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Just enjoying some coffee by the sea and waiting for the rain to roll in. #jamaicanfood #jamaicancoffee
I think it is so important to get out into the community when you travel. By visiting local coffee shops, artisan shops, and restaurants, you can support entrepreneurship and the local economy in a big way. This is especially important in Jamaica where there is a huge all-inclusive culture that keeps travelers and tourists at their resorts. ⠀
Part of being a conscious traveler means that we think about the impact of our presence, we think about the things that add value to a place and also the things that we take from a place that we are visiting. As you travel ask yourself if you are having more of a positive or negative impact in a specific place. Sometimes not visiting an indigenous community that has been protected is actually the better choice or just at least thinking about how you present yourself in that community can be very important. ⠀
Do you ever stop to think about the impact of your travels? In what ways? Do you ever question your adventures? I would love to hear your thoughts! ⠀
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Mariano taught us to play chacarera and zamba, two typical percussion rhythms from Argentina folklore.

We had a tendency to play with... more urgency... than necessary. I lost count of the number of times Mariano instructed us to slow down.

Day 119 :: Remote Year

One of the coolest things Remote Year does for us is set up local experiences that we'd be hard pressed to recreate on our own. You don't know what you don't know after all.

Today's event was a Bomba Workshop with a master craftsman and musician named Mariano. He builds bombos and was kind enough the walk us through the process as well as teach us the basics for playing one.

Day 217 :: Remote Year

Another story from our first day in Cordoba.

Still on bed a grabbed my phone and punched "Cordoba weather" into the search bar. It showed it was raining but it didn't sound like it from the noises filtering through my open window hidden behind a blackout shade. I half rolled, half fell out of bed before stumbling across the room to check. Sunlight met my gaze. Later I'd go for a run with my roommate in the park and then to brunch with the hot Argentinian sun still shinning on us. Little did we know how quickly this could change.

Our little brunch crew started as a small handful of us but quickly grew as more of our friends filtered in. Soon we'd taken over the entire long table in Bruncheria's outdoor seating area. It was here we watched the storm roll in while drinking coffee and passing around pancakes covered in fruit and carmel. When it started to pour someone ran down the stairs and inside the restaurant hoping there were available tables. There were and we quickly made a run for it. Inside we ordered another round of drinks hoping it would pass. Only one person had brought an umbrella with them. Eventually we decided to leave because our city preview was about to start. It wasn't a long walk but it was a wet one between the rain falling from above and the rivers of water flowing down the roads. I've never had such an adventure trying to cross a couple of streets.

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📷: Santa Monica Pier

Finally visited the West Coast! 📷: Hollywood, Los Angeles

Day 218 :: Remote Year

My first day working from our latest co-working space.

Oh beautiful trees, you make me smile. Did you know my dream house is a tree house?

Day 217 :: Remote Year

I went for a run with @avanti_gade and to brunch before City Preview. While we were at brunch the skies opened up and the streets started to flood. We walked to the workspace trying with little success to stay dry. By the time city preview ended it had cleared. I wanted a quiet night but couldn't resist checking out the weekend craft market. This here is the setting for said market.

Day 216 :: Remote Year

Home sweet home. Finally. We took a bus from B.A. to Cordoba. The bus was comfortable but the ride was long. I couldn't wait to get into my new apartment, take a shower and go find dinner. Cockroaches would squash that plan.

Myself and my two roommates were led up and into our unit by a member of the RY city team. Renata walked ahead into the large side room. She flicked on the lights and several cockroaches went skittering under the bed. Jo called the property manager who dropped off a can of spray, told us he hadn't seen any when he'd checked the apartment earlier, then admitted the building had a cockroach problem. After some debate and the realization that one of the "private" bedrooms wasn't really private we were invited to pack up and move to a different apartment. Thankfully there were no cockroaches there.

Color blocking to the next level.

Watching shadows dance across the land.

We are constantly coloring our own world. Why not choose to color it brightly?

If you're ever in a place that feels foreign. Stop and look around. Watch mothers and fathers with their children. Observe friends laughing as they stroll past. Take note of the couple who's eyes sparkle with love. Or perhaps glance down at a flower pot with a discarded beer can. You can find familiarity most anywhere if you're willing to look for it.

Still can't get over that I finally saw Green Day live.

The world. It's calling.

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