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I was overcome with emotions as I found myself in the neighborhood where the Grenfell Tower stood...where it's charred remains still stand today, high above the surrounding buildings. Crocheted yellow hearts and ribbons decorated trees and gates and benches all around the nearby Notting Hill Methodist Church in support of those who were lost and those who are just trying to get by. Only 2 months passed and emotions of love and loss are still very present there. #theressomuchtosee #yellowribbon4grenfellmissing

@theressomuchtosee - Working with my badass capoeira sisters (@pavaozinha and @modisch52) on martelo drills. Train hard, train often! This time next week starts the @capoeirabrasilla Festival and batizado. Come join us...it's going to be an amazing event! (Thank you for the music @mestre.xuxo ) #theressomuchtosee - #regrann

Hanging out at Ensenada's first rock climbing gym. Great place and awesome people! #theressomuchtosee #climbinggym #ensenada #travelfitness

When you ask your mom to video your training and she accidentally switches it into slo-mo mode. Oops. #theressomuchtosee #technicaldifficulties #capoeira #trainingkicks #cblatravels

Wheels up, ready to go with my fav travel pouch. What I learned on this flight: You can choose your seat but you can't choose your seat mate. #theressomuchtosee #travellessons #inflight #travelgear #travelblogger

Pretty sure we wandered every street of this beautiful island @jimbohendog 💛#collectmemoriesnotthings #neverstopexploring #theressomuchtosee #lotsareeverywhere

Dreaming of being away. We are only so small and the world is so big #theressomuchtosee #canwegotothemountains #tothemiddleofnowhere #tb #somewhereinscotland

And my first trip of 2017 was to..........The Apple Store. Didn't see that one coming (and it cost me more than an actual trip) but my old faithful laptop died a valiant death and had to be replaced. The blog must go on. #theressomuchtosee #travelblogger #macbookpro #havelaptopwilltravel


The meeting of opposites... this one makes me think about how rough it seems when two different or contrasting ideas come together. Initially the "other" seems flat and unappealing or impossible to grasp, but if you keep going you see the depth in each side. There are edges and soft spots, light areas and dark, shapes and textures... #theressomuchtosee #openmindedness #whenartspeaks #contrastingcolors #alcoholinksonyupo #florabowley #cariboucreations

5 things I learned about tequila (#5 is my favorite!): 1. There are 5 classification of tequila. Silver, the youngest tequila, has never touched wood.
2. To drink a good tequila, breathe in through the nose, take a drink and swallow, then breathe out through the nose and mouth at the same time.
3. Lime and salt were used at a time when tequila was much harsher to drink. Now you should drink it neat with a glass of water on the side.
4. To test the quality of tequila, pour a small amount in your hands and rub together. Your hands should not be sticky (indicates added sugar) or discolored (indicates artificial color). 5. Don’t shoot tequila. “Tequila must be drunk like love ... kiss by kiss.” Thank you Guadalajara and Mundo Cuervo!! #theressomuchtosee

Grand entrances. #theressomuchtosee

When I'm not traveling, I read about travel. This one is starting out to be a pretty good read so far.
What's your favorite book that takes you to far away lands? #theressomuchtosee

Oh I think I've got a new travel goal. Pics with Brown bear at every Line Friends store in the world. Took one in NYC last week and remembered my kiss with the big guy in Seoul last year. These stores just make me happy!! Where will the next one be? #theressomuchtosee

Check out the latest on There's So Much to See as I reflect on how a racist comment affected an otherwise amazing trip. Link is in my bio. #theressomuchtosee

One last look at East Coast fall colors before I head back to the land of palm trees and sunshine. #theressomuchtosee

Do what the tattoo says and "Journey On..." #theressomuchtosee

Golden hour in the Poconos. I love that I live in the land of palm trees, but you have to give love to PA for these amazing fall colors! #theressomuchtosee

Normally I'd say I'm a city girl, but when I end up some place like this, I have to reconsider a bit. #theressomuchtosee

It's going to be this type of weekend...Ahhhh! #theressomuchtosee

Sometimes I wonder where I'll go or move to next 🤔I hate staying in one place. You'll never grow or learn anything about yourself if you never leave your "bedroom" 😛
#changeisgood #explore #theressomuchtosee #experience #life #traveloften #dontgetstuck #adventurer #adventureisoutthere #adventure #ideservethebest #comewithme #takemyhand #illshowyou #motherearth

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