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Having a rare rainy day in LA so thought I’d throw it back to the beautiful blue waters of Bermuda. #theressomuchtosee

You just gotta love a city where the neighbors build little window seats for cats! #theressomuchtosee

🎭 A masquerade by a canal in Venice 🎭 (When you don’t have anyone to stay with your kids while you travel - you travel with your kids in tow. Here and there you fit in little things for them to do - it’s a balance - and then you end up with a cool picture such as this. What a treasure! These 2 divas have been all over the world and I hope the sense of wonder stays with them) 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟#neverstopexploring #veniceitalytrip #travel #travelwithkids #travelmama #bringyourkidsalong #travelmom #theressomuchtosee #travelphotos #travelgirls #travelgram #GlobeTrotter #traveltheworld #teachthemabouttheworld

Posting this picture in honor of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino who passed away today in Kenya. Rhinos are my favorite animal and I’ve collected all sorts of rhino knickknacks since I was in high school. I’ve always wanted to visit one of the rhino conservation facilities in Kenya or South Africa....will have to start putting that plan in action! RIP Sudan. #theressomuchtosee

Found this pretty little staircase while exploring the narrow streets of Jaffa. Hope your week is filled with lots of beautiful little surprises! #theressomuchtosee

Do what the tattoo says and “Journey on...”.
And sometimes the journey leads you home to a surprise. My kind neighbors, who clearly know me too well, secretly replaced my front door mat with this one that is perfect for my home. Thank you, @jillyreilly and @georeilly and the kids for this sweet surprise! #theressomuchtosee

I was feeling futuristic at the Poli House Hotel in Tel Aviv. #theressomuchtosee

This time last year I felt lost...really lost. I had just arrived in a brand new country and my plans to be adventurous and take public transportation to my hotel backfired. I couldn’t find my bus, didn’t understand the language or the currency, and I was jet lagged. I ended up getting off a local bus at this very corner and realized I had no idea if it was anywhere near where I needed to go. Trying to match the map on my phone (in Hebrew) to the street signs and pacing back and forth for a few minutes...I started to panic. Then I just breathed, remembered I was doing exactly what I wanted...exploring a new land. And that’s when things started to fall into place. I recognized a street name, then after walking a few blocks I saw my hotel sign and I realized all was well. I would soon be unpacking my bags, taking a shower and enjoying a drink at the bar. It was the beginning of an amazing trip to Israel and it was also a reminder that getting lost, and found, is all part of the beautiful adventure we call travel. Have you ever been completely lost in a foreign country? If so, how do you handle it? #theressomuchtosee

Admit it!...you smiled, right? #theressomuchtosee

I love shopping in foreign countries! While the USA wins for convenience (thank you Target and WalMart) there is something special about going into a store that focuses on one single product. This store in Seoul had walls and shelves filled with nothing but calligraphy art brushes. Who@knew there were so many shapes and sizes and materials? #theressomuchtosee

Monday vibes!....Who knows what the week will bring so will bring a warrior or two just in case (though dressed in jewels in case the week delivers a party instead of a battle). #theressomuchtosee

Follow me to Pompeii...(one of my favorite day trips in Italy) 🇮🇹 Pompeii is a city in the Naples region of Italy that was buried under the ash and pumice after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Thanks to archeological discoveries, today visitors can see the excavated ruins of what is left of the streets and houses that were once buried by ash from the volcano.
#neverstopexploring #globetrotter #pompeiiitaly #aroundtheworld #traveltheworld #traveltheglobe #adventuresaroundtheworld #history #archeology #ilovetotravel #ilovetoexplore #travel #travelgram #interestingthingsaroundtheworld #theressomuchtosee

Colorful hamsas for sale in an Israeli market. #theressomuchtosee

Fresh flowers from a London market ... they always make me smile! #theressomuchtosee

Happy International Women’s Day! There is no shortage of women around the globe who are great role models for how we can better our lives and our communities. From political circles to Hollywood sets, from educators to grassroots organizers, the examples are endless. But I have to give a special mention my own mother who has shown me such love and support. I know I get my love of travel, world cultures and languages from her. Thank you for that inspiration, mom! #theressomuchtosee

Do what the tattoo says and “Journey on...” because There’s So Much to See in this beautiful world! #theressomuchtosee

Beautiful skies over majestic temples. #theressomuchtosee

How am I supposed to get any blog writing done when the boss is always watching over my shoulder? #theressomuchtosee

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