My favorite place with my favorite people!!! The Young Living Lavender Farm!!! There’s magic here— in the form of joy, and happiness, and belief, and hustle, and the desire to press forward because of everything this company stands for and the great lengths they go to in order to create a high quality product. And that’s just Day 1!!! #therootedsociety #morrisonpauldering #younglivingeo

Gimme Valor for all the emotional support please!☝🏼🙌🏼

In just about two weeks, I will be with my peeps #therootedsociety basking in the fields of glory as I like to call them. Can't wait for all the newbies to experience it. #plantpowered

Happy Friday friends!!! My lip gloss is cool. My lip gloss is poppin’. 💋 Yep, still obsessed! #savvyminerals #therootedsociety
#younglivingeo #embracelipgloss

Wooooaaaahhhhh!!!! 😀 Threeeee years ago I joined Young Living!!! 🌿 Its a decision I don’t regret even for a second! I just think about how three years ago we were JUST starting our chemical-free journey and I had only tried a handful of oils! Seriously, at this point I knew NOTHING! Nothing about oils, about how they can help our wellness, or about what an amazing blessing these little bottles would be! #thankful #therootedsociety #younglivingeo #thankstimehop

Sending you all the good vibes ☀️ cause I’m obsessed with this lip gloss! 💋 #savvyminerals is allllll sorts of chemical free + infused with peppermint oil 🌿 which means when you’re wearing it, you’re pretty much winning at everything. And it’s Monday, so that’s quite an achievement 😘 #therootedsociety #mylipglossispoppin

Less than two months and we will be back here jumping through the fields of happiness as I like to call them! The smells of oils distilling fill the air and God’s glorious creation surrounds us! Best job ever! When being a teacher doesn’t provide the income you want or need, you find a part time biz that does! This one has provided me a freedom I’ve only dreamed of and allowed me to no longer be a teacher who lives Pay Check to Pay Check, but rather a teacher that has no worries when spending money for her classroom and students!! #dreamjob #winning #nature #entrepreneur #teacher #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #freedom #therootedsociety #residualincome #health

The Texas Spring Seasonal Madness is in full swing and I woke up feeling a little ick today! Supporting my immune system with this guy! ::Inner Defense:: capsules full of immune-boosting oils! 💥 Yes, please!!!! #therootedsociety #innerdefense #HowDoYouStayHealthy? #BeProactiveNotReactive

Our beeeeeautiful Starter Kit! 😍😍😍
-These pictures alone make me want another one! Then add all the amazing ways each oil can help you on a daily basis.... I mean.... what else is there!? #therootedsociety

Chipped nails and Lemon Myrtle! 🍋
When the to-do list is too long and the baby snuggles are too sweet, chipped nails it is! At least I smell delightful ☺️ Using this oil as a perfume because it’s sweet and refreshing! Plus it’s known to help mental clarity- Lord knows I need all the clarity I can get! 😬 #therootedsociety

Pro tip: keep a jar of water next to your diffuser! It makes it so much easier to refill and use each time! I got just this jar in the dollar section at target 🙌

This year has been such an incredible blessing being able to stay at home with the kiddos, being in all their moments.. the good and the bad 😂...but to also be able to work on the side, at the same time?! Bonus ✨✨ And today, this is what What working from home in the midst of the crazy looks like... ✔️ Sweats and hoodie ✔️ Untamed ridiculous unwashed hair ✔️ Toddler on lap and won’t get off ✔️ coffee in hand ✔️ Laundry on the island ✔️Oakland on his playmat ✔️ Beckett asking for his 4th waffle ✔️ worship music in the background

Yep.. wouldn’t trade it for annnnnything!

#therootedsociety #bestgig

I didn’t want to do it. Nope, Nada, Not happening.
But..I wanted more for my life and my family’s life and I knew it wasn’t going to happen where I was at. And if I wanted change, I had to make some changes. Luckily my sister was persistent and didn’t give up on me!

So I decided to jump in with this business and here I am filled with so much gratitude that I said YES, even when I wasn’t sure what all I was getting in to. Even though I didn' think it was for me. Even though I thought that I couldn't do it.

Now here we are with our home closer every day to being more toxin-free, using products in and on our bodies that support health and wellness and getting to help others do the same and change their life, all while creating a financially free future for my family and SO MANY other families are on our team!
Best part is… I get to do it at home, on my own schedule, in the midst of wiping butts, dealing with tantrums, nap times, Starbuck runs and cuddles! While other people on my team are building an incredible business as a side hustle from their full time job! :) I can’t help but want this FOR EVERYONE I know! This PURPOSE of choosing health, helping others live in wellness, leading and doing this with an INCREDIBLE and FUN team, doing something that fires your spirit and fuels your soul, being driven by something bigger than yourself, and THEN watching others around you succeed and live with so much JOY! #cantbeatit

And Although I believe true freedom lies within Jesus, this financial freedom allows us to GIVE abundantly and LIVE abundantly, glorifying and praising HIM in all we do!


So here’s the deal…
We are having a Dream Call tonight where we will go over what this incredible business is all about, how it works, how you can lay a solid business foundation, and GET YOU SET to start living the life you’re meant to!! We are ready to lock arms with YOU and get YOU ROLLING, making 2018 amazzzzing!! If you want to just hear what it is about, holla atcha ya girl and I’ll get you hooked up with the link!
#therootedsociety .
#myhonestmotherhood #parenthood_unveiled #honestmotherhood #instablogger #sahm #ig_mothe

The OIL tribe Holiday Hangout! This is hands down one of my favorite parts of this journey with Young Living, the unexpected friendships. We love our oils, but we love each other even more! ❤️ When you join Young Living, you join a community, and I sure do love mine! #joinus #therootedsociety

Dreaming of having a Christmas cactus instead of a Christmas tree. Anyone else?? Oh also, Christmas spirit is delightful and if you don’t have it you need it. •

#youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #yleo #essentialoils #oilylife #oils #oilylifebestlife #therootedsociety #cleanliving #natural #health #wellness #abundance

Say hello to my happy oils 👋🏻👋🏻

You should get you some happy oils too! Message me for deets.

I experimented with making homemade applesauce using oils this week and let me just tell you- it was SO good!! I peeled and chopped 4 big apples into large chunks. Add the apples into a pot with 1/2 cup water, 2-3 drops lemon, 2-3 drops thieves (or cinnamon bark), with a little sprinkle of cinnamon and 2-3 tbsp of coconut sugar. Let them simmer for about 20-30 minutes until soft. Mash them up and store the fridge! Easy peasy, so yummy, and you get all the EO benefits!! 🍎 🍏

The weather can't seem to make up its mind and I need all the immune support I can get! Oregano is a gem✨ a winter wellness must-have! .

Get you some oils people! No better time to get started than the holiday season. If you order your kit this month I'm gifting you $15 dollars back. .

#youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #yleo #essentialoils #oilylife #oils #oilylifebestlife #therootedsociety #cleanliving #natural #health #wellness #abundance #itiswelloils

Diffusing cinnamon bark + stress away today! 3 drops of each and you are well on your way to smelling some snickerdoole goodness. Happy Tuesday friends! .
PS doing a special holiday promo this month! Message me if you're interested in getting your premium starter kit at a discounted price! .
#youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #yleo #essentialoils #oilylife #oils #oilylifebestlife #therootedsociety #cleanliving #natural #health #wellness #abundance #itiswell #itiswelloils

Trying to get back on that running game and Panaway has been my saving grace! All the praise hands for anything that helps my sore muscles🙌🏻🙌🏻

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