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The scale doesn't matter. I weigh 15 lbs more than on my wedding day 12 yrs ago (a number I wanted to stay at forever, ha!), but there's no way in hell I could have dead lifted 130# even once back then. Never mind 25 times. I'm fine with it. (To clarify, I did the blue level!)
#thescaledoesnttellthewholestory #wod #wodlife #girlswholift #bestrong

Love this post, transformations are not always about the physical changes. Erin I am so proud of your physique changes and even more importantly the confidence you have gained at PRT. You may not realize it but you are big time motivator and inspiration to your fellow PRTers. Your hard work and determination has not gone unnoticed, proud to be your coach! #prtladies #ErinSTRONG #awesomenessontheright #bandaidsnolongernecessary #proudcoach #bestclients

Repost @adantie . . . .
Ragnar 2015 vs Ragnar 2016. This year I improved my best split times by over 2 minutes while running nearly TWICE the total distance than I did last year!! When the picture on the left popped up in my newsfeed as a memory I almost cried. Sometimes I am sooo tired of thinking about food and killing myself during every WOD never feeling as fast/strong/small as the next person. BUT. I'm fairly certain the girl on the right could SMOKE the girl on the left every day of the week and that is ALL I need to know to keep going hard 💪. Thank you so much @potentialrealizedtraining @neal2clap @rkeane @jkemerling for pushing me to work harder than I ever have over the last year!! #iLOVEmygym #potentialrealizedtraining #thescaledoesnttellthewholestory #runningisHARD #butitsEASIERforthatgirlontheright #RagnarDelSol #ragnar

Celebrating a non scale victory today because they matter!! ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰ Last time I tried this shirt on, it was too snug and I couldn't wear it without looking like I had a baby bump. Today....it fits. 🌸🌸🌸 What non scale victories are you celebrating today?

Workout today was Chisel balance, we have a love / hate relationship 😂
BUT I did want to share that I did my progress measurements, and I've lost 3 inches in my belly area since the beginning of December!!! HOWEVER I will be honest, I have yet to get on the scale. And the reason is because I want to scale to go down to reflect the 3 inches I lost in my waist.
Unfortunately that doesn't always happen, so when I go to get on the scale I have to go with the mindset that says you feel good, you lost inches, that's what's important, and this number that you see on the scale will reflect how you feel. And not the other way around!
So stick with it people! #thescaledoesnttellthewholestory #homeschoolmom #fitmom #accountability #incheslost #itsinyourfood #healthyeating #exercise #fitness

All pounds are not equal. There was a time i lived and died by a number on the scale. I had my weight goal and depending on what side of that number i was, determined my worth. Seriously...it was messed up!
I rarely step on that thing anymore...I go by what I'm doing, if im eating clean and training properly, how i feel, what i see and how my clothes fit. The scale clearly does not tell the whole story and it certainly doesn't define you.
This picture also shows why it is important to strength train consistently.


Saturday 7/29 from 9am-4pm Ideal Health 716 will be a part of the annual East Aurora Street Festival and Sidewalk Sale...stop by and check out the many vendors...unique gifts, crafts, food and stop by the pink tent to see us and our new location. We're so excited to be a part of this beautiful community. Hope to see you there. #loveyourbody #gethealthywithkarenandpam #bodyacceptance #bodyunderconstruction🚧 #weightlossjourney2017 #dontweighyourselfesteem #thescaledoesnttellthewholestory #workoutwithme #healthylifestyle #healthyisthenewskinny #youdonthavetobeskinnytobebeautiful #beautyliveshere #bekindtoyourself #yourbodywillthankyou #yourbodyisatemple #yourbodylovesyouloveitback #foodisnotmyweaknessanymore

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