I’ve FINALLY lost the baby weight!!!
A couple weeks ago we were having a pool day with of my BFFs. She said she thought I looked even better than I did before I got pregnant.
Thing is, I weigh the same as I did then. I may actually weigh a few pounds more! The difference is back then I was sitting on my ass at desk all day, eating whatever I had time to grab.
This time I’ve been kicking my ass pushing play and eating clean-ish.
While I’m glad I lost the baby weight, the scale doesn’t tell the whole story!
I’m getting back to ME! Not just physically but on the inside too 💜
If you’re ready to make a change join me! We have such a great group of women who support each other. You’re gonna have to work! But it’s FUN and you’ll feel so great.
Just a couple more days to get in on this group 😉

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Let’s face it…water retention can make you look and feel puffy in the mirror and even cause your clothes to fit tighter.
Not only is it uncomfortable, but it also makes tracking your body composition progress a real b%$#. You’ll drive yourself nuts comparing weight on the scale from a week to week basis.
Good news is, however, that any increase or decrease in water weight from week to week isn’t exactly ‘real’ in determining your body composition…
So how do we get around this and determine our ‘true’ body weight?
Or better yet, reduce water retention all together?
Well first thing is first…you need to TRACK YOUR CYCLE.
Ladies, download yourself an app (like Glow) and get to tracking.
From there, you can split up each month into 4 phases:
Phase 1: Early Follicular – First day of your period to the week after shows your lowest weight of the month. Estrogen and Progesterone are low, insulin sensitivity is high, and hunger will be stable.This is the week you’ll often feel unstoppable!
Phase 2: Late Follicular – The end of this week marks ovulation and shows a short spike in weight gain. This is due to a quick surge in estrogen which causes water retention.
Phase 3: Early Luteal – Progesterone begins to rise in proportion with estrogen causing body temp to increase, hunger and cravings increase, and insulin sensitivity decreases causing blood sugar dysregulation (cravings, moodiness, fatigue, etc.). Progesterone binds to the aldosterone receptor which causes a LOSS of body water. Thus, weight on the scale will be somewhere between Phase 1 and Phase 2.
Phase 4: Late Luteal – PMS week! Estrogen and Progesterone begin to drop, blood sugar levels become even more unstable, serotonin and dopamine levels drop (chocolate anyone?), prolactin increases (breast tenderness), and sleep is disturbed via blocked melatonin receptors. You will most likely be your heaviest weight of the month at this time. This is due to a rebound effect of progesterone dropping and causing a massive amount of water to be retained – this can be magnified with a high sodium diet.
So, in order to track progress on the scale (or with calipers and

You can tell I put in work when my face is beet red! I went for a bike ride today that turned out to be almost 5 miles, on a bike that makes me use my quads a lot more than I’m used to. But it feels good to be putting in sweaty, difficult workout time again!
I decided yesterday to check my measurements, and I’ve lost about 3/4” in my belly and 1/2” in my thigh, which I feel pretty good about considering the last month has kind of been a shitshow for workouts and nutrition (damn thesis). Now I feel more motivated, because my weight has not been moving lately. At least my body is still moving in the “more muscle less fat” direction!
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138 lbs. Same weight, 10 years apart, completely different bodies. While I definitely have stretch marks (thanks to my cookie fetish while pregnant with baby #2), I’m so much more confident in my body now than I was at 25 yrs old. I have muscles and definition, whereas before I was just “thick”. Some of you may not even see the difference between the two photos, but I FEEL the difference. Never did I think I’d look and feel better in my 30’s than I did in my 20’s.
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When you only have 1 non sports bra and 1 pair of shorts that fit you, you have to dump your hamper out and dig for them...
Looks like I need to go shopping (and do laundry) soon! 🛍💸
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The scale doesn’t tell the whole story- and that goes both ways, whether you think it should be reading lower or higher than it is. I had two decent drops in my Thursday weigh-day numbers the past two weeks. Maybe it’s accurate. Maybe not. Maybe it can be partially attributed to being under on macros a few days or due water weight loss from being sick. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It just kind of felt too good to be true. Just going to focus on getting back to 💯 with workouts and macros. Trusting the process. Progress is progress. Forward motion. #thescaledoesnttellthewholestory #fitnessjourney #iifym #grithealth #gritgirls #macrolife #60daysalcoholfree

#transformationtuesday - left pic was the beginning of my #cut April 2, at 159 lbs; right pic was yesterday June 11, at 156.6 lbs - that’s right only 2.4 lbs! The difference? I changed my #bodycomposition through proper #nutrition and #training Some women have a tendency to gain #bodyfat in their butt/hips; others, like me, tend to gain it more easily around the waist. Even at my skinniest, I’d always joke that if I gained a pound, it went straight to my belly! Still more to go to get #shredded - not competing this year so I don’t have a specific time frame, but I’m working to get nice and #lean for the summer. Contact me today via DM or simply check out our website at www.hammerfit.net and choose me as your coach! #womensphysique #ifbbpro #womensphysiquepro #fitover40 #tryingtogetlean #thescaledoesnttellthewholestory #keepmovingforward #teamhammerfit

When the scale doesn’t move sometimes you just gotta take some pictures and gain perspective 🌞

Before keto and two minutes ago. For the record, in both photos I was going to the gym. The only thing that changed is my diet. I went from eating anything and just counting calories to a keto lifestyle and not counting any calories.

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Dark hair was last week… .
Blonde hair is this… .
You can’t rely on a scale to show you changes… So I take pictures weekly… Currently holding at around 1900 cal a day IIFYM and the scale is UP a pound from last Wednesday’s progress pictures… .
Yesterday the scale was nearly 3 pounds less than today … In reality is that I did not eat 10,000 extra calories yesterday that it would take to gain 3 pounds today .. SO #NoShitsAreGiven #thescaledoesnttellthewholestory #crossfitstrong #gymrat #softballmom #fitmom #senegencedistributor190364 #makeupjunkie #lipstickjunkie #iifymlifestyle #iifymcoach #progresspictures #journalthejourney #macros

And thats a wrap on this week!! Did my carb load days, changed my workouts, changed my macros and vacation begins tomorrow!!! I'll be weighing in in the morning but then will be out of touch for the remainder of the week. Here's hoping everyone remembers the scale doesn't tell the whole story!! Goodnight keto family!#lchfdiet #ketosis #fattofit #fatloss #fatmomtofitmom #burnfatburn #losinginchesisjustasgoodaspounds #slowandsteadysteadyandslow
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This is a perfect example of why the scale is not the best tool to measure fitness, progress or results! As you can see, her weight has actually increased but her body fat percent has dropped! My client has increased her lean mass, decreased fat mass and changed her body composition. A scale would not measure any of those things! If she had been focusing on her weight alone she would have been frustrated, less motivated and possibly given up by now like many others. This is the difference between fat loss vs weight loss. #realresults #measureyourprogress #thescaledoesnttellthewholestory #changeinphysique #proudtrainer #clientprogress #resultscoach #kimakazifitness #fusefitnesscoaching #fusefam

Day 8&9 on the modified 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse and no significant weight loss change BUT, I’m an inch down in my chest, waist, and hips, my skin is clearing up, and I feel more energized! 1 more day to go! #nocheatinghere #modified10daygreensmoothiecleanse #yogidetoxtea #thescaledoesnttellthewholestory #lovethyself #nosalt #nosugar #nocaffeine #urbanfiestaweekend2018🇯🇲

2 smoothies, limited snacks, and a clean meal for dinner isn’t easy but you @charles_hatley asked for 150 so here it is! 7 days 7lbs and some inches gone! I’m ready to get in the ring 🥊@chynaaluv @djkayotik #modified10daygreensmoothiecleanse #urbanfiestaweekend2018🇯🇲 #thescaledoesnttellthewholestory

Weekends are tough while on the cleanse!!!! But seeing results is motivation to push on! Day 6 and 6.4lbs down! #modified10daygreensmoothiecleanse #urbanfiestaweekend2018🇯🇲 #thescaledoesnttellthewholestory

Left my Fitbit home, it’s pouring, and I’m stuck in traffic and late but, I’m smiling because I’m down 5.6lbs and it’s Day 5! #10daygreensmoothiecleanse #urbanfiestaweekend2018🇯🇲 #thescaledoesnttellthewholestory

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