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1st day of pre-school, last day of high school... #therestisstillunwritten

Before the night ends.
Happy birthday to my best friend @cjaedee. She is a woman of heart, kindness, humour, motivation, bravery, sensitivity, style, energy and love.
She is the one you can count on for anything. She is the one that reminds you that love and kindness can rule the world. She is the one that empowers all women. She is the one that reminds you to be the best you can be.
Cheers to this unbelievable human being on the first 30 chapters of her story. Can't wait to see what the rest of this book has in store ❤️ #therestisstillunwritten

brb working world, i'm about to take an extended ooo. thank you to my fiance (who will ALSO be attending kellogg), family and friends for all your love and support through this process. i am so sad my sf sunsets are numbered, but very excited to begin my #mbYAY this fall 💜📚✏️ #therestisstillunwritten #mykellogg

Well PHS it's finally time to say goodbye, thank you for introducing me to my better halves aka my Squad 💕Can't wait for what the future holds!! 🐯🔜🦁#TheRestIsStillUnwritten#FutureGustie

Live your life with arms wide open. Today is where your book begins.. #TheRestIsStillUnwritten #BareFace

the rest really is unwritten

Me and my bestie President Dianne Harrison 🎓#therestisstillunwritten #2017


I know who got me sick and I don't want to kill him. Can I substitute my horrible neighbors instead? I'm sure it would be considered justifiable homicide!! #somepeoplesuck #summercold

It's as simple as that. 💖

#thursdaythoughts --I've discovered that exercise is as good for my mind as it is my body...maybe more so. I've had worsening depression and anxiety over the last 10 yrs because of dealing with autoimmune disorders. I've realized that they're much more controlled now. My mind doesn't race with every detail of my day and I don't worry about any/everything that could possibly go wrong while I'm trying to sleep. This has helped my insomnia which also helps my depression and anxiety. It's a cycle that is improving all aspects of my life. I got my 2 hrs of swimming in early because NC weather is so unpredictable. There's. 70% chance of storms tomorrow but I hope I can get my laps in before they come. What are you doing for yourself today? #swimming #exercise #girlsgotgoals #letsdothis #fitness #fitnessmotivation #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #nutrition #goodfood #goodeats

This will forever be my favorite #snapchatfilters #girlsgotgoals #letsdothis

Oh how I would love to win this one!!! I really need a tracker! @healingmethru_vsg #taniasvsggiveaway

Turkey meatloaf, roasted broccoli, carrots, red potatoes and cauli crack!! #deliciousfood #eattherainbow #girlsgotgoals #letsdothis #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #nutrition #fitness #fitnessmotivation #exercise

I absolutely love when my #underarmour app tells me this!! #WednesdayWisdom is STOP. THE. EXCUSES!! I haven't swam since Saturday. I have a legitimate excuse because I got too much sun and with AI's I have to be very careful about that because of the meds I take. Then, the pool is closed on Monday's and yesterday I had drs appts all day. That brings me to today. My head has been about to blow off all day. So my inner dialogue starts in with 'You can do it tomorrow' 'You might make it worse if you swim' 'One more day isn't going to kill you'. And I just about listened. But I'm happy to report I went and swam for 2 hrs. Does my head still hurt? Yes but it doesn't hurt any worse and I moved my body. I even raced a kid a few times which got my heart beating even faster. I say all of this is to say STOP THE EXCUSES!!! #girlsgotgoals #letsdothis #exercise #stoptheexcuses #moveyourbody #nutrition #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #swimming

Our sweet, not so little house guest this week. #baileythedog

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#RFamandafaith #microdermabrasion #facecrack

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