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Happy Valentine's Day!! Today all of my posts will show images of love that I found while traveling around the world. Signs of love in Yerevan! #theressomuchtosee #love #valentinesday #yerevan #armenia

Hanging out at Ensenada's first rock climbing gym. Great place and awesome people! #theressomuchtosee #climbinggym #ensenada #travelfitness

When you ask your mom to video your training and she accidentally switches it into slo-mo mode. Oops. #theressomuchtosee #technicaldifficulties #capoeira #trainingkicks #cblatravels

I love not being tied to a cubicle! Found my way to a local a coffee shop to work on the next blog post. #theressomuchtosee #escapethecubicle #remotework #travelblogger

once a year, go someplace you've never been before💫🌍💕 #travelphotography#travelgram#travelwhileyoureyoung#theressomuchtosee#neverstopexploring

Tyre, I finally got to see you and you turned out to be amazing! Thank you for not disappointing me! 🌞🏖 #livelovelebanon #theressomuchtosee #proudtobelebanese

And my first trip of 2017 was to..........The Apple Store. Didn't see that one coming (and it cost me more than an actual trip) but my old faithful laptop died a valiant death and had to be replaced. The blog must go on. #theressomuchtosee #travelblogger #macbookpro #havelaptopwilltravel

To this day, I'm still not quite sure why my friend and I ventured off to visit Djibouti, but it definitely wasn't for this bowling alley. That was just a surprise bonus to the overall very odd trip. But it did lead to me starting my blog so I guess there was the purpose to it after all. #theressomuchtosee #tbt #djibouti #travelblogger


Get on your bike.
Do you ever rent bikes when you're in a foreign city? As long as the traffic isn't too crazy and the terrain is relatively flat (the steep downhills make me nervous) I think it's a great way to get around and get in a little exercise. #theressomuchtosee

• My soul is happiest when it's me and you 💜• .
We are exploring the beautiful New England states of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine this week. Looking forward to rest and spiritual revival. See you all next week back at the salon! •

Dug out these pictures from my trip to Mexico City last year. Why?? Because it is National Tequila Day! Viva lá tequila! #theressomuchtosee

Some seriously dreamy street art found in the side streets of Jerusalem. #theressomuchtosee

Happy National Hammock Day!! (Who knew?...I sure didn't.) #theressomuchtosee

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! These little guys always bring a smile to my face (especially the 2 on the end) and I hope they do the same for you too. #theressomuchtosee

5 years ago today I found myself in the beautiful Portuguese city of Sintra. Land of beautiful colors and castles and gorgeous views. Have you been? I definitely need to go back! #theressomuchtosee #tbt

When you have a great space like this and a random tripod you gotta do a little capoeira video work. A great way to see where you're making progress and what still needs work. #theressomuchtosee

What an emotional evening – the kind where a one our conversation turns into a four hour conversation before you even realize it. The messages of love, resiliency, spirituality and taking chances. Messages I so needed to hear. I’m posting this picture to remind myself, and maybe some of you, to keep chasing rainbows. To keep going for it. Even in the darkest storms, there is beauty that is worth fighting for. And even if your actions help just one person, it was worth it. #theressomuchtosee

To fly above the clouds then look out and see a rainbow! Mother Nature was showing off that day! #theressomuchtosee

Imperfect perfection. Beautiful but rundown buildings in Cyprus. #theressomuchtosee

Happy sunny weekend, everybody! #theressomuchtosee

Taking a brief break from Travel and Capoeira pickks to ask for your help.

Today is the LAST DAY of the Global Girls Project indiegogo fundraising campaign. @globalgirlproject
https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/global-girl-project-2018-here-we-grow-again#/ We are raising money to help 8 young women in Sierra Leone, India and Haiti realize their dreams while helping them to address the needs in their communities. Global Girl provides assistance through education, financial support and a once in a lifetime exchange program opportunity in Nepal.
The young ladies pictured here with me were our 2017 exchange students from Mumbai, India. To find out more, follow the link in my bio (and above) where you can learn about Global Girl Project and if you are moved to do so, make a donation. The fundraiser ends TONIGHT at 11:59 PST. Give whatever you can to help young women like these and if you donate $75 or more, you will be entered to win 2 Round Trip tickets with JetBlue. Many thanks!!
#theressomuchtosee #globalgirlproject

Feeling the need to travel and see the sun set on a different part of the sky. #theressomuchtosee

Seems like capoeiristas are rarely far from a beach. Showing Mestre Mindinho and Mestre Pedro around Venice Beach. #theressomuchtosee

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