Now scheduling for July!! No more June dates available! #thesbexperience

Fill in with ombre, lines, & diamonds... Thanks Felecia FeeFee Cox! #thesbexperience

Fill in with gray polish, rose gold glitter, & diamonds. Thanks Arnedra Hucks Alexander! #thesbexperience

Fill in with marble, rose gold glitter, and white and pink gel polish. #thesbexperience

No polish needed... all acrylic with 3d ice cream cones... Thanks Anna Cox! #Wescreamforicecream #thesbexperience

No polish needed.... fill in with salmon colored acrylic. Thanks Lynette Burgess! #thesbexperience

These press-on are on the way to Virginia! Get your customized press-ons!! #thesbexperience

Acrylic overlay with gel polish. Ombre accent nail with hand painted palm trees. Thanks Sh Batts! #thesbexperience

Fill in with encapsulated glitter dots, gold glitter, and gel polish. Thanks Crystal Cabell! #thesbexperience

Deposits are now required by new clients and no call no shows to schedule an appointment. $20 non-refundable deposit that goes toward your service. #thesbexperience

Fill in with yellow gel and tie dye accent nail. #thesbexperience

Fill in with yellow polish and hand painted sunflower! Thanks Tea'ra Howell! #thesbexperience

Full coffin set with ombre glow acrylic. Thanks Jaliyah Saunders! #thesbexperience

Gel mood polish with gold glitter accent nail. Thanks Tyrenecia Newsome! #thesbexperience

Fill in with ombre and foil with gel polish. Thanks Keisha Williams Saunders! #thesbexperience

Fill in with shape change (from square to coffin), white polish, hologram powder, and SUPER glitter nails. Thanks Lynette Burgess! #thesbexperience

Fill in with encapsulated glitter nails, holographic polish and lines! Thanks Maddie Mickens Lewis! #thesbexperience

FLAMES🔥🔥🔥 Fill in with ombre, SUPER glitter, and hand painted flames with black 3d gel. Thanks Felecia FeeFee Cox! Bottom picture is an inspiration photo. #thesbexperience

Fill in with hand painted dropping Chanel symbols, glitter, & diamonds. Thanks Mac Barbie! She loves her bright colors! #thesbexperience

Fill in with matte, ombre, hand paint, diamonds, & glitter! Thanks Anna Cox! Bottom picture is where the idea came from. #thesbexperience

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