wants to walk up our stairs and will pretend her legs don’t work. Instead of carrying everyone upstairs, I came up with a better solution. We’re going to need more bubbles. #worksmarternotharder

Our beautiful birthday girl, 3 years old and we are so blessed to have this sweet girl in our lives! #birthdaygirl #oursweetimogen #makingmemories #mamarazzi #thesearethedays #oureverydaylife #ourtinymoments #mamalife #motherhoodrising #childhoodunplugged #mailegworld #mailegbunny

Such an adorable pudding

Swipe right to see the cute smash cake my sister Sydney and I made for Dage's birthday on Saturday (and his triumphant glee from destroying it haha)!
In celebration of having a one year old... If there is ONE thing that I've learned from motherhood, it's that there is no greater task than being a mother. All other jobs, deadlines, assignments and responsibilities fall second to raising this little human. Although it's exhausting and I'm learning to cherish every second of time to myself, I am soo thankful he made me a mother!
Moms--what's one thing you've learned from motherhood?

Still the fastest coffee in town for this working mamma 🙌🏻🙌🏻

What’s normal, anyway? 🦄

Why are babies just the cutest at 5 in the morning??

It’s the blurry ones that always end up being my favorite 😍 #lulu #7months #thesearethedays #emmilu #sweetbaby #motherhood

After watching these two fight over a fake apple for 5 mins I gave them each a real one ...now they want the fake carrot instead😒

this little boy. he has his mama’s whole 🖤

today we had some serious cabin fever and ventured out and about. went to the “danger store” (ranger dealership) and sat on all of the dangers. then we met up with our pal miles at tractor supply. where we learned sitting on the tractors is not allowed. thankfully my lack of laundry cleaning for 2 days in a row combined with snow days means I had to dig this little number up to dress my boy in. a size 24mo fleece zip up. that’s a bit snug “at the u turn” as andrew said. 😂 but he only cared that it had pockets and now he calls it his tractor suit. and I could watch him walk around in it forever.

Behold my son’s first photo shoot 😆 we just had to try out my new tripod and he was sooo excited to take my picture (so cute 😘✨). He wanted to carry it around and set it up by himself😎He told me how to pose and everything 😉. He’s a natural 😊📷photo creds to lil A’ #hesanatural #photographer #teachthemyoung #portraitphotography #californialiving #thesearethedays #preciousmoments #growingup #day3 #itstartswith10days #momlife

Well today sucked. Today someone tried to break into our house while my husband was home. Chris just happened to be off early today and I was out with the kids when someone tried to climb onto our deck, was unsuccessful and broke some of our railing. Then they climbed up our hill of ice plant and tried opening our sliding glass door. My husband heard the noise, climbed off the couch and pulled back the curtains to a man standing a few feet from him.. and he ran. I know we’re lucky and nothing was taken but now I can’t shake the fear of being home alone. Has anyone used any smart cams or have suggestions for home safety? #pleaseandthankyou

two going on ten ?? 😩😭💙 slow down sweet boy, mommy isn’t ready for all this growing up ish #fisheralan 1.17.18 #alwaysmybaby #thesearethedays @vas0508

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