I don’t do yoga every Saturday morning, but when I do, I prefer it to be on a aircraft carrier😎👌🛩. Thank you to @corepoweryoga and @connectedwarriors for putting on a such a great event for an awesome cause. #bestdayofmylife #elevatedfn #stretchsaturday #yoga #therideforhope #ericridesforhope

Thanks to Mrs Mandy Bianchi for coordinating with us on this awesome event! #NibbleNation #LittleCaesars #Therideforhope #tallahassee

Today we supported #Therideforhope to benefit cancer patients and survivors in our community and to keep cancer patients and their families close to home by providing the most comprehensive and compassionate care available – right here in the Big Bend! 🍕🚴‍♂️🎗#NibbleNation #Tallahassee #TLH #LittleCaesars #cancersucks #TallahasseeMemorialCancerCenter

The Ride for Hope benefitting the TMH Cancer Center. 44 miles of fun all for a great cause.

When gym is life, hanging around with friends on Memorial Day weekend takes on a whole new meaning....Thanks for the invite to play @tcascending and for the photo @allcoreeverything. #progressnotperfection #fitness #health #calisthenics #elevatedfn #elevated #therideforhope #ericridesforhope

I wear my stunnnna glasses at night😎! Do you?!? These are my nighttime shades. They block blue and UV light that we are exposed to on a constant basis. It comes from TV’s, in home lighting, and especially this screen your lookin at right now😳! By wearing these sexy nighttime shades it blocks the blue light and causes your body to naturally release more melatonin, which is what helps you sleep. Since buying them about a month ago I have noticed a improvement in my sleep and energy levels throughout the day. I do track my sleep using the sleep cycle app, which I also highly recommend. I commonly work on my laptop in the evenings so these are perfect. You should get yourself a pair and start wearing them 1-3 hours before bed. I got mine on amazon for about $20 from a company called spectra479. Very comfy and well worth the investment. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, it makes sense that if you are going to sleep, you sleep like a damn champion🎉👌. Sleep tight my friends. #noexcuses #fitnessmotivation #nighttimeshades #stunnashades #therideforhope #ericridesforhope #health #healthylifestyle #sleep #duckfaceselfie #dontjudgeme #dontcareifyoudo

Back lever work. Progress over perfection. Thanks for the help @tribal_ninja @tcascending #fitnessmotivation #therideforhope #noexcuses #elevatedfn #elevated #backlever

3 tips on climbing mountains in life🏔😁🏔🎉 #greenmountain #elevated #therideforhope #fitness #motivation #YOUCANDOIT

Grateful to live in a time where modern science can be used to compliment how far the body can be pushed. I'm always saying "you don't know your limits until you push yourself to them." I did a full treadmill cardiogram today. I'm excited that I know now I have a strong heart capable of being pushed. Now that I KNOW the hardware is on point, time to keep upgrading the software and pushing this badass meat machine to its limit. #noexcuses #itsonlyjustbegun #therideforhope #theyshavedmychesthair😥😥

Were you one of the first 200 people to register for The Ride for Hope? Come get your special edition Bird Legs Bicycles/Ride for Hope socks! #therideforhope #birdlegsbicycles #beseen #socksforacause

Who likes family?? Who likes fun?? Mandy Lou Bianchi corners the market on both and is our Family Fun Director... and we love her! Each year, Mandy does an amazing job putting activities together that parents and kids can do together! Thank you Mandy for your MANY years of dedication to this event. #ThankfulThursday #FamilyFunForEveryone #therideforhope #TRFH

In addition to perfect weather, April 25 is the perfect date for another reason! Happy birthday to Ride Director David Spear. We are so thankful for you and all you do for this great event!!! #perfectdate #ridedirector #therideforhope

Hurry! Save $15 when 2017 jersey purchase is accompanied with TRFH registration. Jersey discount ends May 1st. Link in profile. #therideforhope #TMHForLife #bicycle

Come see us at the Lake Road water stop on Saturday morning! We'll be reppin' #TRFH at Monticello Bike Fest this weekend. #therideforhope #monticellobikefest #bicycle #waterstop

That's a wrap for the 2016 race! Thankful for all the volunteers and riders! Keep an eye out for information on the 2017 ride! #therideforhope #trfh #tmhforlife #keepingcancercareclosetohome

The DIVAS win best water stop! They really are super heroes fighting against cancer. Thank you for supporting The Ride for Hope to benefit the Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center and the people in our community. #TheRideForHope #trfh #bicycle #waterstop #tmhforlife

Recap: Survived #TheRideForHope and finished with a smile! Didn't start out well for me. @disney_groom broke off my tube stem pumping air this morning so I'm pretty sure air was seeping out of my rear tire the entire ride. On the back half, the pack I was riding with missed a turn and we got in some #bonusmiles. Then one of the cops forgot he was supposed to be stopping traffic and we had a nice long wait at a light. Finally - this was my first time wearing my new tri shoes and switching from SPD cleats and pedals to Look Keo pedals. LOVE the super lightweight carbon shoes (even though my toes went completely numb only 7 miles into the ride). I can get used to walking in bulky cleats. HATE: that road pedals are only one-sided and super slippery. Nearly wiped out on every start trying to clip in. Skipped aid stations for this reason. Really missed my MTB shoes and SPD pedals. Going to see if my LBS can put in a 3 bolt to 2 bolt cleat adapter so I can use my old pedals. But no crashes. It was hot and lots of fun!!! Yep, and all this action was just during the 11 mile course. We did the short distance because @disney_groom was riding clipped in for only the second time in his life. So proud of him. He did amazing at his first bike event. Hard to believe this is only the 5th time he has been on a bike since he was a kid. He looked very much at ease today and even kept pace with the fast riders for a few miles. #CyclingAdventures #teamtoinfinityandbeyond

There's still time to join us for the Family Fun Ride/Walk! Starts at 11. We also have a kids area with face painting and pizza! #therideforhope #tmhcancercenter #tmhforlife #cancersucks

11 mile riders are getting ready to ride! We've got all ages riding. #therideforhope #ihearttally #bicycle #cancer #tmhcancercenter #tmhforlife

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